Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

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  1. strongyp's Avatar
    i loved it
  1. Hadur's Avatar
    Epic trailer!
  1. mysticx's Avatar
    I loved the trailer, it sets the tone nicely, alliance and horde (Symbolized by the poster-boy races) taking their old fights to Pandaria, wrecking everything within range as they go (Breaking up scenery for weapons, or just when kicking each other around), and the Pandaren who live there trying to stop the fighting and repairing what they can of the mess Alliance and Horde made, personally i love the straightening of that signpost bit, probably a reference to "Kung fu panda" to emphasize that people haven't stopped whining about that since MoP was announced :P

    Really, WoW never really was all that serious to begin with, and maybe it's time everything's not (immediately) focused on a bad guy with emotional issues, that spiel has been done to death (And beyond it, in Wrath :P ) by now.
  1. Mic_128's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shepherd57 View Post
    I thought is was a funny moment when the human handed the orc his weapon, but was it appropriate. On one hand we have countless instances where horde and alliance band together to fight a powerful foe, but I think as a human I might have taken that opprotunity to stab the orc and deal with the panda on my own or run away.
    Run where? The strange fighter lives here, is amazingly agile, while I'm still recovering froma shipwreck fighting out of my element. In that case, better the enemy I know, rather than the enemy I don't. Especially when they're winning 2v1
  1. Noqr's Avatar
    Unexpected, but good!
  1. Feio's Avatar
    Too "funny", missed the epicness. Still good trailer overall though.
  1. pyrostorm9001's Avatar
    Go Chen go!
  1. galileoacosta's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    Meh... the CGI was great, but overall this trailer didn't do much.

    And.... its just too Disney-like. Especially when the panda placed that axe ''right''
    i dont get this people....how is this a bad thing,
  1. Nasriel's Avatar
    I love how the human hands the orc the sword after he loses his mace thing. That was awesome!
  1. asharia's Avatar
    WotLK trailer still gives me chills. This, unfortunately, does not.
  1. Razorice's Avatar
    Love it! I especially liked some comic elements they added to it
  1. Nirox's Avatar
    I'm not sure what it was but this one didn't give me goosebumps like the others did,
    All i felt was, hey that's pretty cool.
    The animation and graphics were top notch, expected nothing less from blizzard, maybe i am just difficult to please but i just didn't feel amazed.
    I can see where they were coming from but the stuff about protecting family and the silly humor kinda ruined it.
    Still cool but didn't feel the epicosity. 5/10
  1. rashen's Avatar
    Amazing cinematic, can't see how people can dislike that but the ending was a bit silly
  1. jishdefish's Avatar
    It should've been Gnome vs. Tauren, in my honest opinion. Still no cinematic with a Gnome or a Rogue to be seen. I guess both the Orc and Human were Warriors.

    Well, I still liked it better then Cataclysm's trailer. Cataclysm's was nonlinear (showed him flying over random zones in a random order), outdated (showed him busting out of a mountain, despite having come from the Maelstrom) and could be summed up as "I'm Deathwing! Roar!". This one had a compact story that fits well with the first zone, and a tone that went from dark and oppressive to lighthearted and funny. It definitely matches Metzen's first summery of the expansion for us: it's a break from the monotony of saving the world, and in the midst of our eternal struggle against the other faction the Pandaren are teaching us something.
  1. quikbunny's Avatar
    I just love the fact it's finally here, it's real, and it's pissing off a load of fan boys that can't accept change.
  1. Kashim's Avatar
    If we lived in a world without Kung Fu Panda, this would probably get much better reception.

    Bah. Who am I kidding. The haters would find something else to cry about.

    Excellent cinematic imo. Gets the message accross that Pandaren are total badasses when they need to be, getting the job done, but like to enjoy life as well.
  1. Scram's Avatar
    Visually great. But i want the trailer to give me the overall theme of the xpac. So mop is just pandas??? Disappointed.
  1. Raunchy's Avatar
    Audio really make it too.even though cata was garbage, the trailer made me fear death wing for his voice and speech convinced me.
  1. Daws001's Avatar
    That was awesome. Loved the build up, the tension, the mystery, the humor, and the Monk.
  1. galileoacosta's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Scyth View Post
    I really expected more of this cinematic and am disappointed. To me this is the worst cinematic out of all we have seen. I know I will certainly get flamed for saying this but I didn't see any epicness in it. For the first time while watching a WoW cinematic I was hoping the trailer would end sooner..
    u sir are a moron and we hope you stop playong the game sol we dont see u again, buh bye

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