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Tier 14 Sets Recap
Now that the Tier 14 sets are more complete, here are some previews we haven't done yet. If you want to see the Tier 14 tokens or Items themselves, check out our Tier 14 Armor Sets page!

Class Male Female Video
Death Knight Male Human Female Human Video
Druid Male Human Female Human Video
Hunter Male Human Female Human Video
Mage Male Human Female Human Video
Monk Male Pandaren Female Pandaren Video
Monk Male Human Female Human Video
Paladin Male Human Female Human Video
Priest Male Human Female Human Video
Rogue Male Human Female Human Video
Shaman Male Human Female Human Video
Warlock Male Human Female Human Video
Warrior Male Human Female Human Video

MMO-Champion Forums Moderator Recruitment
Good news everyone! We're recruiting moderators for the forums again! The amount of users and posts keeps increasing and we reached the point where we need some help before the trolls take over and play Whack-a-Mod in the Darkmoon Faire. I know it sounds fun, but I'm going to assume we don't want that.

Please be sure to read the entire post before applying!

Introducing the Guild Mentoring Program
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Azeroth -- It’s a land of turmoil, harsh and unyielding for heroes of the Horde and the Alliance as they struggle against enemies from within and without. For those stepping forth for the first time into this implacable realm, life can seem overwhelming, but surviving in this hostile environment is not insurmountable with a little help. Will your band of brothers and sisters, heroes and mentors, heed your call for aid?

Azeroth needs more heroes to rise through the ranks and your guild can help. We’re looking for a few good guilds to volunteer for the new Guild Mentoring Program. Guilds participating in the program will take part in identifying new players within selected realms, offering to invite them into the guild, and teaching them the ways of Azeroth as they level and reach the end game content.

Q. What is the Guild Mentoring Program?
A. The guild mentoring program identifies guilds on select realms to act as mentors for new and low level players (below level 85).

Q. How long does the Guild Mentoring Program run for?
The Guild Mentoring Program will run for a period of three months from the time that guilds are selected and notified.

Q. Is there a certain criteria for being selected as a mentoring guild?
Guilds must meet certain criteria to be considered for the Guild Mentoring Program:
  • Guilds must be located on one of the selected realms.
  • They must be willing to commit to the program for a three month period.
  • They must be willing to change their name for the three month Guild Mentoring participation period. (Names will be changed back at the end of the program.)
  • Guilds must be at least level 6 and have an active membership.

Q. How many guilds will be recruiting per realm?
Only one guild will be selected per faction on each realm.

Q. What does my guild need to do to volunteer?
The guild leader will need to submit an application to [email protected] with the following information:
  • Current guild name and guild leader name
  • Current realm and faction of the applying guild
  • Current guild level and number of guild members
  • Guild leader’s real name and phone number (this information will not be published and is for internal use only)
  • Brief description of the Mentoring Guild

Q. How long are you accepting applications for?
We will be accepting applications for two weeks. We will then select a guild for the Guild Mentoring Program from those that meet the criteria and contact the guild leader.

Q. On what realms will this program be available?
Mentoring guilds will be chosen for the following realms:

US Realms
  • Aggramar
  • Azuremist
  • Blackhand
  • Cenarius
  • Dalaran
  • Doomhammer
  • Garona
  • Garrosh
  • Ravencrest
  • Sen'jin
  • Shu'halo
  • Ysera
Oceanic Realms
  • Dath'Remar
  • Saurfang
EU EN Realms
  • Thunderhorn
  • Azuremyst
  • Lightbringer
  • Aggramar
  • Stormrage
  • Aszune
EU DE Realms
  • Thrall
  • Alleria
  • Malygos
  • Arygos
EU FR Realms
  • Hyjal
  • Dalaran
  • Eversong

Q. Do participating guilds get anything special?
Some of the benefits for taking part in the program include:
  • MVP status on the forums for the guild leader and recruitment officer
  • Guild member private forum access
  • Recognition for your guild as being participants in the program

Beta Class Balance Analysis
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
It's especially bad if they keep this constant, quick nerf method that DS experienced. As Enhancement, I have rampup AoE, which means my numbers on fights like Yor'sajh and Madness have gone down as the nerfs have gone up because I no longer have sufficient time to get my AoE going before everything's dead.

Like I said earlier, it felt like the guys designing the classes' AoE never coordinated with the guys designing fights. It doesn't really matter if my AoE 20 seconds in is OMGWOWAWESOME if there's never a fight where AoE lasts for 20 seconds.

Class designers and encounter designers are all part of the same team. There is even some overlap in office space. You may also have tried a boss in Mists where you need to AE for five minutes or more.... At the risk of turning classes against each other, if you think there are specs that are essentially just channeling Blizzard and going from 0 to 100% very quickly, please let us know. We are more likely to adjust those than we are to give every spec very simple, boring AE rotations given that AE is more of a thing even on bosses these days.

The argument that you aren't contributing meaningful DPS on nerfed content is a little tough to address. It is most important for every spec to be able to contribute on cutting-edge content, when the risk of class stacking is at its greatest. Most reasonable players understand that as content gets nerfed, fights will get shorter and shorter, and that allows different cooldowns and mechanics to shine. If your raid leader is threatening to sit you because of your AE DPS on very easy content, then maybe he's avoiding telling you the real reason. (I jest.)

90% of your playerbase lives outside of truly cutting edge content. Most of them have damage meters. Whether you like it or not, a large part of the fun of DPSing is getting to see your name at or near the top of the meter every now an then. When there are certain phases (namely AoE here) where by default you know you have ZERO chance to see your name there, it's a little depressing.

Ultimately that's why all of this matters. You may feel it's shallow, and that's certainly your right to feel that way. It doesn't change that it's a huge part of how players get valued, and value their own experience.

We understand that winning meters can be fun. We're not going to design encounters around that though. There are DPS checks, but sometimes they are to beat the boss before the healers run out of mana or before the boss enrages, and other times they are to kill a key add in an even shorter window. Players already know ways to pad meters by cleaving adds that don't matter and the like. Overall, we don't think we're doing anyone a favor by emphasizing DPS meters even more than they already are. We'll commit to making sure you don't feel like a third wheel on any fight, especially when it's new or within the first couple of progressive nerfs.

I was puzzling it over, but it would be nearly impossible to guarantee that even when we nerf encounters to 20%+ that the relative damage dealt by everyone is going to stay in sync. When the length of a fight shortens so that you can no longer squeeze your 3-minute cooldown into the fight twice, that's going to have an impact. I understand the concern, but I'm not sure of a reasonable way to solve it. We're not going to buff and nerf classes every time we do the progressive nerfs -- that would feel crappy to everyone I think.

Because it was the only time where it was really controversial?
It's easy to play the "I didn't see feedback on X, therefore there wasn't feedback on X" card. We wouldn't have removed Judging for haste if plenty of players hadn't told us they hated the mechanic. If there's a mechanic the developers don't like, I'm more than happy to state that, so there isn't a need for us to invent some kind of silent majority to justify changes. You'll just have to trust me that when I say we heard feedback, that it really exists.

Related, we don't remove mechanics just because we receive negative feedback on them (or else there would be nothing left in the game!); it's a balancing act, based on how much feedback we here from different vectors (keeping in mind that we have a lot of players who don't post on US or even English forums), the logic made in the argument, how much the argument makes sense to us, how much we respect the arguers, and so on. There's no red meter on the office wall that we can read, and even if there was, sometimes the right answer is still one that may be unpopular in the community (at least at that moment). But I digress.

Death Knight (Forums)
I don't understand why the 30s reduction in the outbreak CD was removed in contradiction to this portion in the article. Was it to make the first tier of talents more viable?
We feel like the short Outbreak for Blood wasn't a great design. It was probably the right choice at the time, but in Mists, every tank will have to focus more on what were traditionally DPS abilities (since they translate to resources and therefore threat). We didn't think it was compelling gameplay to let Blood opt out of disease transmission. That said, you can get a lot of the gameplay back through Unholy Blight if you choose.

Druid (Forums)
If this is the preferred design why do Guardians have to spend rage for Maul? It has been stated a few times that Maul would never be used except to solo things (an only if the damage comes up).
Maul is still a DPS button. It may not be one you use often, but there will be times when you don't care about surviving (when the boss needs to die NOW, or even when you're solo or running a scenario perhaps). We may eventually end up adding a proc or something (hopefully not exactly like Ultimatum), but we're not sure it's needed. At the moment Guardian damage is too high, so encouraging more Mauls isn't super high priority.

Hunter (Forums)
Based on my testing so far with the snake trap formula, it looks like snake trap is going to be doing enough damage (at least for SV) that we would want to include it in our rotation (assuming I calculated the scaling right).
You're probably right, and we don't want Snake Trap to be used rotationally. We do want Snake Trap damage to be in the non-joke range. We'll try to find some middle ground.

In the current beta build, survival's damage is being hindered by explosive shot ticking for almost less than a serpent sting tick.
In ilevel 460, I show Serpent Sting ticking for about 6K and Explosive Shot ticking for about twice that. Overall, Explosive Shot contributes 3x or 4x as much damage as Serpent Sting. What are you seeing?

It feels extremely weak while PvPing, have you played survival in a bg recently? You can barely make a difference without spamming cobra shot.
Survival gets a lot of damage from dots, which is just a different model than Marks. We can push damage numbers around a bit (perhaps nerf Cobra Shot so it's not quite so much of an upgrade over Steady Shot) but at some point that's just going to mean the difference between MM and SV is the name of their signature shot. Dots also can be really powerful in PvP. I would want to see some more testing before determining that Survival needs very high burst damage to be PvP viable.

Monk (Forums)
This honestly bothers me a hell of a lot, because when you nerf energy regen for monks, you're making their best tanking stat haste.
It's a good stat for Brewmasters for sure, and it needs to be because monks will have haste on their gear. However, Brewmasters probably have the most valuable secondary stats of any spec in the game. They don't really have bad stats, and their good stats aren't a ton better than others. (If you think that isn't the case, please feel free to argue that point though.)

Shaman (Forums)
That talent is the only thing keeping Rshamans wanted due to our lack of spread healing(Double HTT helps with that). If you remove that ability you might as well leave us how we were in T11/T12 due to lack of such healing. It also doesn't help the other two choices are not even a choice due to how bad they are. You can make Cote a 30 minute cd and we would still take it.
We don't want Resto shaman to be balanced around a mandatory talent, and you probably don't want that either. The design we are trying internally right now is letting it reset all totem cooldowns less than 3 minutes, but lowering its cooldown to 3 minutes.

From the logs I have seen so far we are either behind other healers or barely equal in select cases with regards to healing numbers and I pray hardmodes will solve this due to our mastery. Not to mention our mana regen is nothing to brag about
We look at all of those logs and watch many, many raid boss attempts. If you have specific cases where you feel like shaman aren't competitive healers or struggle with mana, please point those out (but as I have said, Mistweavers are an outlier right now, not the target.) Specific examples are much more useful to us (and I suspect other players) than general "well, what if there's a fight with these parameters?"

A simple quick glance at this list clearly shows the cheapest spell for shaman being more expensive than ANY priest spell in either spec.
As other players pointed out:

Flash Heal costs 19,800 mana.
Healing Surge costs 18,960 mana.

In any case, as I said, you have to look at the whole package. Healing Rain heals for a lot, but it's also not a cheap spell. Paladin heals appear very expensive, yet they have a lot of free heals. Healing Surge's throughput is propped up partially by Tidal Waves. I also know shaman like to call Mana Tide Totem a raid cooldown and not a personal cooldown, but it still gives you mana. If you just stand their OOM with Mana Tide available, your raid leader may scratch her head.

Is it intended for Elemental Blast to give a random buff instead of your increasing your highest stat?

Is it intended for Glyph of Riptide to not proc Resurgence?
No. We’re changing Glyph of Riptide to reduce the healing done by Riptide’s initial heal by 90%, instead of removing it, so that it still functions with Resurgence, Ancestral Awakening, Echo of the Elements, etc.

Of course it affects our regen, and of course we are going to use it. However, the problem is that it also gives the same amount of mana to every other healer in the raid. Because every other healer gets Mana Tide plus Divine Plea/Shadowfiend/Innervate, Shaman regen will naturally feel lower than that of other classes (and probably output will also be lower because of not having a personal regen cooldown).
We like Mana Tide Totem's group benefit though. If Resto shaman struggle with mana, then we'd more likely buff the mana return from Resurgence rather than give them another cooldown. (We could also have Mana Tide give more mana to the shaman, but then you might have to make an unfun decision about whether your mana needs were more important than the other healers.)

Warlock (Forums)
Right now, the specs with the spammiest AoE are doing a lot more damage. I'm harping on Destro's AoE as an example of a stupidly complex AoE rotation that does very weak damage.
Ultimately, Destro is largely using their single target spells to do AE along with Rain of Fire. You can also prepare for the ramp up by saving up embers just before the AE moment starts.

- Pyroclasm - Is it intended for it to be a dps loss to use the Backdraft charges on CB?
For maximum sustained damage, you will probably do better using Backdraft on Incinerate. There are times when burst damage is more important though, and faster Chaos Bolts will be attractive.

I say this with a little tongue in cheek, but for some players, winning meters is more important. For others, beating the boss is.

- Dark Soul - Are you happy with the benefit that each spec is deriving from this cooldown? Right now, Destro yet again feels like it falls behind because RNG can significantly negate the benefits of its cooldown (i.e. - you may not crit any more than you would normally; it's even possible to crit less frequently during its duration!
Well, Chaos Bolt always crits, so you can align them with Dark Soul....

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
New LFR Loot System
I think one of the real questions here is how does the game determine this exactly.
It starts at the first player and rolls a number from 1-100. If it rolls <5, you win loot. Then it goes to the next player. The game doesn't care what any individual player rolled, so once under a blue moon it might be possible for all 25 to get loot. (The actual chance might not be 5%, but you get the idea.)

This is why there is no concept of passing or anything else, because whether you win loot or not has no bearing on whether other players win loot.

This is sort of off-topic but semi-related, but how will World Bosses work? Will they use the LFR loot system or require that I be in the group that tagged it? I foresee a lot of same-faction griefing if it didn't use the LFR one (ie: pulling the boss early and dropping combat immediately forcing it to respawn several minutes later in a different location, or just plain pulling it early to wipe the group before they're ready) or pulling a lot of extra nearby mobs, etc.
We might have loot work slightly differently on the two world bosses since they appear at different frequencies. In general world bosses work exactly like LFR. If you want to invite everyone in the area into the raid, it won't diminish your chance to get loot. The only reason to not invite people is if you want to be a jerk for some reason. Individuals do have to be in the group that has loot rights (i.e. tagged the boss). We are fine with there being some competition especially on PvP servers; that's part of what world bosses are all about. If you just loiter in the vicinity and do a little damage but aren't part of the raid group, you won't have a shot at loot.

I know you didn't mention here, GC, but someone (Blue) has in the past, and that is the idea that the mechanism for LFR loot distribution may be that the game chooses X random people to win loot, where X is some number either hardcoded into the loot system, or chosen by some other mechanism at the time the loot drops (for example).
We considered that approach, but were concerned that it would pressure groups into killing a boss with the smallest group possible. Theoretically if you killed a boss with 5 characters, then each would win loot and you would be motivated not to invite friends or strangers. We went with a model where the number of characters has no bearing on whether you win loot or not.

All of this is for Raid Finder and world bosses. Dungeon Finder (for now) still uses the Cataclysm system and guild raids use whatever system you want, such as Master Looter or Free for All.

So does that mean if you win something in LFR in mists it is NOT tradeable? So if two friendly priests queue for LFR and one of them wins a piece that he already has, he cannot trade it to his GF who actually needs it?
Correct. Being able to trade loot works great with groups of friends. It can work okay if you are a nice person, but there isn't much incentive to look out for your fellow players if you aren't likely to ever group with them again. Overall it just seems to cause loot drama. "Trade with me, because I ran this raid a dozen times and didn't get the drop." "Trade with me, because it's a bigger upgrade for me than you." "Give me that item, because I inspected your achievements and I raid more than you." This anonymity is one of the weaknesses of Raid Finder for sure, but we think in the long run that the strengths of being able to join a raid whenever you want outweigh those limitations.

Will it select loot as it deems "appropriate" for just the class in general, or for their specific spec? I would really hate to win loot, just to find out i received an item for holy, when I am playing Ret.
It looks at your spec, not your class. We decided it was a superior design to give you something for a role that we know you use rather than trying to guess whether you ever like to tank or not. There are plenty of other avenues (dungeons, factions, scenarios, crafting, the AH, PvP, guild runs, etc.) to gear up for an alternate spec.

With random rolls you don't really get that feeling because it is all visible and most people don't believe that Blizzard is altering the /roll just for them (although sometimes it feels that way). The new LFR system doesn't look very transparent, and so a person constantly seeing nothing go into their bags might lose hope that they will win anything and stop raiding altogether.
Possibly, but there are plenty of cases today where players don't believe that random roles are random.

What if it's entirely guild based group, it will still use LFR loot rules and not master looter? that seems a bit ackward.
I honestly don't remember. Usually if we know the group is pre-made, then we let you use what loot rules you want. The only reason we would not have implemented that way is if it was technically challenging for some reason, and I just can't remember which way it ended up. For world bosses, I suspect it still uses the Raid Finder loot system, because we didn't want there to be any reason to exclude a friend of a friend or whatever.

Does this mean that you might consider switching the Dungeon Finder loot system to use something similar to the new LFR system? I realize that random 5-man groups should be able to distribute loot appropriately through communication, but in practice this seldom happens. Instead, some people will roll need on everything they can which ends up in undesirable loot distribution - particularly with respect to gear that is not armor-type restricted (e.g., Hunter rolling need on dodge trinket).
If the Raid Finder loot system works out, we would consider adding it to dungeons. One of the challenges is that dungeon bosses typically have shallower loot tables than raid bosses. If you are a Holy paladin and the dungeon boss doesn't have a Holy paladin item, we would have to decide how to handle that (maybe you can't win a roll for that boss, or maybe you'd get gold or valor instead). For raid bosses, we can make sure every boss has at least one thing you can use. (Granted, you may already own that item.)

The game keeps track of who is in who's group upon entering LFR. If say 5 friends grouped up to help one person gear, couldn't the game allow trading of items that drop between those people only? That way everyone still gets their roll chance but if a few geared players want to help a friend they still can? It wouldn't affect the overall roll chance in the new LFR system but it would allow people who want to help their friends gear up quickly for whatever reason.
Potentially. If the basic system works out we could consider adding something like this. It would have the risk / side-effect that a group of 25 players could still potentially funnel every item to one player and gear that player up faster. Maybe that's fine. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Content Difficulty and Consumption Speed
Players who have cleared have already beaten the challenge, put in the hours then 2-3 months later people who put in half the effort get the same reward.
If someone, months later, can clear the content in half the time the original group did, then it probably is a group that doesn't need the debuff to play at that level anyways.

A group that needs the 20% debuff to progress through Heroic Dragon Soul is not going to realistically clear it in half the time or half the effort than others did. It's really allowing them to tackle the content, not breeze through it.

Wether or not players haven't cleared Dragon Soul at this point is slightly irrelevant Ujellibrah, I'm saying this because when the nerfs started most had only just returned from Christmas holidays.., and considering it's only an 8 boss tier with a very limited loot table, 1 - 1½ month is next to no time for a proper gearing process in terms of a raid throughout put (Natural nerf through gearing to overcome a challenging boss)

From my PoV that's the only issue I have with nerfs, they are coming far to fast even when it's in increments as we've experienced this time

This is actually useful feedback (which you and others have mentioned on this thread) for the developers, thanks.

I love it how Draztal categorizes you as a hardcore if you liked TBC raiding above all others. I raided 3 nights a week for 3,5 hours, without voicecom. That's miles from hardcore imo. We did not manage to kill Vashj or Kael, but for the love of God we had fun trying to.
Oh, please, not at all. I loved TBC and I was very deep into raiding back then. I've actually mentioned what I think a hardcore player would be here.

When you stepped on this road, and removed attuments, our guild stopped raiding. Because we were not supposed to see MH or BT, we we're not prepared.
So, you had the chance to progress further (and actually get gear that would have helped you overcoming Vashj and Kael'thas) but you decided that, for whatever reason, you didn't belong in there, despite the removal of the attunements. That kind of self-imposed restriction is fine, sure, but I can't feel much empathy to an argument that basically says "we couldn't progress, and when you gave us the chance to do something different and progress, we still refused to take it."

Watched some documentary about raiding a while back. They described raiding as a giant jigsaw puzzle you're trying to solve with 9/24 like minded people, by putting the right pieces on the right places. With blanket nerfs, the solving the puzzle part has vanished. You solve the puzzle by slamming the pieces where ever you please, even if they dont fit. By time, the pieces break down and fit where ever you slam them. That's not how you solve a puzzle. That's not how you overcome a mechanic, which frankly arent all that hard in DS.
The debuff only makes things easier, it doesn't get rid of any mechanics, and you can't ignore them either.

Heroic modes are supposed to test your skills. It's a [email protected]#$ed up world where we are heading if your not supposed to improve yourself. Just like demanding Rooney, Messi or Ronaldo to play x % worse just so that Mike from next door can play with them in the WC finals.
Players improve every time, some will improve more than others, but there's always something to learn when you're progressing through encounters.

Ps. How on earth can you call Hagara HC a roadblock?
It's a roadblock for the guilds stuck on that boss (others may be stuck on Yor'sahj, and others may be stuck on Blackhorn, you probably get the point).

No one who is taking raiding halfways seriousely needs a nerf in DS normal. Normal modes generally are too easy, like some kind of meaningless thing you do the first week after release to unlock heroic modes
It might be meaningless to you, but there're players progressing through Normal even these days, for whatever their reason is. If your guild is used to raiding in Heroic, that's great, but don't write off Normal as something that noone does other than to unlock Heroic, because, honestly, it's not true. There are players that do find a challenge in that difficulty, and actually expect at some point to move on and tackle Heroic, just as other guilds are doing now.

I bet we would've killed Rag, but reaching that amount of tries would have taken 10 months.
Honest question, do you realistically think your guild, you, and your friends, would have kept up with 10 months of straight bashing your head against Ragnaros? 10 months, 40 weeks of knowing that there's nothing new in your raid than this one boss you're seeing where you're making almost very little weekly progress. Time is a big factor here. There's a difference on keeping the willingness to tackle a challenge for 2 weeks straight until you see it fall, with keeping that same willingness during 10 months. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Raid Testing
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Upcoming Raid Testing Difficulty
At this point it's likely that we will do 10-player Heroic testing before we do 25-player testing. In any case, that testing is waiting on the next beta build, which contains numerous balance changes and fixes made based on the first round of tests. We'll try to provide as much advance notice as possible regarding the date and time of the next testing sessions. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Sha of Anger Testing
We have applied a hotfix that causes the Sha of Anger to respawn within minutes instead of the usual period of hours, to facilitate testing of this encounter on beta. If you have not yet checked it out, you can find the encounter in Kun-Lai Summit.

Please use this thread to share any feedback. Thanks! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Salyis's Warband Testing
We have applied a hotfix that causes Galleon and his band of marauding saurok to respawn within minutes instead of the usual period of days, to facilitate testing of this encounter on beta. If you have not yet checked it out, you can find the encounter on the southern edge of Valley of the Four Winds.

Please use this thread to share any feedback. Thanks! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

SWTOR Free Trial
If you are interested in SWTOR, you can now play the game up until level 15 for free, with no time limit! You will be able to access Warzones and Flashpoints, as well as try all of the classes.

SWTOR Free Week for Former Players
If you played SWTOR at some time in the past and moved on to another game, you now have the chance to come back and play for free from July 10 through July 17. You can give the Group Finder, Ranked Warzones, and Adaptive Gear system a try as well if you missed Patch 1.3. If you want to take advantage of the Free Character transfers, you will receive a Gannifari pet and 25 Black Hole Commendations!

SWTOR Recruit a Friend Mount
If you are still playing SWTOR, there are rewards for you as well. If you refer or have refered a friend through the Friends Trial Referral Form and at least one of them bought the same and paid for some time, you will get a 110% speed Kurtob Alliance Speeder in the mail, which can be used at level 25! For the full requirements, see the SWTOR site.

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  1. medievalman1's Avatar
    Guild mentoring sounds kinda interesting
  1. moveth's Avatar
    It seems like they are trying a lot harder with the art design of the sets this time. I like pretty much all of them
  1. MonsieuRoberts's Avatar
    Yay for SWTOR trials!
  1. Tierbook's Avatar
    most of the sets look as original as it gets by this point except the rogue tier it seems familiar
  1. The Troll Rogue's Avatar
    new LFR roll rule sounds interesting.
  1. NerdsRSexi2's Avatar
    DKs..... get dresses..... That is all. So. Happy.
  1. Lilitheria's Avatar
    That black rogue set is really good. Also shaman set is looking very nice, I especially liked the helm design. Good job Blizzard.
  1. mmoc8ee790e781's Avatar
    Swtor on front page ? wow, they must have paid a lot
  1. Zatheyll's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NerdsRSexi2 View Post
    DKs..... get dresses..... That is all. So. Happy.
    I am really really excited about this. This has to be my favorite DK tier already. Finally something out of the ordinary boring plate with jagged edge design.

    Hunter and priest is pretty cool too. Shaman is actually a really beautiful design, and that warlock set is all sorts of awesome. Everyone's going to be jealous of the warlocks.

    The warrior helm also makes me really happy.

    I'm surprised how well they showed the classes in each of the tier while differing from the norm of previous tiers.
  1. dope_danny's Avatar
    the swtor trials would be more interesting if they didnt lockdown all but 12 servers, break the launcher, lose a lead dev- one of the few left and have the remaining servers shut down with no warning all in the space of a few hours today...
  1. Sam the Wiser's Avatar
    Interesting that a lot of Swtor space on the front page.
  1. Manataurus's Avatar
    IDK if MMO is the one making these tier videos or if there Blizz releases but a little helpful idea for whoever is responsible. If you want to impress people with how the armor looks, put it on a Tauren or a Worgen or some other burly race. Putting them on Humans and Belfs makes people QQ over how bad they are.
  1. Crevox's Avatar
    Interesting that a lot of Swtor space on the front page.
    This is MMO-champion, not WoW-champion
  1. HolgerDK's Avatar
    Thats a coold RaF mount
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    priest t14 is a joke ... looks like a rework of a warlock t12
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crevox View Post
    This is MMO-champion, not WoW-champion
    Yet Rift's huge expansion didn't get a passing mention? I don't believe GW2's release date announcement got any coverage either, except maybe a note to off-site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crevox View Post
    This is MMO-champion, not WoW-champion
    Read the front page title: "MMO-Champion - World of Warcraft News and Raiding Strategies". It doesn't have Warcraft in the name, but it's still a WoW site. That doesn't mean they can't mention other things that might be of interest to WoW players, and I find the SWTOR free trial to be interesting news. Three SWTOR banners in one post might be somewhat excessive, though.

    For me personally, the free trial comes too late. I actually downloaded the client when the game was released, hoping for some kind of free demo offer. No luck. Eventually I uninstalled it. If a developer isn't confident enough in their game to offer me some kind of free demo ("weekend" promotions are of no use, as I'm out of town a lot), I'm not interested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alltat View Post
    Read the front page title: "MMO-Champion - World of Warcraft News and Raiding Strategies". It doesn't have Warcraft in the name, but it's still a WoW site. That doesn't mean they can't mention other things that might be of interest to WoW players, and I find the SWTOR free trial to be interesting news. Three SWTOR banners in one post might be somewhat excessive, though.

    For me personally, the free trial comes too late. I actually downloaded the client when the game was released, hoping for some kind of free demo offer. No luck. Eventually I uninstalled it. If a developer isn't confident enough in their game to offer me some kind of free demo ("weekend" promotions are of no use, as I'm out of town a lot), I'm not interested.
    I'm just following the logo and name of the site. ;D

    It's totally up to them what they put up, but we all know it's because of Curse anyways.

    Yet Rift's huge expansion didn't get a passing mention? I don't believe GW2's release date announcement got any coverage either, except maybe a note to off-site.
    This would be considered a note off to the side, just multiple news happened at once. Also, above.
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    Quote Originally Posted by medievalman1 View Post
    Guild mentoring sounds kinda interesting
    I don't understand this at all. Most guilds already recruit and help developing players and when they reach end game, if they are interested in raiding, then guild members help them gear up and learn the fights. I'm wondering why Blizzard feels there is a need for guild mentoring in the first place. And, if they feel there is a need for it, why limit it to one guild per server on only a few servers?
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    DK in a dress......that is awful.

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