1.0.4 Demon Hunter Build - Bowling Ball, Better Cooling, Contest Winners

Ragnaros Mount Hotfix
The Smoldering Egg of Millagazor from Ragnaros was dropping for 100% in Normal Difficulty for the past few days until a hotfix was made tonight that fixed the drop rate. Normally the mount only drops 100% of the time in Heroic mode.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
This did not appear to be a bug at first, but with all of the QQ about earning the mount from other players they suspended it.
No, it was fixed because the drop rate was never intended.

For them this was a brand new encounter, why take that away from them?
I'm not entirely certain how fixing an unintended drop rate for a single item takes the encounter away from anyone.

My understanding is that it is a guaranteed drop
That is currently for heroic version.

Will I be suspended/banned for winning a mount I had no idea was bugged? I know it probably won't happen, I would love a blue to chime in on this.
I can't say for certain but as I understand it, obtaining the mount required no exploitation. The drop rate should be fixed now. Additional actions would seem unlikely.

Mists of Pandaria Archaeology Preview
Today we are taking a look at some of the changes made to Archaeology in Mists of Pandaria. You can find these changes and all of the longer lists that go with them in the menu on the right of the navbar.

  • You are now able to survey up to six times per digsite. This change went live with Patch 5.0.4.
  • There will be two new races to solve for, the Pandaren and the Mogu.
  • You won't want to vendor the new artifacts, as they only sell for 1g. Instead, you use them to create a Restored Artifact.
  • Restored Artifacts can be used to purchase crates that contain 5-9 fragments for the non Pandaria races, as well as two other items.
  • Occasionally an Ancient Haunt will spawn after finding artifact fragments. They rarely drop a Mogu or Pandaren keystone and always drop ~7 fragments.
  • There are some Archaeology daily quests now!
  • You can find Pristine versions of artifacts and put them on display.

Lorewalker Story: Seven Burdens of Shaohao
In Mists of Pandaria there are several extra lore related achievements to go with the regular zone exploration achievements.

Once you have found all of the objects for an achievement, Lorewalker Cho will send you mail that asks you to meet him at the Seat of Knowledge. Once there he will narrate a small story that gives you some more information about Pandaria lore.

In the video below, the What is Worth Fighting For story is told to you.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Class / Spec Complexity and Listening to Feedback
I think there are a couple of points here worth addressing that either came up since my initial post or I missed the first time.

I think part of what the OP is asking for is alternatives to the hunter (IIRC) rotation with fewer buttons. That's a reasonable request. We tried in the talent trees overall to make sure there was always a passive option for every tier so you didn't need a button. The level 60 tier has 2 active buttons and one that is somewhat reactionary, and the level 75 tier has 3 active buttons. We like the hunter tree overall and are unlikely to change it at this stage, but I think it's a fair criticism for players who like fewer buttons.

Second, there is a lot of supposition that we somehow baited and switched players by changing the game. We have to change the game. Many of the rules and mechanics in vanilla wouldn't be acceptable to players these days. So I think we're just arguing about degree of change. Some warlocks are saying their class changed too much and some rogues are saying their class didn't change enough. Those are all valid opinions and the kinds of things we try and take into consideration when we're deciding on class changes going into an expansion.

I hope you take my word though that every change we make, even the ones that end up not working out again, are made because we are ultimately trying to make the game more fun for the players, and not because we're bored designers trying to entertain ourselves by experimenting with your characters. We weigh every change. You still may not agree with them all, but I want to reassure you that they aren't made on a whim, and nearly every one began with player feedback at some point.

Finally, it has been mentioned a few times in this thread that when most players feel a certain way, that the developers should absolutely take action. I'd generally agree with that statement. The main problem with that strategy is that we don't really have any idea what most players want. (And no, you can't just extrapolate that if 4 forum posters feel one way, then 400,000 non-posters must as well).

Instead, we fall back a lot on logic, common sense, professional experience and a lot of gut instinct. We do use a lot of ways to capture player feedback, and the forums are one of those tools. They're good for pitching ideas or points of view, but bad for trying to figure out how many other players agree with you.

What happens nearly every time is some group of players advocates position A and another group advocates position B. What sometimes happens after that is the A players try to argue that they are smarter, more experienced, or more important players, therefore their opinion should count more. As you have all experienced, it can escalate into an argument quickly. We try to take both positions under advisement, consider what A or B would mean for the game, maybe try some things out internally, and eventually come to a conclusion. Sometimes we do A, sometimes B, sometimes nothing, and sometimes C. None of that means we ignore player feedback. It definitely does not mean that we ignore these massive groups of sensible players who are unified on a given position that is so self-evidently correct that we're obviously derelict in our jobs for not implementing their changes immediately. Those scenarios just don't exist. It would make our lives much easier perhaps if they did.

Just my 2 copper here but in my opinion the problem is not the analogy so much as it always feels like anytime GC responds to any criticism over the years he consistently degrades the "way" you post be it bad analogy or "not constructive" etc. I may have missed a few posts over the years but he always seems to find a way to deflect from the intent of how a critical poster "feels" about an issue and rarely ever acknowledges that a critical post could have merit.
I do that a lot because it's in our (the developers') best interests to have clear, concise and specific feedback. Improving the tone of the discussion pays far larger dividends to me personally that turning the forums into an ask the devs Q&A. I don't personally (and neither does Blizzard as a company) have the bandwidth to answer even a fraction of the questions we receive. Therefore, trying to get the community to understand how to improve the efficiency of their messages can in turn improve the efficiency of our game design.

The second problem is, sometimes C just doesn't make sense. Literally, no sense. Example: What was the reason given for "homogenizing" Rogues? To paraphrase: "We wanted Rogues to feel like Rogues, and not have 30+ classes in the game to balance." After which we see Monks with three separate specs, Druids with four (4!!!), and even a complete change to one of Warlocks.
In this specific case, it's because rogues are a pure class with 3 DPS specs. If for example Combat had superior damage and Subtlety had superior control, then one is the PvE spec and one is the PvP spec and Assassination is probably dead. We thought the only reasonable way to let rogue spec be a choice was to share the utility and the damage, and make the spec choice about the way you do damage. Warlocks, mages, hunters and even the DPS specs of warriors and DKs follow a similar pattern.

I'm sure they must have statistical tools.

- How many people spec X v. Y v. Z?
- How many people use glyph A, B, C...?
- How many people talent D, E, F...?
- How many people use ability G, H, I...?
- In what parts of the game do they use A-Z?
- How do spec/glyph/talent choices and ability use correlate with time played in game?

Yes, we do all of that. I'd wager we collect more information than most players realize.

What it doesn't provide us is context. Do more players spec X because the guides tell them to? Because X does higher damage? Because it's harder to screw up the X rotation? Because X has prettier spells? Because X is more fun? Because they've just always played X?

Even more important, how much change would it take to get some players to go Y? How much change can we risk before everyone goes Y? We've caused that several times, and I hate it when that happens. It's a failure on the part of me and my team when it does.

A question to consider: Is there any real evidence on Blizzard's side that the majority want their chosen playstyle changed so much each and every expansion that they essentially have to relearn it?
We can't measure majorities for the reasons I mentioned above. Instead, we look at what players are complaining about, and try to evaluate the passion, legitimacy, and logic of what they say. To use just a few examples, players complained that warlock rotations were convoluted, that rogues had too many ramping mechanics, that rage was too boom or bust, that hunter minimum rage sucked, that mages had to be Frost for control, that totems were just group buffs with too many drawbacks, that Presences didn't match spec, and so on. Those are just a few examples, and I know not every player agrees with them.

As I mentioned before, you also have the cases (I see this the most with rogue and maybe shaman) that while the rotations aren't necessarily broken, the players are just tired of them and want something new. It's very hard to balance "Give me something new" with "I like my character exactly as they are." (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

No Mana Constraints
It is just completely and utterly false. Mana might feel tigher at 85 (post-patch 5.0.4) than it does at 90? Mana is much, much, much tighter at 90 than it is at 85 (post-patch 5.0.4). It's not even close.
We're talking about 5 different numbers here.

1) Mana at 85, pre-geared.
2) Mana at 85, post-geared.
3) Mana at 85, post-geared, post patch. <-- You're probably here right now.
4) Mana at 90, pre-geared.
5) Mana at 90, post-geared.

Our expectation is that things look like this: 2 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 1

To explain:
  • Mana for a Dragon Soul geared healer (2) is too good, but not dramatically so.
  • Mana for a new level 85 (1) is too punishing.
  • For Mists, mana for a raid-geared character (5) should feel good, but not as good as 2.
  • For Mists, mana for a new level 90 (4), should not feel as punishing as 1.
  • For the current "lame duck session" you're playing a level 85 character using Mists numbers (3). This is NOT the same number as 2 or 5. We knew this would be the case, so we nerfed Dragon Soul by an additional 5% to make sure nobody started stumbling where they had smooth sailing the week prior.

In other words, 1 and 2 no longer exist, so we're looking at 5 > 4 > 3.

Value 3 will be irrelevant to most players in a few weeks, at which point the only relevant thing is 5 > 4 (meaning geared characters have more mana than ungeared characters). (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

FEEDBACK: Heart of Fear (Raid Finder)
The Wind Lord Mel'jarak encounter has a bug in LFR mode that prevents Recklessness from being triggered (increased damage taken on the boss for each trio of Mantid that are defeated). This should be fixed tomorrow. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

WoWDB Addon Data Collection
You may have noticed that we are making slow and steady progress on WoWDB, but now we need some help from you! If you are using Curse Client, you can contribute data like mining node locations and what a vendor sells.

So far you have helped us identify a number of bugs that we are working on fixing and more data will help us get things working smoothly for the Mists of Pandaria launch.

To help out, just install the WoWDB Profiler addon from Curse and check the box in the Curse Client options as seen below. When you are playing the addon will gather data and save it. When you are done playing, Curse Client will see the game close and upload the collected data from the addon.

Fan Art Update
The World of Warcraft Fan Art Section has been updated with three new pieces of fan artwork.

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  1. Daedius's Avatar
    That fan art, with the bottles in the river - I initially thought it was just an actual photo from the thumbnail image, but god damn the detail in it is just amazing! Props to the artist

    Also liked the 3rd one with the two undeads holding hands... pretty sweet - now if only WoW looked like that ;D
  1. esoum's Avatar
    Glad about the ragnaros mount fix.
  1. ghunor's Avatar
    We won't be getting that type of graphics an any game in the near future. There has been alot of research into real type raytracing, but it is still too cpu intensive. See http://blogs.intel.com/wp-content/mt...s_edited-1.jpg for example between what we are using and raytracing.
  1. verdamte's Avatar
    Wow, would love to se a tutorial on that lake fan art. Insane water gfx. Almost wish he would have placed a orc or something in it, breaking the realism abit. Close to picture perfect
  1. Nobleshield's Avatar
    Aww and here I thought they would have said "This is intentional" with the mount to piss off all the wannabe midcore babies who were throwing tantrums over it.
  1. Binki's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ExtremeActionTess View Post
    If WoW looked like that fanart, I would require a new pair of pants every time I enter a new zone
    Don't forget about entering buildings (I'm sure they'd look as awesome as area outside of it) and even starting game. That's a lot of pants!

    That fan art is amazing. I hope one day we'll see games that look like that... in 15-20 years perhaps?
  1. otro's Avatar
    Lakeshire OMFG :00000

    drooooool soo much i want to live there!
  1. Limstella's Avatar
    Yah know what I'm not going to miss, GC horribly mean comments....yes i said it in a child like way since from what i can see that is what wow is becoming... a children's game and i don't want to get banned for cursing. Guild wars 2 seems to be providing a much more fun experience.
  1. theceure's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Binki View Post
    Don't forget about entering buildings (I'm sure they'd look as awesome as area outside of it) and even starting game. That's a lot of pants!

    That fan art is amazing. I hope one day we'll see games that look like that... in 15-20 years perhaps?
    Google Gloamwood and check out the images. More folks need to try Rift
  1. Easo's Avatar
    DAT Lakeshire...
  1. Binki's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by theceure View Post
    Google Gloamwood and check out the images. More folks need to try Rift
    Its good, but not anywhere as good as that art work.
  1. Ryme's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Arothand View Post
    Aww and here I thought they would have said "This is intentional" with the mount to piss off all the wannabe midcore babies who were throwing tantrums over it.
    Yeah, who wants to stand out in an MMO! Damn those babies!
  1. theceure's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Binki View Post
    Its good, but not anywhere as good as that art work.

    True but the artworks endgame is not on par with BC content like Rifts.
  1. omni's Avatar
    Love the Silverpine fanart, looks amazing. Imagine if the game looked like that and still ran as well as it does.

    Where's the new BiS level 90 Archaeology epics? Shesh, this expansion is going downhill fast :)))
  1. workhabits's Avatar
    the Undead pic is uberamazingsauce!!!! I want moar =)
  1. Aqua's Avatar
    Forget the rest, that faaaan art. My god.

    Please make a WoW-HD edition for all us graphic-ophiles. Can be the same game just with....THAT.
  1. DiscoLemonade's Avatar
    I enjoy that the umbrella image is called "underMyUmberllaElla" Lol.
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    The fanart is quite wonderful. I wouldn't want the game's graphical style substituted for it, but it would make a great CG movie. d-(^_^ )z

    Quote Originally Posted by pbean View Post
    What's the use of Wowdb and its profiler, if we already have Wowhead?
    Well, why not? Anyway, I like WoWDB better since I don't agree with the direction Wowhead has taken this year. Doesn't help them either when your account gets "actioned" just because you share an IP address with another Wowhead user. (It's that sort of IP address baloney that caused my sister and I to leave another, non-WoW-related, website some years back.)
  1. maniac2009's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Limstella View Post
    Yah know what I'm not going to miss, GC horribly mean comments....yes i said it in a child like way since from what i can see that is what wow is becoming... a children's game and i don't want to get banned for cursing. Guild wars 2 seems to be providing a much more fun experience.
    Likelyhood of getting banned for cursing in WoW? Very remote.
    Likelyhood of getting banned for cursing in GW2? If it's a direct insult, very very likely.

    ---------- Post added 2012-09-05 at 01:40 AM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by theceure View Post
    All of you folks drooling over the fan art show go give Rift a chance. There is not a day that goes by playing that game that I do not stop and just look around at the time they put into the artwork. Not only that the end game is on par with what WoW use to be in the BC days.
    Only thing I dislike about Rift are the combat mechanics. Combat is simply not fluid. Trying to time abilities is annoying and the queue system doesn't work that well. Other than that, it is a good game.
  1. kurisu7885's Avatar
    Eh, if WoW looked like those art works many people would no longer be able to play it.

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