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Character Inspection Changes
This build brought two small changes to inspecting other characters. When you inspect someone, you are able to see their specialization, talents, and glyphs.

You may now inspect anyone as long as you can target them, including targeting them through being in the same group, no matter where they are. This even works in cross realm groups! The only thing that doesn't show when the other player is not visible to you is their 3D model.

Female Pandaren Emote Voice
The latest patch brought us some new Female Pandaren emote voices. The animations in the video are not complete and are not intended to be in perfect sync with the video.

A Brewing Storm Scenario
Today we have a preview of one of the shorter scenarios that have been released so far, A Brewing Storm. Keep in mind this is still an early preview and everything is subject to change.

Level 90 Rewards
As previously mentioned, this build opens level 90 to players. Upon reaching level 90, Lorewalker Cho sends you a nice mail with a free purple firework and points you towards breadcrumb quests.

These breadcrumb quests are found on the lower outdoor tier of your faction's city in Pandaria and point you to all of the daily quest areas. Unfortunately many of the lines are not available to players yet, including the Cloud Serpents and Tillers farming area.

Diablo 3 Blue Posts
Nothing from the CMs about WoW recently, so we have a post from the Diablo side on the speed at which Blizzard makes changes.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Rapid Game Changes
There's a time and a place for fast-action, high-priority designations. And believe me, we do have those types of approval pipelines. I'd argue though that reacting in a rash manner does not, in most cases, make for great game design.

Game design really is an art form more than a mathematical equation, even with so much math involved. The end goal should be amazing gameplay. And how that's defined will differ from person to person.

Sure, we can be slow to act. Sometimes we can be too slow. But even with the mistakes we've made -- and the mistakes we're sure to make in the future -- I think we're better off taking a measured approach to potential design changes.

If you know you're slow to react and implement changes, can't you be a little more forthcoming with informing us of what you want to do?
We're always striving to improve our communication. The primary function of the community team is to listen to the players, so we've spent a lot of time these past few weeks compiling feedback and taking it to the developers.

The flip side of that coin is for us to relay information back to the community as best as we can and as often as possible.

Does your team simply hate talking with the public for fear of "breaking promises"?
No, but you're asking very specific questions about late-game class balance only a couple of weeks into Diablo III's life cycle. The overwhelming majority of the community isn't even there yet. We're watching things very closely and have a lot of tweaks in mind, many of which are already being worked out, but we're not looking to jump all over balance adjustments and catch players off-guard. And it's certainly not an MMO where balance is among the biggest concerns.

For those who have already invested a lot of time into this game I'm sure these last couple of weeks have felt like a lifetime. But with regard to this game's lifespan, we're barely in our infancy.

All of that said, we're already preparing another game design update to share with everyone soon. We hope that'll provide additional insight into our plans for the foreseeable future. (Blue Tracker / Official Forum)

Trading Card Game Art Update
Blizzard has updated the Trading Card Game art gallery to feature ten new pieces.

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  1. PhillieB's Avatar
    So let me get this straight female pandaren are raccoons living on a asian themed island sporting a caribbean accent 0.o
  1. Pryyde's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by PhillieB View Post
    So let me get this straight female pandaren are raccoons living on a asian themed island sporting a caribbean accent 0.o
    You sir, know nothing of accents. She sounds like she has a sort of weak Asian accent.
  1. PhillieB's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Pryyde View Post
    You sir, know nothing of accents. She sounds like she has a sort of weak Asian accent.
    That does not sound remotely asian.
  1. Ticktock's Avatar
    I do not agree with the comments saying that she needs a more western accent. I do think she sounds a little older than I would like. The voice work is great, but she sounds more like a mature matriarch, instead of a warrior in her prime.
    I really hope they change this. I won't hold my breath.
  1. mmoce6c60113d7's Avatar
    And it's certainly not an MMO where balance is among the biggest concerns.
    I loled, what do they know about class balanace. WOW is far away from being balanced in PvP.

    And I seriously hope they make some major changes with story, else they should get reward for the most childish and pointless story in gaming history.
  1. Gritalian's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by PhillieB View Post
    So let me get this straight female pandaren are raccoons living on a asian themed island sporting a caribbean accent 0.o
    good call on the Caribbean. I was trying to figure out what it was, was thinking maybe African. Agree with the poster who said she sounds like an old woman, also.

    Got all the tanking classes, she was going to be my first female tank, prob still will, but I'm disappointed.
  1. Ovaldo's Avatar
    Shame the voice is too...mature for the model, great actress Im sure, but not for the character's voice, maybe Liu the Jade Serpent, but not the player character imo, sorry Blizz.
  1. TheSweetness's Avatar
    So does that mean the inspect bug will finally be fixed?
  1. smpJest's Avatar
    Older woman's voice does not match the young looking pandaren model. =/
    It's kinda creepy actually.
  1. Amaroq's Avatar
    I'm glad it's not a high pieced, squeaking monstrosity. Got kudos from me for not having a childish voice. I'll definitely be playing a Panda now.
  1. Lyinnea's Avatar
    Thank god the female pandaren voice isn't really high pitched and girly, that would have been the last straw for me. I might actually play one now.
  1. mini98's Avatar
    ....I could only listen to it for 45 seconds...I am thoroughly creeped out.
  1. Thundermane's Avatar
    The accent isn't really consistent. As far as matching it to an accent found on this world, sorta hard to do. Maybe they aimed to make up a new sounding one. I'm not gonna lose sleep over it though.
  1. Nah's Avatar
    Wow, a fairly mature voice for the female Pandaren, that's a nice chang...

    "What is the greatest city in the world?...Genero-city!"

    Oh good god. *facepalm* I don't have any complaint about the voice actress, but the scripting is just terrible. Who on earth writes this crap?
  1. Sensa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Oh man, don't we love guys like you? So Blizzard allows players on beta now to ding 90. They also enable scenarios to be tested. What is the point of making those scenarios then so hard IN BETA that all the freshly dinged lv 90s die?

    Anyways. For tough guys like you there will be the challenge modes and as always Hardmode raids and we all expect YOU to not waste your time with the children stuff but rather be part of the world first chase, right.

    And that is the design concept in a nutshell. EVERYONE gets to chose what they LIKE to do in this GAME.
    omfg - gotta love responses like this - not every one who thinks pokemon games and scenarios with ZERO challenge are bogus is an elitist

    Zero level of difficulty / challenge / chance to die means the scenarios have little or no replay value and are basically a waste of development resources. They also do nothing to teach people how to play better beyond standing in green healing circles so have little value in that regard as well.

    The problem with creating content with ZERO challenge is that it has a ripple effect throughout the game by constantly lowering the lowest common denominator bar which changes the difficulty curve of other aspects of the game. It also leads to the burning through of content at an ever faster rate that leads to player boredom etc. And Dragon Soul and LFR are the best example of that.

    The funny thing that most people miss about Mists is how Blizzard has cleverly deluded most by creating more and more grind-fests (pokeman, dailies up the yazoo etc) that require little or no effort or skill but lots of time. In fact, to stay competitive, you will actually probably have to invest more time into each of your characters as a result.

    Personally, I would prefer that some aspects of the game beyond Heroic raiding presented some form of meaningful challenge. And I would prefer well thought out and creative content, even if there was less of it, then having everything but the kitchen sink thrown into the game regardless of it's quality, lore consistency and complete lack of challenge...but hey that's just me.
  1. Adrex5794's Avatar
    In terms of getting a good VA, they found someone who did pretty well. It wasn't piss poor like the male Pandaren at least.

    They did not however get a good voice actor whos voice matches with the model in the slightest.

    I think I will keep my subscription frozen.
  1. Umbrokill's Avatar
    The animations are young and the voice is old, It does not fit.
    I hope they change it. Not nesseserily to a super teenage anime voice, but atleast a 20ish year old normal asian woman. This one sounds older than the male one does : /
  1. thrinetu's Avatar
    hopefully blizz hears us and redoes the voice acting....
  1. marmol's Avatar
    I hope Blizz changes the voice of female Pandaren, she sounds waaay too old, her animations suggest that she is young and energetic, but the voice sounds if not like old lady, then at least not like a young energetic female.
  1. Chaosvivi's Avatar
    Did anyone else besides me get the whole Chun-li/Street Fighter reference in the female panda cheer emote?...just wondering

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