Timeless Isle
The Timeless Isle is a new island added off the coast of the Jade Forest in Patch 5.4.0. The Bronze Dragonflight discovered the island recently and sent people to investigate. All players logging in for the first time in Patch 5.4 will receive the quest A Flash of Bronze… (Alliance / Horde) to talk to Chromie. She will give you a one-use item that allows you to teleport to the Timeless Isle. You may want to pick up the flight point right after getting there, otherwise you'll have to fly back through fatigue waters to reach the island in the future.

While there are a handful of quests on the Timeless Isle, the majority of its interesting content is actually just the island itself. It houses several varied environments with many different types of creatures, including tigers, elemental giants, Yaungol, elemental spirits, ghostly Pandaren, turtles, serpent dragons, Hozen, crabs, frogs, and pirates. The Timeless Isle features over 25 rare creatures, multiple rare events, 45+ unique treasure chests, a new faction (Shaohao), and 5 brand new World Bosses, all of which give loot.

Four of the new World Bosses are the Celestials of Pandaria themselves: Chi-Ji, Niuzao, Xuen, and Yu'lon. They all share a loot table, so you can kill any one of them for your chance at loot each week. Defeating all four Celestial world bosses is also required for the quest The Emperor's Way, which is one of the final steps of the legendary cloak questline. All four Celestials are located near the vendors and questgivers in the Celestial Court at the center of the Timeless Isle.

Every 5-10 minutes, a Celestial will become attackable, and players will often form a raid to attack it, either for the loot or the credit for the legendary quest. They are faction-tagged, so anyone of the tagging faction can get credit from any damage or healing dealt. The strategy for all four is similar: they all have AoE attacks that the players need to avoid or heal through. If the damage is not avoided, it will likely result in death, but you only need a few skilled players to secure a kill. Even if the majority of the raid dies on every AoE attack, your group will still likely succeed.

The fifth world boss, Ordos, is much more exclusive. To access him, players must have the legendary cloak on at least one of the characters on their account. He has a unique loot table and higher ilvl loot than the Celestials. Ordos is also designed to be much more difficult than the Celestials and is tuned to be a "heroic world boss", much like pre-nerf Oondasta. Ordos has been disabled for almost all of the PTR testing, but the one time he was available, he was zergable if you had a large enough group.

There is a new reputation in Patch 5.4.0 that can only be earned on the Timeless Isle: "Emperor Shaohao". The player is introduced to Emperor Shaohao by Kairoz via the quest The Last Emperor, which players will obtain shortly after arriving on the Timeless Isle. The primary way to gain Emperor Shaohao reputation is to kill the Ordon Yaungol who live on the Timeless Isle. They all give reputation, but the stronger Ordon give more reputation than the weaker ones. Ordon rare mobs give the most reputation; they are Archiereus of Flame, Champion of the Black Flame, Flintlord Gairan, Jakur of Ordon, Urdur the Cauterizer, and Watcher Osu.

There is also a small quest line for Emperor Shaohao, including a daily quest (though the daily doesn't give rep). This quest chain is a branch off of the main Timeless Isle quest line that occurs after the quest Time In Your Hands.

  1. The Last Emperor
  2. Timeless Nutriment
  3. Wayshrines Of The Celestials
  4. Drive Back The Flame & Path of the Mistwalker (Daily)
  5. The Archiereus Of Flame

There is also a Battle Pet tournament located on the Timeless Isle called the Celestial Tournament. This scenario is especially difficult because you are not allowed to heal your pets, which means that you must use many different teams of pets to achieve victory since your pets will likely not survive more than a single Pet Battle against these tough opponents. To enter, you must have at least thirty level 25 Battle Pets and the achievement Fabled Pandaren Tamer.

After you meet the requirements, talk to Master Li, accept the weekly quest The Celestial Tournament, and queue for the scenario by talking to the NPC again. The scenario is split into two stages. In Stage 1, you must defeat three random Pet Tamers. As this scenario is weekly, defeating all possible Pet Tamers will take multiple weeks, but you will earn the achievement Master of the Masters. In Stage 2, you must defeat the four offspring of the Celestials themselves. They are Legendary Elite pets, and you will have to use your entire team to defeat them.

You will receive a Celestial Coin as a reward for the weekly quest, and you will get an additional two Celestial Coins from the one-time quest The Rainy Day is Here. The main rewards are Battle Pet versions of the four Celestials you fought: Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji, Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen, Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon, and Zao, Calfling of Niuzao. They cost three Celestial Coins each. There are other minor rewards available, but the Celestial Battle Pets are by far the best and the others are just for after you already have all four.

Timeless Isle Events
The Timeless Isle also includes several unique events that occur periodically.

Dread Ship Vazuvius must be first summoned with a Mist-Filled Spirit Lantern. The Lantern drops from Evermaw and has a 1 hour duration. It must be used in the far NW area of the Timeless Isle, a subzone called "The Misty Strand", at the Cursed Gravestone. When the Dread Ship is summoned, Dread Captain Genest will do a zone-wide yell, which should get the attention of interested players and give you some much needed backup, as this fight is very difficult to solo.

In the waters south of the Firewalker Ruins, occasionally an event called the "Battle of the Barnacle" will begin. Captain Zvezdan and his drowned crew will face off in their sunken ship against Rattleskew and the traitorous crewmates that were ultimately responsible for the ship's demise. After defeating a few waves of Rattling Mariners, the rare NPC Rattleskew will spawn and attack you. He's easy to kill, especially with the nearby friendly ghost pirates supporting you.

Really Skunky Beer is an event located in the center of Old Pi'jiu. Occasionally, the cask will spawn in the middle of the village, stunning all of the nearby ghostly Pandaren and summoning Skunky Brew Alementals and Skunked Kegs. Killing either a Skunky Brew Alemental or a Skunked Keg adds to a counter that tracks 10 "Skunky Leaks". After the counter hits 10, all of the adds will die and a rare creature called Zhu-Gon the Sour will spawn.

Zarhym Altogether is the name of an event and subsequent achievement located in the Cavern of Lost Spirits on the Timeless Isle. The reward for completing the event is a equivalent to the loot from a Timeless Isle rare creature: a few hundred Timeless Coins and a chance at an epic. After talking with Zarhym, he transports you to the Spirit World and tells you to avoid the Timeless Spirits while seeking his body at the back of the cave. Along the way, you can also gather some loot from Spirit Chests.

For the most part, dodging the Timeless Spirits is straightforward. If they aggro on you, they will start a 5-second channel called Spirit Strangle that slows you and will remove you from the Spirit World on completion. You can break the cast with immunity cooldowns or by outranging the spirit, though that can be tricky because of the slow. The last two spirits right next to Zarhym's Body can be very tricky and require tight timing or the use of the earlier mentioned cooldowns.

Slightly southeast of the Celestial Court, there is a large tree surrounded by Nice Sprite and large green crystals called Everlasting Spritewood (link). Once a day, you can find a large purple crystal called Neverending Spritewood against nearby cliff walls. After using the purple crystal, you will gain a debuff called Crystal Breaker, and all nearby Nice Sprites will become Angry Sprites.

After killing several Angry Sprites, a Scary Sprite, a rare creature who can drop a pet, will appear. Because the debuff only lasts one minute, you have to pull and kill lots of sprites to summon the rare before the debuff rare fades. Note also that the rare must also -die- before the time is up or he will just despawn. This means you'll need damage reduction cooldowns for the large amount of damage you'll be taking, and you'll want to use your burst cooldowns when the Scary Sprite actually spawns or for powerful AoE.

Timeless Isle Rare Spawns
There are a massive amount of rare creatures on the Timeless Isle: 32 in total! Rare creatures respawn very rapidly on the Timeless Isle. However, after your first kill on a specific rare, you can only get loot from that specific rare once more per day. In some cases, such as if the rare mob is summoned by an event, you may be even phased from seeing it if you have killed it already that day. Almost all of the rare creatures on the Timeless Isle use fully-shared tags, so Alliance and Horde can both receive credit for a kill.

Most of the rare creatures drop unique vanity items (see Vanity Items page) at a low rate, and they all drop several hundred Timeless Coins (link) and a guaranteed Epoch Stone for the weekly quest Empowering the Hourglass. Additionally, killing rare creatures is the objective of another weekly quest on the Timeless Isle called Strong Enough To Survive. If you needed yet another incentive to kill rare creatures, there is also an achievement to kill all of the rare creatures that the Timeless Isle has to offer, Timeless Champion.

Several of the rare animals on the isle spawn based on the death of other animals of the same family. For example, when a Death Adder dies and its respawn is up, there is a chance that a rare Imperial Python may spawn in its place. The rare creatures that function like this are: Emerald Gander spawns randomly in place of cranes, Great Turtle Furyshell spawns randomly in place of turtles, Imperial Python spawns randomly in place of snakes, Ironfur Steelhorn spawns randomly in place of yaks, and Monstrous Spineclaw spawns randomly in place of crabs.

It is also worth noting that there seems to be no respawn cooldown on these rares; getting them to spawn is pure chance. You can even fight and kill two of the same rares at once!

  1. Dread Ship Vazuvius: Must be summoned; see events section for more details
  2. Chelon: Spawns under odd circumstances (see below)
  3. Spirit of Jadefire: Has multiple spawn locations in this area; found underground in a cave
  4. Rock Moss: Found underground in a cave
  5. Tsavo'ka
  6. Spelurk: Spawns under odd circumstances (see below)
  7. Golganarr
  8. Bufo: Has multiple spawn locations in this area
  9. Stinkbraid
  10. Battle of the Barnacle (Event): Rattleskew spawns at the end of the event; see events section for more details
  11. Cranegnasher: Spawns under odd circumstances (see below)
  12. Really Skunky Beer (Event): Zhu-Gon the Sour spawns at the end of the event; see events section for more details
  13. Karkanos: Spawns under odd circumstances (see below)
  14. Gu'chi the Swarmbringer: Spawns with a ring of Spotted Swarmers and patrols around Old Pi'jiu
  15. Zesqua: Spawns with a ring of Playful Water Spirits
  16. Jakur of Ordon
  17. Watcher Osu
  18. Huolon: Patrols the air around The Blazing Way in a very large area
  19. Champion of the Black Flame: Patrols up and down the road; three of these rares spawn at once!
  20. Leafmender: Has multiple spawn locations in this area
  21. Cinderfall
  22. Flintlord Gairan: Has multiple spawn locations in this area
  23. Urdur the Cauterizer: Has multiple spawn locations in this area
  24. Archiereus of Flame: Has multiple spawn locations in this area; requires Legendary cloak on one toon to enter Ordon Sanctuary
  25. Garnia: Can only be reached via Golden Glider or Highwind Albatross

As many rare creatures have been included as were possible on the above map, but the rare animals that spawn all over based on the death of normal animals of the same family are not included. These are listed in the paragraph above the map. Additionally, Evermaw was not included. Evermaw patrols the water around literally the entire island.

Some rare creatures on the Timeless Isle spawn neither via events or via standard methods. Chelon is summoned when a user clicks on the Conspicuously Empty Shell. Cranegnasher requires a player to find a Fishgorged Crane corpse and drag a living Fishgorged Crane from the beach over the corpse, at which point Cranegnasher will jump the player and eat the Fishgorged Crane. Karkanos is summoned by talking to Fin Longpaw when he is at the docks south of Old Pi'jiu. Spelurk is summoned by shattering the rocks blocking entrance to the Mysterious Den. Currently, the only known way to do this is to use Blink (Mage) or Displacer Beast (Druid) to go straight through the rocks, pick up the Rock-breaking Hammer on the inside of the cave, and break the rocks from the inside. There is probably another way to do it though, as this does not sound intentional.

You can track these rares using their IDs and the addon NPCScan. The NPCScan author may update for 5.4, but if he does not, you can also add the rares and track them by achievement. Copy and paste the contents of this link's text into your _NPCScan\_NPCScan.lua file, replacing everything already inside it. That should make it so that all Patch 5.2 and 5.4 rares are tracked automatically.

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