Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

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  1. Austilias's Avatar
    Well the MoP cinematic trailer was pretty crappy but it at least gives me high hopes that the way they portrayed the Orc/Human may well be how they want them to be with the model updates; that is, not looking retarded. Let's hope they do the same with the other races and all will be well; make them look good, that is.
  1. redwitchy's Avatar
    Happy bunny now!
  1. Nibi's Avatar
    as usual Blizzard cinematics are damn near the best

    and that was a really fun one
  1. logit3ch's Avatar
    Simply amazing piece of art!
  1. Elmi's Avatar
    Nerf Monks!!!
  1. Haibara's Avatar
    The human and orc's expression when being beaten down was priceless, lol.
  1. Winter Blossom's Avatar
    I love the humor in it, lol
  1. Livinsofast's Avatar
    Finally !! As always really good cinematic trailer from Blizzard ! And fun ! Can't wait...
  1. tandenstoker's Avatar
    I am the only one who realy disliked it ? o.O
  1. Wishblade's Avatar
    Great and beautiful, with some silly moments. Nice to see the naval battle backstory but I do miss something menacing in it like mogu, mantid or something... Ah well, still great and likely my 2nd favorite of the 5 cinematics.
  1. rages4calm's Avatar
    lol price look on their face
  1. wearepo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Valort View Post
    Nothing shows the alliance vs horde conflict more than a human giving an orc his weapon to fight someone who is trying to break up their fight.

    My thoughts exactly, was going so well until the Panda showed up. Sat there thinking YEY the war is back in warcraft. How wrong I was =(
  1. MrApple's Avatar
    I told you Monks will be overpowered. He just soloed 2 warriors by himself

    Great cinematic!
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  1. Funder's Avatar
    I liked it, but humour has nothing to do in a wow trailer imo. Well made nontheless.
  1. Elgaz's Avatar
    Nice one...finally not the big bad guy with the leading role. Makes orcs and humans look a little stupid though that's not too hard
  1. Jeleh's Avatar
    Found it boring once again to be honest, left a huge space where the desire to play now and throwing of money came from. Felt wholly underwhelming, and i wanted to cry when the panda stuck the mace type object back on and flicked it in place with his cane, so cheese.
  1. Isorden's Avatar
    *me gusta*
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  1. aarro's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shazzia View Post
    Best. Cinematic. Ever. fucking awesome
    you real??? lol
    Kinda disappointing tbh.. doesnt come close to the cata cinematic! Lets just hope the xpac is better....

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