Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

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  1. MatteoG's Avatar
    Watch this then watch the wotlk and even cata trailer.. this sucks imo not enough epicness
  1. Koinsim's Avatar
    Yup its them, Blizzard
  1. ShayMG's Avatar
    Amazing trailer! Worth the wait! Loved the humour in the trailer also! When the human hands the Orc his weapon... priceless!
  1. Eliot123's Avatar
    Truly awesome! Can't wait for MoP!
    Much better than both WotLK and Cata trailers imho.
  1. Tuuralihn's Avatar
    I'm thinking that the WoW-movie should be animation. Cause this was BAD-fricking-ASS!
  1. Tyrathius's Avatar
    Eh. Seemed really anticlimactic next to the WotLK and Cata cinematic, and lacked the charm of the BC cinematic.

    Opening was good, with the ship battle, but the human vs. orc vs. pandaren was meh.
  1. NatePsychotic's Avatar
    Turned on the Dolby and 7.1 Surround Sound on my headset, was not disappointed, holy shit.. Had goosebumps all through that trailer, I want my Orc to look like that!
  1. Foufoutos's Avatar
    Brilliant but I wanted more Allies vs Horde Scene!!!
  1. Tastyfish's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Celticmoon View Post
    I love the humor in it, lol
    It was refreshing.
  1. Relg's Avatar
    Mjeh, gotta say I prefer the more evil cinematics they've done so far. There was no superawesome dark voice of insanelymanpower in this one! =(
  1. Jeleh's Avatar
    Sadly I found this underwhelming as with the previous one, it just didnt create an air of excitement for me. Infact when the panda put the mace object back and flicked it up with his stick I wanted to face desk at how cheese it was.

    As said at the start of my post, underwhelmed.
  1. MarizzaDraenor's Avatar
    Boring and colorless

    I can understand that they dont have any important lore enemies to focus on but at least gief mass scale battle between horde/alliance and monks then making their appearance on large numbers also.

    A random human a random orc. 2 unknown individuals fighting is hardly impressive.
  1. Crysis's Avatar
    I'd call it .. maybe too childish ? Yep, I don't like this very much in comparison to previous trailers (LK still rulez) but the art style is still nice. I just hope next xpac will bring some of the seriousness from the Warcraft to the World of Warcraft back.
  1. Elennoko's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Funder View Post
    I liked it, but humour has nothing to do in a wow trailer imo. Well made nontheless.
    And I'm assuming you just conveniently forgot about this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lp5Xs...ailpage#t=121s
  1. Hell-Nicø's Avatar
    So fucking cool.
    A Ally who fight like a brave an orc and dont die at the end ?

    ME GUSTO !
  1. Treekodar's Avatar
    That was amazing.
  1. Kunz's Avatar
    Cool the the human just gives him the stick
  1. Ulfhedinn's Avatar
    I wasn't happy with this one at all until the human handed the orc the weapon... and their faces where priceless.
  1. iPluto's Avatar
    Now that i have watched it.

    It didn't have that WOW! feeling...

    Im really disappointed with the orc...its fighting style was so 'human'. I wanted the orc to be more bestial and distinctive...like the orc in the vanilla trailer - u know the one beating his mace on the ground.
    Plus the orc in the trailer; i would've preferred if his color was more of a natural green color like darker olive green rathar then emerald green.

    the graphics is awesome and it did feel like it was returning to a more vanilla style of game play: horde vs alliance.
    Although this did imply that the Pandaren were far superior.
  1. Conqueror's Avatar
    This really is the worst WoW cinematic trailer so far in my opinion. Really disappointed.

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