Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

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  1. Statix's Avatar
    I think it was awesome. Especcialy the scene starting at 2:28. I must have watched that part 20 times now, and it still makes me laugh.

    Not what we are used to with cinematics for World of Warcraft, but I don't care. It reflects the theme of Mists of Pandaria perfectly.
  1. MacHaggis's Avatar
    Awesome trailer, makes me want to play right away
  1. Felade's Avatar
    @"where's the war coming back to warcraft" - the first patch of MoP is about getting to Pandaria. The war starts in patch 5.1. Besides we had an Orc and a Human going at it - not something we've seen in a trailer since BC.

    @"this is crap, Pandas=Disney" If you can't be open minded and enjoy this, you can go play something darker - Diablo III, for instance. Yes, its just like Kung Fu Panda - but you know what, that was a pretty good movie!

    @"why is there humor in my Warcraft" - the sort of humor we saw here fits pretty well with the martial arts film genre. Mister Miyagi, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the Matrix, (and yes, Kung Fu Panda) all included a little humor now and then.
  1. Oggy's Avatar
    Was "ok", the cata cinematic was in my optionion about 20x better. This dident have the "oh wow" feeling that the other have had.
  1. BLSTMASTER's Avatar
    Also, I can see the Pandaren (Possibly Chen) saying as he looks over his 'village'
    "Welcome to our home land. PLEASE dont FUCK IT UP"

    Spoilers: We do
  1. Omians's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    And Chen Stormstout, to boot. I'd be pretty confused and disappointed if Chen lost to two exhausted warriors.
    i liked that i could tell it was chen as soon as i saw him, though it probably helped with the voice over being chen's voice
  1. Kopuliak's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lockedout View Post
    Cinematic is good if you like cartoons like kung fu panda. Blizzard is trying hard to win over that asian market $$$. North America is clearly not it's target audience which is pretty insulting.
    Blizzard's Kung-Fu panda datadisk maybe bring back some of lost asian players but for sure will lose millions subscribers in western countries ...
  1. m2geek's Avatar
    AWWWWWEEEEESSSOOOOMMMMMEEE!!!!! SO can't wait for it to come out
  1. fallenangel61616's Avatar
    Wow, silly me for not expecting so many negative comments after watching that. ^^; Haters gonna hate, I guess.
    I, personally, loved every bit of it and it definitely gave you a sense of what the expansion was going to be about. Not to mention the animation is still as amazing as it was in previous cinematics.

    I believe Varix decribed it better than I could, actually. Wasn't the best but it was still bloody amazing.
  1. Beefhamer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by anisadora View Post
    i think people like this honestly dont seem to know much about just what war is - there are many kinds of war. Me vs You, Us vs Them, Everyone vs Everyone, etc. Not to mention the cold war that the alliance and horde have BEEN having.
    They were fighting each other. They wanted to kill each other. Chen shows up and interferes. They either saw him a a threat to them or were pissed we broke up their fight and wanted him gone so they could continue their fights. It makes sense.
  1. Banzhe's Avatar
    Best cinematic in since 05!

    11 / 10 blizzard.
  1. Kiea's Avatar
    In my opinion it was an awful cinematic for WoW.

    When we think about WoW and the previous cinematics, there was always a sense of urgency, here ther eis none whatsoever, there is jokes and things like when the Panda put the hammer back and then hit it with his stick to have it properly placed, that just ruined it for me.

    There needed to be more talking, like all the previous cinematics, just watching a fight between a human and an orc didn't do much for me.
  1. Cirque's Avatar
    Awesome, pretty vid, looked cool!
  1. gorkos's Avatar
    This video has a secondary affect on me. I am a animation student. looking at the level of skill and detail in this video really makes me want to work harder in school so one day i can be apart of some thing like this.
  1. Taan's Avatar
    Maybe I'm too old, but even the black temple trailer was better.
    This one is ok, i guess, but lacks the pathos of wow villians.
  1. goodoldman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by saranya View Post
    kind of confused that the horde/ally would help each other out. this expansion was supposed to bring the WAR back into warcraft. not another harmonizing faction to unite horde/ally against a common enemy (they better NOT!)

    That part really killed the buzz for me. Trailer failed to demonstrate WHY Horde and Alliance fight each other. Wrathgate, destruction of Theramore ... For a person that does not know Warcraft lore it looks like that orc & human are fighting each other out of nowhere.

    The trailer would be OK if Blizzard had not promised a trailer more focused on the war & hatred between the factions. With that in mind, in my opinion, Blizzard failed to deliver.
  1. DreamCast's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose19 View Post
    There is a difference, you don't see grown up man playing with teddy bears and when you do you know something is wrong. There are things that are "childish" and there are things for kids. Teddy bear pandas are for kids.
    Yeah look, I don't play the game because it actually has become too dumbed down for liking with only HM modes providing any challenge in the game. The fact I don't like the game anymore but can admit that the trailer itself was decent.
  1. Divr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Farora View Post
    90%? Back to school for you!
    maybe you should go back through and read the 23 pages like I did....probably close to 90% positive feedback imo.
  1. Jumpieboi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lockedout View Post
    Cinematic is good if you like cartoons like kung fu panda. Blizzard is trying hard to win over that asian market $$$. North America is clearly not it's target audience which is pretty insulting.
    Yes, because clearly this is totally focused entirely on the Asain market, and totally not for the scenery, and fighting involved.

  1. Awakar's Avatar
    You can tell the story is jumping the shark just by watching this trailer. It's just......eh. Oh well, I haven't played in awhile anyway.

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