Patch 5.0.4 now available on the Background Downloader
This afternoon the preload for the pre Mists of Pandaria patch started. It is a little bit over 6 GB in size.

Diablo III Developer Blog - 1.0.4 Systems Preview
Lots of good news today for Diablo players in the 1.0.4 Systems preview on Diablofans!

Monks Will be Able To Use Recruit a Friend Bonuses
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We're not making any changes to the way RaF bonuses function, which means monks won't be excluded from receiving the benefits of RaF when Mists of Pandaria is released.

Will they still get realm first achievements?

Will Scroll of Resurrection be available to instant level a monk to 80?
No. That's answered here.

Theramore Event Will not Be Tested
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Is the World Event for the Attack on Theramore Isle going to be available for testing soon?
We are not currently planning on opening this up for public/beta testing. That may change but for right now we're testing it internally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toby451 View Post
    Anyone know if AoE looting will be active in the pre patch?
    It said it's active in the PTR Patchnotes, which is coming to live before MoP so I'd say: yes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thirsom View Post
    In order to add my ha'penny worth of opinion on this: If you take a look at the "Connection Info" window, you'll find that the data we're all downloading (or done downloading by now) covers only about less-than-half of the data which will be the full MoP-WoW... so, whatever your HDD size is, expect another 20-30 GByte of downloads yet to come for 5.0.4 (or 5.1; not 100% sure what the bar actually represents).

    On my guild's forum I had speculated that we may see a pre-patch release on one of the upcoming next three Tuesdays - but given that it looks like just *part* of the data for the patch, that estimate now seems premature. Judging by the data yet to come, I'd guess "last Tuesday in August [28th], maybe first Tuesday in September [4th]" now looks like a better guess for the pre-patch.
    The complete MoP beta client (fresh installation) is only 20.9GB big and that's the size the live client has with the update files (shown as 21GB in the downloader).

    As for the release of the patch I would say that it won't be next week because warriors and death knights (and monks but that isn't important for the patch) aren't tuned for the new system. I'd guess the patch will be released on the 21st. That's another 2 weeks for balancing the classes and after the cinematic is released so that we get a nice and complete patch with the new cinematic when we start the game and all the system changes (except scenarios and pet battles) to play around for 5 weeks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joán View Post
    Consider the previous release dates:

    2.0.1 - TBC systems patch - Dec 5
    2.0.3 - TBC content patch - Jan 9 (5 weeks later)
    Release - Jan 16 (1 week later)
    6 weeks from systems to release

    3.0.2 - WotLK systems patch - Oct 14
    3.0.3 - Nov 4 (3 weeks later)
    Release - Nov 13 (1 week later)
    4 weeks from systems to release

    4.0.1 - Cataclysm systems patch - Oct 12
    4.0.3a - The shattering - Nov 23 (6 weeks later)
    Release - Dec 7 (2 weeks later)
    8 weeks from systems to release

    It's currently 7 weeks to release so going on previous history, the patch could drop any week now. Aug 21 or Aug 28 are by far the most probable dates (it's very unlikely that it'll be this coming week since preloading just started today).

    You will also note that all of these expansions have had a balancing or extra patch after the systems patch but before the actual release - I don't think they'll have time to do that in 2 weeks and they'd have to be supremely confident to drop the systems patch that late.
    Excellent post Joán. This forum system needs an upvote system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alayea View Post
    The release date for MoP is September 25th, so if the pre-xpac event lasts 2 weeks the earliest date for the patch hitting live would be Sept 11th. (I wonder if that could mean the beta will end around the start of the month...)

    Also, unless you have some proof like a piece of a Blizzard memo stating "guild wars 2 oh noes!!!!111!1", you can quit it with all the gw2 conspiracy stuff.

    Well, the MoP beta and MoP game is far from finished, and it looks like a rushed product a lot of it, it will need loads of patches before it will get decent because they are rushing it out, why they are rushing it, no one knows but blizzard, but hey they went from "when it is ready too let's rus things quickly to get more money"

    Hmmm, regarding D3, Making it easier is just so they can again make more money of the RMAH, nothing else, invulnerable minions wasnt' even hard to begin with, neither was fire shield, all you had to do was move a little bit and you would not get hit.
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    If you are having problems with starting the download, you need to download minor updates from launcher first so that it is fully to date, then you can start downloading patch from background downloader.
  1. mmocd3c415f1d2's Avatar
    god damn my ssd is getting tiny >.< 31gb atm and not installed new patch, time to buy new 256gb instead of 128

    ---------- Post added 2012-08-13 at 01:05 PM ----------

    37gb it was free on my 108gb ssd, is file system really taking 20gb o.O crap
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaiie View Post
    Maybe so. But the math is wrong.

    4 + 6 + 8 = 18.

    (3 events)

    18 (total weeks) / 3 (events) = 6 week average (not 7) per event
    He never said there was an average of 7 weeks per event. Read it again. He said there was 7 weeks currently remaining until MoP, and the patch should drop Aug 21-28 (5-6 weeks out). So, you failed in your attempt to make someone else look bad.
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    No more minimum range! <3
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    Quote Originally Posted by icio View Post
    If you are having problems with starting the download, you need to download minor updates from launcher first so that it is fully to date, then you can start downloading patch from background downloader.
    How do I do this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leowyld View Post
    You might want to look at the context in which I was referencing that. It was *not* to indicate that it was a matter of *exactly* two weeks. It was to: A. Prove Blizzard made comments on the timing of the patch (which someone earlier doubted) and B. Explain why some people think the two weeks comment was in regards to the patch, rather than the event. I believe I said earlier READ: in this same topic! that the schedule might have changed and that it could release at any time.

    Edit: And "roughly", in regards to a time frame, is arbitrary. Personally, I would not consider a month to be roughly two weeks. Does Blizzard? I don't know. It really is silly to argue semantics over such an obscure and loosely used adverb.
    It looks like Roughly does mean a month to Blizzard. The release is the 28th of August.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akiliez View Post
    How do I do this?
    Ok nevermind, mine is downloading something but hard to tell what. It says it will be 21gbs when it's done. Does that sound right?
  1. mmocc9f100db02's Avatar
    6gb? Seriously.. sigh.

    Blizzard aren't very kind to people with low bandwith.

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