Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

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  1. BLSTMASTER's Avatar
    Obviously, the Pandaren (Chen?) only won because he was level 90, while the human and the orc were still level 85
  1. Dirtydozen's Avatar
    The quality? omfg, Im drooling
  1. Shepherd57's Avatar
    I liked it. It shows the humans and orcs hate for each other. Rather than get accustomed to the new environment, both the orc and human hunt each other down for a fight. Captures the essence of the Pandaren. I thought is was a funny moment when the human handed the orc his weapon, but was it appropriate. On one hand we have countless instances where horde and alliance band together to fight a powerful foe, but I think as a human I might have taken that opprotunity to stab the orc and deal with the panda on my own or run away.
  1. Black Rider's Avatar
    It is fucking epic! Well done blizz!!!
  1. Kuntantee's Avatar
    Awesome cinematic but I can feel the lack of main villain and epicness in cinematic.

    > Ally or Horde are the main villain
    > Well... nothing new.

    Maybe I'm too picky but I really liked the trailer and I'm gonna give it a try.
  1. Arcs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by arkadeus View Post
    Not at all! There is NO epicness in this trailer at all
    There is no need for the pompous epicness. People got used to that because of WotLK and Cata where you had to be omfguberbadasshero to save the world from giant evil and shit. And this trailer definitely brings the feeling of WoW was supposed to be. Epic adventure? Yeah, but with a wink. For instance this is why WoW has this cartoon style graphics.
  1. Anevers's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Trollem View Post
    You should look up the word epic. In this trailer, there is none.
    I think it is you should have the dictionary handy, this is far better than the Wotlk or Cata's trailer. Then again why I am arguing with a clown with a name of Trollem, obvious you are not to be taken seriously, neither is your "opinion."
  1. Silverforgerer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sonnillon View Post
    *Human hands Orc the weapon*
    *Panda grins*

    Perfect ^^
    This..and I actually liked this trailer like the other ones. Blizzard knows their stuff, hands down.
  1. Baracuda's Avatar
    So average orc and human gets beaten by the "Rexxar" of Pandaren(Chen Stormsnout) and people complain? C'mon...
  1. Zenny's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Flappy View Post
    Far from grounded seems like to me. Overlooking these complex relationships for a cute and fuzzy factor is exactly why this expansion doesn't cut it for me.
    I'm sure you can provide plenty examples of this in the upcoming expansion.
  1. Samaramon's Avatar
    That was perfection. Summed up the expansion very nicely. PVP + Pandaria.

    Graphics wise, best I've seen yet.
  1. Roxx's Avatar
    Best trailer so far.
    Gemme WoW Movie plx ;<
  1. Collected's Avatar
    Eh. I'm not impressed TBH but then that's no big shock because MoP just hasn't grabbed me like previous expansions did. I found the Panda fight very 'kung fu panda'.. felt a bit like a jackie chan movie. Which is great when it's jackie chan. But in WoW? Eh. It's just a bit too fluffy for me. No "You are not prepared" moment. But that's just my 2p worth. I'm sure lots of people will love it, which is fine too.
  1. Frazzle.d's Avatar
    Haha. It made me laugh; it wasn't aterrible and I suppose the good natured humour is a nice change from THIS FUCKER WANTS TO KILL YOU. KILL THEM BACK OR DEAL WITH IT kind of deal cinematic you normally see in games.

    Still no gnomes though.
  1. Ianus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kobomino View Post
    Heh, looking at all the negative comments and all I can think is 'vocal minority'.
    so fucking true
  1. Tastyfish's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by HollerTH View Post
    I wasn't happy with this one at all until the human handed the orc the weapon... and their faces where priceless.
    They really hit the emotions on the faces perfectly. The art team is just fucking amazing.
  1. The Kao's Avatar
    Meh. Graphically well made, no arguing here.

    However. Initial athmosphere was copy-pasted directly from Pirates of the Caribbean. Then fight human vs. orc, that's new and awesome... oh wait. As soon as the panda enters it reminded mildly of a Disney Pixar feature, will all those fast movements and subtile small gags. I'd have avoided such references if I was Blizzard, but it seems they need stolen appeal even more. Then as the fog clears the "plot" of the trailer is abandoned and it ends with a panorama view of Pandaria, that's it. A propper conclusion is missing entirely.

    I'm not really disappointed since I didn't expect much. Well at least they didn't let me down on this.
  1. Sikzlol's Avatar
    I sincerely hope all of you whiny ass pussies who try to act hard while playing video games get fucked in the ass by your fathers.

  1. Karshda's Avatar
    I feel like the Human/Orc lost because they weren't using real weapons. At least the monk had a more monk like weapon. The human had a wood spear and a crappy machete? While the orc had something that was shaped like a mace.
  1. kryotek's Avatar
    Ok it's just bloody hilarious the looks on both Human and Orc faces....
    Congratulations Blizzard you did it again!

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