Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

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    Oh wow. 8D

    Favorite things about this cinematic:

    • Actually shows Humans and Orcs fighting. When was the last time we saw an Orc in our WoW cinematics, I ask you? A LONG F&$*%ING TIME.
    • Touches of comedy remind me of the sheeping Mage, the Warlock hellfiring Murlocs... just yes.
    • Everything is beautiful -- the realism of everything in the graphics, with a great non-Uncanny Valley triggering of anything from the human (which I was a bit afraid of happening, but no need to worry after all. )

    If this cinematic is capturing the spirit of this expansion, then I'm excited for it!
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    It did not disappoint!
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  1. alp er tunga's Avatar
    At long last!
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    Quite a change with previous cinematics... Its good, but its not menacing at others use to be. Eh, I like it.
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    =_= -_- -.-
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    Whoops, double post. XP
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    A bit different from the previous trailers..no great evil..maybe they could have included some Sha like in the first quests..
    Or maybe if the human was turalyon and not beaten to the ground..
    And lol at that blunt look a 2:30
    Also interesting animation of the orc and human..sometimes their muscles move like bubble gum, feels strange
    Overall I miss the seriousness and epicness..looks like the cinematic of licks and spits
    Cant beat Wow+Tbc+Wotlk ones. Cata maybe
    The smiling monk in the end is all I really liked
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    That was great, and rather amusing. Loved it. =D
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    So awesome!
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    I love how the Monk shows up and the Human and Orc are both like "Woah..." and the Human hands the Orc his other stick like "You're going to need this."

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    That was... awesome.
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    Was hoping for Sha :/
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    OMG! cant wait!
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    Haven't watched it yet!
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    Best. Cinematic. Ever. fucking awesome
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    AWESOME.. JUST A W E S O M E! Loved it!
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    Both fun and awesome one more month!

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