Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

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  1. Gratlim's Avatar
    Good cinematic but not as good as D3 ones.

    I like the World of Peace & Harmonycraft thingy. We gonna play pokemon so they can't sell us big bad boss again. It did not really work well last time (terribad Cataclysm with Deathwing)

    Well done blizz!
  1. Dexiefy's Avatar
    oh god... this is some really well made...crap...
    It felt like disney movie...
    How do you transition from this

    and this

    and this

    into disney? seriously...
    All previous cinematics show agression, confilct, evil lurking around or plain destruction( like cata video, which i cba to link) into some fucking family comedy...
  1. Qly's Avatar
    I'm finally sold....
    I want MoP...
    I want pandas...
    I want to keep sending money on blizzard games
  1. Dexiefy's Avatar
    [double post, sorry]
  1. sinisterwyvern's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Migis View Post
    1. I don't Orcs teaming up with Humans. Ever. Not in this game, it is the backbone, the foundation, and DNA of what the Warcraft series is all about. That simple gesture of giving the spear over to the Orc to fight a common foe, was a dagger in the heart.

    2. I am a sucker for Asian inspired scenes. Seven Samurai is in my Top Ten all time favs, however when a MMO use this "Far East" setting as an easy cash in X-pac it feels weak. FF11 did it, and it felt super weak. I hope that they can pull it off, but going from a staunch medieval setting, to space, to frozen medieval, to a steam-punk, there is a really no cohesiveness to the time-line. I guess this is more of a personal preference, but I want my MMO's a European Old-timey feel to it, and leave the Asian settings to jRPG and Fighters.

    3. I'm not going to throw the Kung Fu panda joke out there, because Blizzard has always had a tongue-in-cheek vibe to them, that is at least expected. But where is my Undead Warlock? Where is your Night Elf Hunter? or that Gnome Mage? A missed opportunity imo, and something that they should go back.

    tl:dr I want the War put back into World of Warcraft.
    1. They've already done it, they've been doing it. Every time a "big bad" showed up the Alliance and Horde focused on putting them down instead of continuing to fight each other. I don't need to go into details as anyone who has played this game has seen it.

    2. Then I guess you've ignored the Native American style of the Tauren, The Japanese style of Night Elves? And what do you mean by cohesiveness to the time-line? Gnomes have been around the entire time and their whole setting has been steam punk. The Vrykul are obviously Norse inspired. Never go to Gnomeregan? WoW is a mix of many different styles and themes. Just like the real world. That's what makes it so diverse and wonderful. If we're to believe that Azeroth is an entire world it has to have diverse climates, cultures, flora and fauna.

    3. What you described are the heroes of the world, they're not on Pandaria yet. The cinematic is showing the "first landing". We, the heroes, come in afterward.

    War is certainly coming. Don't you doubt. Every content patch will be a furthering of the conflict. 5.0 is "Arrival", where we show up, start the fighting and explore this place, make new allies and new enemies, find out what this land has to offer. 5.1 will be full out war as we harvest the land of its resources, destroy the opposition all across the land. It just goes on from there. The cinematic is just the beginning.
  1. Zephre's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by flashur View Post
    What? Draenei have been around since the beginning of lore.
    They showed up in WC3 as the lost ones. Their back story was weak everything about them was. Only through the novels did they cement their place in WoW. The Pandaren have also existed for a very long time in WoW and like the Draenei their back story is weak and through this expansion the story should be told and via novels, so like the draenei they can become cemented in the lore of this game.
  1. T Man's Avatar
    Anyone who remembers Ninja scroll will know what I am thinking right now.
  1. Nengal's Avatar
    Fantastically done cinematic. But still didn't feel nearly as epic as the Wrath, Cata, or BC intro.
  1. CHALET's Avatar
    It was great until the Pandaren showed up. The attempted 'comedy' just sort of felt out of place.
  1. Dude From Denmark's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dexiefy View Post
    oh god... this is some really well made...crap...
    It felt like disney movie...
    How do you transition from this

    and this

    and this

    into disney? seriously...
    All previous cinematics show agression, confilct, evil lurking around or plain destruction like cata video, which i cba to link, into some fucking family comedy...
    Ehm you do know theres no evil this time around? They now focus the whole Horde VS Alliance thing so ofc its lesser bad ass it the previous was
  1. Qwong's Avatar
    What the fuck was that, it started nicely, got me excited with ships, and then turned into some fucking comedy. Of course I laughed at it, cuz it was funny, but I thought this expansion was about war and I hoped that MoP trailer would be all grim and dark till the fucking end. I even hoped that they would animate atleast a little bit of Theramor Isle going down and with Grom and Jaina appearance, but this, this is beyond fucking bad.
  1. DarkAviator's Avatar
    Really great work.

    Best parts are imho the human handing over the spear to the orc, and the pandaren placing the "hammer" back into its stand.
  1. Drunkennoodles's Avatar
    I'm going to quote Domitrix on the WoW forums since this person hit the nail right on the head:

    "I love it.

    It starts off with the iconic Orc Vs Human fight that we havn't seen since warcraft 3. Even after being shipwrecked, they're fighting in a foreign land, ignorant of it and destroying it in the process just to kill one another.

    This brings the attention of Chen. So he breaks up the fight and only acts in defense while wearing them down in the process to the point that he can show the two their surroundings and make them realize where they now are.

    He was pretty much saying "Hey! Quit fighting, calm down, and open your eyes to this new world instead of destroying it through blind hatred of one another!" but through combat and then bu pulling away the mists at the end.

    Just brilliant. It's definitely up there with the other cinematic intros in it's own way"
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4KhazModan View Post
    Pretty good cinematic. Still can't top the WotLK though, I doubt any WoW cinematic will be able to top that one.
    "My son, the day you were born, the very forests of Lordaeron whispered the name... Arthas."
    That phrase in the WLK cinematic still gives me chills. The best and most epic cinematic they've made so far from a storytelling point of view.

    This one is quite good ...from a technical point of view ...but it failed to explain why would the alliance and horde join forces with the pandaren ...the monk was more like "leave or i'll kick your asses again" at the end. And still we are missing gnomes from a WoW cinematic! :P

    Still, a very good one ...and as someone else said, it did remind me of the vanilla cinematic (which is good).
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    Quote Originally Posted by rpdrichard View Post
    The trailer remind me of kung fu panda, know chen appeared before the movie but the style of the cinematic feels that way
    Uh, maybe that's because both movies are inspired by Chinese culture, feature Chinese architecture, Chinese music, and Chinese martial arts?


    It's like watching The Hobbit trailer and going "the trailer remind me of snow white"
  1. Dexiefy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tuuuu Drengen View Post
    Ehm you do know theres no evil this time around? They now focus the whole Horde VS Alliance thing so ofc its lesser bad ass it the previous was
    Ehm you do know that mop supposedly is to be about WAR between horde and alliance?oh right, you do, you just wrote it... Im pretty sure during war people are getting killed, there is destruction everywhere, violence, all kinds of bad and evil stuff.
    Here it feels like a compedy for 10 year olds, not even close to what warcraft universe was all about
    Comming up next, Sargeras eating a lolipop
  1. Gkiller95's Avatar
    It was fine up to the point where the panda showed up. At first it showed the seriousness of war between the alliance and horde. Fighting for survival, ya know all the dark stuff which is really cool in WoW though not really looked into much. Then the panda showed up and it became more of a comedy and to be honest really did remind me of Kung Fu Panda. I do like a little comedy in the cinematic, but this comedy lasted way to long and felt a little childish.

    Do not get me wrong I'm probably gonna play the expansion and I'm sure its gonna be good. But the cinematic I feel just didn't show what the upcoming expansion might offer, there was no defined enemy or problem. Hopefully the real content is enjoyable and a little darker than what I've been shown.
  1. DoubleT's Avatar
    it was so awesome!
  1. kidgamer's Avatar
    Loved it! Bravo Blizzard.
  1. Ryukai's Avatar
    This calls for a new sig

    Couldn't resist xD

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