Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

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  1. Darkconda's Avatar
    9/10 Pretty good
  1. ootha's Avatar
    absolutely amazing!
  1. Theratzil's Avatar
    It was funny and quite cool but..would've liked it more eh, brutal or like at least some sha or something in it, or real war
  1. Arog's Avatar
    HAHA love it!
  1. Cereyeth's Avatar
    A little to whimsical for my taste, but it was still very good. I liked it.
  1. Azrona's Avatar
    Awesome trailer, just awesome
  1. Baracuda's Avatar
    I did lol when the human gave the orc a weapon ;p Not too bad overall.
  1. ceyara's Avatar
    enjoyable, comical yet serious
  1. dahorst's Avatar
    not impressed.
    looks way more "cartooney" than other trailers, the jokes were silly and the speech was bad.
  1. alexvladv's Avatar
    WORDLESS or wtf lol, AMAZING srsly, best trailer ever made for WOW! cant wait!
  1. Depravitty's Avatar
    Pretty badass trailer
  1. Desc's Avatar
    haters in force already
  1. Madscar's Avatar
    Chen, Nazgrim and Taylor?
  1. Issalla's Avatar
    Loved it .. now i just need to save the cash for it seeing as im going to be out of a job by September ... or it might just have to wait damn job cut backs
  1. diviner's Avatar
    amazing, love it!
  1. spyros2283's Avatar
    Monks are OP !!
  1. Weslay972's Avatar
    Wanna play Mop and Monk Pandaren.
    Ahhhhhhhhhh ! Come on September, 25.
    Pan Pan Pandarennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
    And they can't make a World of warcraft movie after a trailer like that? SĂ©riously ?
  1. Meffisto's Avatar
    at the start it was kind of boring and the alliance guy looked like a pirate but when the panda showed up it was EPIC
  1. Snore's Avatar
    Can't even believe this is World of Warcraft. This sounds and looks like a Disney movie. I'm not saying the game won't be good. But this cinematic is the biggest piece of shit I've seen in ages.
  1. CrazyEyez315's Avatar
    That was Tandred Proudmoore?

    I like him.

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