Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

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  1. Imhullu's Avatar
    Looks very impressive.
  1. Valort's Avatar
    Nothing shows the alliance vs horde conflict more than a human giving an orc his weapon to fight someone who is trying to break up their fight.

  1. alteam's Avatar
    that was an awesome cinematic.
  1. Noctim's Avatar
    Hahahaha Pandaren kicked the nuts out of the Orc and Human ;-)
  1. Chrysopoeia's Avatar
    Omfg that was epic!
  1. Arbs's Avatar
    That was awesome plus funny !!!
  1. Mundayz's Avatar
    A video about how OP monks are going to be I see. :P
  1. Reigoto's Avatar
    Officially impressed!
  1. DemoBytom's Avatar
    amazing! O_O it's serious, it's funny it's uber cool... Whatever you say Blizz does the best cinematics in the entire universe!!
  1. SansCoeur's Avatar
    Totally, beyond psyched for the 25th now!
  1. Lemonwire's Avatar
    im shaking...
  1. Dappy's Avatar
    Wow, that was epic!
  1. Poglia's Avatar
    Epic and fun! Well done, Blizzard!
  1. Andyo's Avatar
    Truely sick.
  1. Andra-Arts's Avatar
    Quite an awesome cinematic, I love how smooth and flowing it all is.
  1. Salech's Avatar
    Very boring trailer.
  1. Faroth's Avatar
    I love it. Really well done. Best they've done in CGI quality and I liked how they slipped in a bit of humor.

    They weren't kidding. "Grounded" described it perfectly.
  1. Ziktus's Avatar
    I loved it.
  1. det's Avatar
    Now that was different than what I expected....but it didn't dissapoint. Good one.
  1. Yunru's Avatar
    Hm looking at the humor it reminds me on ninja turtles--donatello, and same figting style.

    (and there is a gnome on the left warship--look at the little window)

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