Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

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  1. Milkwolfgang's Avatar
    Woooot. Epic
  1. aaniscilla's Avatar
    Well, the panda is fat like Sammo Hung, but he doesn't move like Sammo.
  1. Whispers's Avatar
    What bad cinematic lol. Even Cata one was better bleargh.
  1. Zumzumzum's Avatar
    Funny but was it really worth the buzz around it ?
  1. Pinkbunnie's Avatar
    I love it, can´t wait for MoP to go live!
  1. -Tuigan's Avatar
    SO this is how blizzard is going to start the "bring back the war to warcraft" with an orc + an human fighting together... nice 1 retards
  1. Arcs's Avatar
    Was I the only one who saw referrence to Pirates of the Carribean?
  1. Badluckandtrouble's Avatar
    Best one they've ever made
  1. elfispresley's Avatar
    I want that dodgy human mustache
  1. shindaah's Avatar
    awsome, cant wait for MoP anymore!
  1. Vice80's Avatar
    Terrible, awful kindergarden crap. That's what you ppl playing...
  1. Ankzu's Avatar
    Was not what I was expecting, but still very good. Blizzard has some of the best cinematics in terms of modelling, animation, texturing, ect. in my opinion.
  1. Blazenwing's Avatar
    I don't get why everybody has such a hard on for "serious" WoW. The world we live in is way too serious as it is. God forbid a game takes a break after EIGHT YEARS to spend one expansion being a little more on the lighthearted side.
  1. RoKPaNda's Avatar
    Was awesome until the panda showed up, then it got really cheesy, but that's Blizzard so yeah. Overall I liked it. Gives me the idea that this expansion is going to be about pandas trying to bring about unity and the Alliance/Horde messing it up. Even though the cinematic went downhill after the panda showed up I'm still looking forward to playing a panda.
  1. Zojl's Avatar
    Amazing, loved it.
    People always want more, it's fucking pathetic
  1. Anevers's Avatar
    That was awesome, and a welcome change to the tired main bad guy monologue. Reminds a lot of the Vanilla WoW Intro Cinematic.
  1. aarro's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Samin View Post
    What? Cata cinematic was nice, yes. But this one beats it by a mile.
    Not at all! There is NO epicness in this trailer at all
  1. FearSpammed's Avatar
    Almost cried, its so Epic.
  1. Syridian's Avatar
    That was very, very good.
  1. boyrot's Avatar
    This is and will be prob the best in MOP .

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