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Mists of Pandaria to be Released on September 25

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Heroes of Azeroth, prepare to embark for an exotic new frontier! World of Warcraft®: Mists of Pandaria™ is launching on September 25, 2012 and you can be ready to play when the servers go live by pre-purchasing the game digitally. Plus, for the first time ever, players will have the option to upgrade a pre-purchase to the all-new Digital Deluxe Edition which comes with all of the in-game items from the retail Collector’s Edition, including a World of Warcraft pet and mount, banner sigil and accent for Diablo® III, and Battle.net® portraits for StarCraft® II.

Beginning September 25, 2012, World of Warcraft players around the world will be able to set sail for the long-lost continent of Pandaria, where they’ll explore forgotten dungeons, vanquish risen evils, and play their part in the Horde-Alliance conflict as it reaches a critical breaking point.

Whether you plan to level your existing character to 90 or start fresh with a new pandaren monk, it’s never too early to begin preparing for your adventure. Simply log in to your Battle.net® account, and then pre-purchase Mists of Pandaria. You’ll then be flagged to automatically download the expansion content prior to release so you’ll be ready to go when the game launches.

During the pre-purchase process, you’ll have the option to grab either the Mists of Pandaria Standard Edition for $39.99 USD or the all-new Digital Deluxe edition for $59.99 USD -- or, if you snag the standard edition now and decide you want to upgrade to Digital Deluxe later, you’ll have the opportunity to do so for an additional $20.

The Digital Deluxe edition includes a full digital copy of the expansion, as well as a selection of Pandaria-inspired in-game content for World of Warcraft, Diablo III, and StarCraft II. If you’re looking for even more plunder, a special Mists of Pandaria Collector’s Edition with additional bonus items will also be available exclusively at select retail locations for a suggested retail price of $79.99 USD.

For more details on the September 25, 2012 release of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, be sure to hit the official press release, or head to our new Mists of Pandaria game page to learn more about the expansion and prepurchase your digital copy.

*When you pre-purchase World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, you will be able to download an encrypted version of the game once it’s available, prior to the game’s release. This content will be unlocked and available
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  1. Bregonar's Avatar
    Awesome can't wait! I know what to ask for my birthday
  1. Crownless's Avatar
    woohoo! )
  1. Hampen's Avatar
  1. Fishyface's Avatar
    Man the community mmo champ community is on this faster than chaud is lol.
  1. NotValidAnymore's Avatar
    Cool, maybe a bit late but it's earlier than I expected anyway.

    I'm excited!
  1. Kalcheus's Avatar
    Avengers comes out that day. Oy vay.
  1. Eresin's Avatar
    no TCG with collectors ed?
  1. sdkphoenix's Avatar
    So happy I can get the ingame stuff and NOT spend 20$ more! But I will still try to, since I want that extra crap for my shelf! Jsut gotta wiat for Amazon to put it on their page...
  1. schippie's Avatar
    I like the 3 dots :P
  1. mmoc0003012d7d's Avatar
    2 more months of nothing.....
  1. Promethieus's Avatar
    Yes! Finally there's a release date! Can't wait although it's 10 days after my birthday Damnit Blizzard, so close!
  1. A Dark Knight's Avatar
    /high pitched girly scream
  1. mmoc8c543d8fa8's Avatar
    Whoop whoop!
  1. smokii's Avatar
    hooray for pandas!
  1. Alidori's Avatar
    Already purchased!
  1. Lastwords's Avatar
    Finally. Wish it came earlier.
  1. mmoceeceb76e25's Avatar
    Wooot cant wait.
  1. mmocc385cf68c9's Avatar
    Finally! .... you posted it.
  1. sdkphoenix's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by morpheeus View Post
    2 more months of nothing.....
    Actually no, 2 more months until we can level. We will see 5.0.4 in a month probably. Maybe sooner.
  1. mmoc31ca91b23a's Avatar
    Upgraded to my Digital Deluxe already! Cant wait!

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