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Character Inspection Changes
This build brought two small changes to inspecting other characters. When you inspect someone, you are able to see their specialization, talents, and glyphs.

You may now inspect anyone as long as you can target them, including targeting them through being in the same group, no matter where they are. This even works in cross realm groups! The only thing that doesn't show when the other player is not visible to you is their 3D model.

Female Pandaren Emote Voice
The latest patch brought us some new Female Pandaren emote voices. The animations in the video are not complete and are not intended to be in perfect sync with the video.

A Brewing Storm Scenario
Today we have a preview of one of the shorter scenarios that have been released so far, A Brewing Storm. Keep in mind this is still an early preview and everything is subject to change.

Level 90 Rewards
As previously mentioned, this build opens level 90 to players. Upon reaching level 90, Lorewalker Cho sends you a nice mail with a free purple firework and points you towards breadcrumb quests.

These breadcrumb quests are found on the lower outdoor tier of your faction's city in Pandaria and point you to all of the daily quest areas. Unfortunately many of the lines are not available to players yet, including the Cloud Serpents and Tillers farming area.

Diablo 3 Blue Posts
Nothing from the CMs about WoW recently, so we have a post from the Diablo side on the speed at which Blizzard makes changes.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Rapid Game Changes
There's a time and a place for fast-action, high-priority designations. And believe me, we do have those types of approval pipelines. I'd argue though that reacting in a rash manner does not, in most cases, make for great game design.

Game design really is an art form more than a mathematical equation, even with so much math involved. The end goal should be amazing gameplay. And how that's defined will differ from person to person.

Sure, we can be slow to act. Sometimes we can be too slow. But even with the mistakes we've made -- and the mistakes we're sure to make in the future -- I think we're better off taking a measured approach to potential design changes.

If you know you're slow to react and implement changes, can't you be a little more forthcoming with informing us of what you want to do?
We're always striving to improve our communication. The primary function of the community team is to listen to the players, so we've spent a lot of time these past few weeks compiling feedback and taking it to the developers.

The flip side of that coin is for us to relay information back to the community as best as we can and as often as possible.

Does your team simply hate talking with the public for fear of "breaking promises"?
No, but you're asking very specific questions about late-game class balance only a couple of weeks into Diablo III's life cycle. The overwhelming majority of the community isn't even there yet. We're watching things very closely and have a lot of tweaks in mind, many of which are already being worked out, but we're not looking to jump all over balance adjustments and catch players off-guard. And it's certainly not an MMO where balance is among the biggest concerns.

For those who have already invested a lot of time into this game I'm sure these last couple of weeks have felt like a lifetime. But with regard to this game's lifespan, we're barely in our infancy.

All of that said, we're already preparing another game design update to share with everyone soon. We hope that'll provide additional insight into our plans for the foreseeable future. (Blue Tracker / Official Forum)

Trading Card Game Art Update
Blizzard has updated the Trading Card Game art gallery to feature ten new pieces.

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  1. homerunhomer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by marmol View Post
    I hope Blizz changes the voice of female Pandaren, she sounds waaay too old, her animations suggest that she is young and energetic, but the voice sounds if not like old lady, then at least not like a young energetic female.
    yeah, this is exactly what I thought. With the dance and the hairstyles it's obvious Blizzard wanted to give the impression of a young person, I don't get why the voice sounds like this. I mean, when I don't look at the video, I can see an old woman speaking the lines.
  1. kurisu7885's Avatar
    I suppose they could stand to modulate the voice to sound younger. I think it sounds really kind though.

    Hopefully one day we get to pick voice pitches.
  1. F-Minus's Avatar
    LOL watching the female voice video reminds me of the old badly dubbed hong-kong production kung-fu movies - so out of synch.
  1. khalypso's Avatar
    The voice D: Female pandas look so young and cute, that voice made her sound like an old lady :/ I hope that change that, I'll roll one either way though.
  1. Almatari's Avatar
    I like the fem pandaren voice! She sounds very elegant.
  1. Amethystlyn's Avatar
    I was afraid fem Pandaren would sound like a gnome. I am pleased with the voice presented here. The vague hint of accent does sound less asian than caribbean, but it is so slight I don't find it overly disturbing. I don't like the cutesy face, I am not as impressed with her bouncy perky silly actions, but since "I am out of mana" and "I cannot do that yet" is what I am going to hear incessantly, and the rest of her will be covered with armor, I am happy to say that I currently plan to level one of every class which can be Pandaren. If they change the voice, to a squeaky cutesy annoying one, then I suppose I'll be leveling all guy Pandaren. We'll see. Just no chihuahuas!
  1. mmocbdf5b86a98's Avatar
    i want rie kugimiya for the female voice
    (shame on anime lovers if you dont know who she is)
  1. HomelessSpyCrab's Avatar
    My god the female Panderan is terrible. It sounds like an elderly Asian women while the model looks young. Totally character breaking for me. I hope they change it.
  1. Monkiy's Avatar
    The voice for Pandaren females is very out of character. The body has all these cutsie, teen-like animations, and it's paired with the voice of an older woman, who sounds forty at the very least, that is attempting to have a wizened feel to it. While I'm not a fan of the chibi and teen stylization of the females in the first place, at least have all of the elements match. It's just odd, and discomforting otherwise. I would much prefer that to something that's a half-and-half abomination.
  1. DBZMerciter2005's Avatar
    That fem panda voice sounds like my 35+ year old Japanese teachers, not a 24 and younger east Asian lady. It doesn't fit at all and is extremely jarring.
  1. Xanwryn's Avatar
    Definitely not likin' that voice.
  1. mmocfaf99010a6's Avatar
    imo the animations need to change or they voice needs to change for me they panda look a little too schoolgirl for me anyway
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    The voice for the female pandaren is too deep. It simply does not match the energy put into the animations for the emotes. Blizzard, in my opinion, ought to make it a bit lighter in pitch so that the two are a better fit.
  1. Helbereth's Avatar
    I played two different scenarios on my pally last night and they were actually soloable (yeah both the other people DCed on entry and I figured I might as well see what would happen if I were alone). If you stay out of stuff and use self-heals, it's not so bad - especially when you're with the NPC who drops healing patches on the ground. I'm not sure how well it might go for something like an arms warrior though - not having on-demand self heals and such.

    Also i do tend to agree about the pandaren female voices... they're too subdued for the energy of the actual animations. One or the other ought to be tweaked.
  1. RedHeadWolf's Avatar
    I absolutely love the female pandaren voice. It's perfect. She's a short, gruff panda woman. And her accent sounds pretty good to me.
  1. Tarx's Avatar
    The female and male panda voice doen't fit and annoying me.
  1. mmoc9a3976543c's Avatar
    Pure Firehawk for ding on lvl 90?
    Blizzard are you kidding me?
    Some of us has worked their asses to get this mount and I love being different from the others that with the glory hawk. And now everyone will be getting this mount so all the babies will be flying on it. That is just sad.
    The other thing will be if they dont nerf the drop of DW HC mount as well but since the nerfs everyone got that but still for the new expand need to be nerfed to 1% as it should be.
  1. StaeleAilar's Avatar
    Well at least they didn't go cutesy with the female voice >.>
  1. The King in Yellow's Avatar
    Ooh man, I can't stand the Pandaren female voice....

    First the dance now the voice... Male Pandaren it is for me.
  1. mvaliz's Avatar
    I only have 1 primary gripe with the Pandaren female voice.

    It's clearly the same voice actress who does the Draenei Female. They just don't sound different enough...

    ---------- Post added 2012-06-04 at 07:00 AM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by CheshireKai View Post
    I really feel that the voice does not match the female pandaren
    You're not the only one... not only is it too deep - but it's clearly the same voice actress who does the Draenei. They just sound too close alike.

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