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Silvershard Mine Battleground Preview
Keep in mind that this is just a preview using a Wargame and not the final product.

Temple of Kotmogu Battleground Preview
Keep in mind that this is just a preview that uses a Wargame, of a battleground that was not meant to be tested during this patch, and is not the final product.

Player Faction In Tooltips
The default tooltips now contain the faction of other players, allowing you to see if the unflagged Pandaren are Alliance or Horde. This can be augmented with the various unit frame addons to make it easier to tell which faction a Pandaren belongs to.

Human Character Selection Screen Update
The Human character selection screen has been updated once again! This time it was just smaller tweaks, as you can see with the previous two versions.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Orgrimmar Layout Organization
It's a bit more "organized" since Garrosh took the reins. Though, his organization style may not be the most impartial. After awhile you get used to where things are and how to get there. The same goes for Undercity (even though people say they get lost there.)

They're like any city you visit for the first time. It's going to take you a bit to figure out where the bank is, or where the auction house is, how to get to flight masters etc, but after a bit, it will be like coming "home". (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Death Knight (Forums)
Compendium of Issues
Death runes were designed to provide flexibility to an otherwise inflexible rune resource. By making abilities directly cost death runes, this flexibility is lost.
Only to an extent. (Abilities like Blood Tap were really the intended solutions for flexibility.) Death Runes were also included just to add variation to the rotation so that it didn't become so predictable and metronome-like: Frost, Unholy, Blood, Blood, Frost+Unholy, Repeat.

Adding a Death Rune cost to some abilities is an elegant way to allow all 3 specs to fit an attack into their rotations. Otherwise, you'd see a lot of "Costs 2 Blood for Frost, and 1 Unholy and 1 Frost for Unholy" and so on. Some of these abilities are also talents -- if you hate Death Rune costs, skip over them.

Unholy's execute is much stronger than Frost's. In a vacuum, that sounds OK. You just have unholy do less damage in pre-execute stages, right? Damage is damage, right? But no, actually it causes all kinds of problems.
We just don't agree that these are really problems. Some classes and specs do more damage during Execute phases and some don't. We don't want every spec to perform equally in every possible situation (largely because the only reasonable way to deliver on that would be for everyone to work exactly the same). We just want reasonable players to feel like they can choose the spec they want to play. We don't anticipate a great deal of "Okay everyone, switch to Frost for this fight," or at least not because of Soul Reaper.

Why do 2H frost and DW frost have to play differently, when it has proven impossible to balance? Why can't switching from DW to 2H be a purely cosmetic change?
Because it's boring. Why not make switching from Frost to Unholy spec be purely cosmetic since that would be easier to balance too? We like that dual-wield (for any class) feels faster and that frequency of auto attacks influences your overall rotation. It adds interest for a DK who wants to try something else. It lets a player wonder if that shiny new axe that dropped is worth swapping to a different rotation or not.

Believe me, if we could go back to a world where equipping an axe felt different than equipping a sword, we'd do that too. It has just been historically challenging for us to provide enough weapons for everyone. Providing 1H Str weapons as well as 2H Str weapons hasn't been a serious issue.

Lastly, DKs already have 4 separately refreshing resources to manage (blood, frost, unholy runes and runic power). No other class in the entire game has more than two. Monks originally had three, but this was reduced to two because it was "too confusing". Asking DKs to manage death runes means we will now have five.
While we continue to tweak it, overall we like the DK resource model. It's definitely not a class for players who don't like resource management. The issue with the monk wasn't the number of resources -- there is nothing inherently magical about having 1 or 3 or 6 resources -- it's that the overall package wasn't intuitive. Players weren't sure if they were supposed to save up black and white chi or just use them as they came in. The monk abilities were also individually pretty complex, which is why we thought the resource model could be simpler. For DKs, several of the abilities are just various forms of damage and it's the resource model that provides the depth. Yet most DKs seem to grasp the basic mechanic of cheap diseases being necessary in order to make the more expensive double rune "finishers" do decent damage.

Frost presence is too good. It forced you to degrade base runic power generation way too far. DW frost is 100% GCD-locked at all times..
We agree this is a problem. We think it would feel better if Frost Presence didn't provide so much Runic Power. The problem is that it has to in order to be competitive with Unholy Presence. It would be goofy if, in order to compete with Frost Presence, Unholy Presence only lowered the cooldown of abilities by 0.1 sec.

One potential solution we might try is just to give Frost and Unholy Presence a 1 sec GCD (or all DKs for that matter), lower the Runic Power from Frost Presence and give Unholy Presence a different bonus. We generally have shifted classes that are resource constrained to having a 1 sec GCD, and most existing DKs are already pretty used to it.

(As an aside, it's interesting from a game design nerd point of view to look at the history of stances / presences / auras / seals / aspects / armors in WoW and even other games. Usually when there is supposed to be a choice between two modes that convey different bonuses, there nearly always ends up not being a choice, or else the answer becomes to stance dance frequently. With the exception of needing to be in "healer mode" or "tank mode" the overall modal design has some non-trivial problems. But I digress.)

While I admire the persistence of my fellow DKs, and agree fully with the above issues, I can't help but look at the plethora of ignored threads that exist and throw my hands up in despair.
Not helpful. You guys have an enormous capacity to influence the quality of these forums. We're not going to ban our way to a higher level of discussion, nor are the busy developers going to post every time someone feels neglected. Post your feedback. If you have done so, then consider your job done. Once you go from posting feedback on the game to posting about about how we have not yet responded to or acted upon your feedback, then you are doing damage to the forum discussion. Think like a good newspaper or magazine writer - make sure the most important part of your message gets across. Don't distract from that message with a bunch of clutter or needless posts (including shameless bumps).

Consider this: it is not in your best interest to make it harder for community managers or developers to find actionable, detailed, constructive feedback.

I try not to make it a habit of posting in really whiny threads, so if you don't get a response, that is certainly one potential reason why. It's far more likely though that we are just really busy and reading takes much less time than responding.

Unholy will have the best execute in the game by a fairly large margin. The spec was balanced around its extremely strong execute. That means that the spec does pretty terrible damage when not in execute range.
Last I looked, Soul Reaper is like 7% of Unholy damage and 4% for Frost. If you guys think the numbers work out differently, then let us know, but it's helpful to provide documentation. (Please understand that the class team doesn't have the bandwidth to debug everyone's theorycrafting - it's nothing personal.) Frost vs. Unholy DPS is pretty close in our internal tests. Once we see more players posting beta fight parses, we'll make sure our internal tests match reality.

Besides, single-minded Fury warriors probably have "the best execute in the game by a fairly large margin."

Could you please address our Level 90 talents as they relate to PvE content? Is it your intention that this is a PvP-only tier?
It's a narrow-minded view, IMHO, to call anything that isn't +damage a PvP ability. There are plenty of raid bosses where crowd control is vital. It's really useful in challenge modes and scenarios as well. If you're running relatively easy content and never crowd controlling anything, then no, crowd control abilities aren't going to be as useful to you, but if every ability in WoW has to be +damage and every encounter has to be only about how quickly you DPS something down, then that narrows our design space quite a bit.

The problem with the DK 90 row when it did damage was then all of those abilities had to be factored into DPS rotations, which meant you were balanced around using them on cooldown, which also meant they likely weren't available when you did need to Gorefiend's Grasp someone. (This point isn't just relevant to DKs either.)

Abilities costing death runes isn't intuitive or even interesting. It's complexity for the sake of complexity.
You're entitled to your opinion of course, but we thought it was less confusing than having Necrotic Strike and Soul Reaper cost different resources for different specs, or worse, having three differently named abilities that essentially did the same thing. We could have tried a Runic Power implementation, but then the abilities would be used more frequently than we intended, so they'd also need longer cooldowns or something else and they'd compete with abilities like Frost Strike. It's just a different design.

What happened with our windfury raid haste buff? Is it gone for good or coming back at some stage?
Yes, it's just a bug that it's missing. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Hunter (Forums)
Ranged Weapon Visibility
Ranged weapons will show up sheathed on your back. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums

Account Security Alert: LinkedIn
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
LinkedIn has recently stated that it is investigating claims of a possible compromise of user account passwords. Please note that these claims have not been confirmed, and that updates regarding the status of the investigation are currently being provided on LinkedIn's official Twitter page: https://twitter.com/LinkedInNews/

If you are a LinkedIn user and happen to use the same password for your LinkedIn account and your Battle.net account, we strongly encourage you to reset your Battle.net password at this time. To complete a password reset, go to Account Management > Settings > Change Password. You can also visit this page if you've forgotten or lost your Battle.net password: https://us.battle.net/account/suppor...ord-reset.html

Additionally, if you used your Battle.net email address to sign up with LinkedIn, you may also wish to update your Battle.net email address via Account Management as general security precaution. To update your Battle.net email address, go to Account Management > Settings > Change Email Address.

If you are unable to update your password or email address and believe your account might be compromised, please contact our customer support staff by using the Account Recovery Form. For additional security tips and suggestions, be sure to check out the Account Security Awareness guide at http://us.battle.net/en/security/

The Daily Blink - The Only Info We Really Care to Inspect
The Daily Blink proposes a different type of inspection update!

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  1. neas1244's Avatar
    awsome i guess
  1. moveth's Avatar
    I like the differentiation of Horde and Alliance in tooltips. The dailyblink was also quite funny.
  1. WoRsT's Avatar
    lol Nice i like it !
  1. Tybudd33's Avatar
    First daily blink I didn't like, you can't be clowning Warriors like that!
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    It looks like the only real change to the human character screen was moving the character to left a bit, which means the toon will now stand on the sidewalk instead of playing chicken with traffic.

    Love the latest TDB, by the way.
  1. Vvengeance's Avatar
    Lol at the CC is viable in PvE yeah ohk CC is viable on mobs most times its necessary to avoid unnecessary damage but since when is a stun useful on a boss? Or the boss will CC everyone or slow everyone where an ability like Descrated Ground is useful? Also Gorfiends Grip last time I checked on beta it was crap. Aoe grip on paper sounds great but doesnt work...
    If anyone can say what bosses really needed an ability like desecreated ground or remorseless winter please say because atm I cant think of any where those abilities would be an immense help.
  1. Kuja's Avatar
    If only the inspection gadget was true. It would be possible if Blizzard didn't hide such info from public. :c
  1. Futch's Avatar
    SilverShard Mines is the most, confusing bad example of pvp right now. If that doesn't get reworked ( yes i know it's beta) to about 1-2 carts being pushed. honestly, so far all i see is, 1). you don't have to push the cart just get it to your factions color, 2). track switching has really no benefits besides faster drop offs of resources. 3). no attacking or defending. all it is, is another zerg map. where people walk by n let the cart move on it's way. They need to look at the payload maps from Valve and rework their silvershard mines. or else it will be, IMO, the fastest blacklisted BG when it releases.

    I was excited for this bg, but now, not so much. so im really hoping in this state it's in. it doesn't make it to the final cut. ( Yes, again, i know it's beta)
  1. EruptorNZ's Avatar
    Are you kidding me, of all the things to reply to, a blue replies to a thread about ranged weapon visibility.
    What a joke
  1. Crevox's Avatar
    That battle ground temple video is a joke, this guy has no idea about PVP at all... he's making horrible guesses about a BG he did no research about beforehand, and is still making FALSE comments about the debuffs he's reading directly on his screen...

    This is the quality of curse videos? This must be fake or a joke or something? He can't even sound out the name of the battleground...
  1. charizma's Avatar
    In the older screen the character were standing on the ground, in the new one it looks like hes floating. not good. and not being able to see the textures good on the cathedral in the background makes it look kinda crappy. other then that, its nice to see the water now, and much more detail on the street (leaves etc)
  1. wtfmansrsly's Avatar
    "Adding a Death Rune cost to some abilities is an elegant way to allow all 3 specs to fit an attack into their rotations"

    I guess that depends on how you would define "elegant." For me it's just another thing I have to pay attention to in a fight, adding to a rotation that already feels somewhat muddled, as oppose to Dk play in Cata, which to me at least, felt more intuitive and in control with Blood Tap. Now, if I want Blood Tap I have to, on top of everything else, pay attention to some stupid blood charges that don't even appear on my screen :S Uggh.... Here's hoping Dk play mechanics are slightly improved come release time.
  1. Muis's Avatar
    All I can say is....

    Awesome Daily Blink!
  1. Dannoson's Avatar
    The Inspection Gadget is missing "# of items ninja'd"
  1. Algrumm's Avatar
    Did anyone else not read the "Level 90 Warrior" and just presume the daily blink was talking about a paladin?
  1. Scratches's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by charizma View Post
    In the older screen the character were standing on the ground, in the new one it looks like hes floating. not good. and not being able to see the textures good on the cathedral in the background makes it look kinda crappy. other then that, its nice to see the water now, and much more detail on the street (leaves etc)
    Aye, the new one would be great if it didn't seem like the character was floating. Maybe move them back down to the street; that looked more natural. Regarding the Cathedral...as much as I dislike how they're trying to fudge the appearance of Stormwind's size by playing with the camera's focal length/field of view (effectively making things seem further away from each other), I think it looks better as a silhouette. *shrug*
    The details of the scene looks good, however. Now they just need to fix those god-awful human models... :eyeroll: lol

    Love the Daily Blink though...wish those stats were actually trackable, lol
  1. Tarx's Avatar
    The same daily blink again?
  1. Squiver's Avatar
    What does farming old mounts have to do with anything?
  1. Ryme's Avatar
    I appreciate that Nik might want to go in blind, but that doesn't mean the quality of the videos posted on the main page should suffer. Perhaps get someone else to do them, or get Nik to record videos after he's gone in blind, had his fun and done some small research.
  1. mmocf89c8b0f36's Avatar
    I like Daily Blink But prefered 2nd Human screen (last one)

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