Patch 1.0.5 Interview, How to Change Monster Level, Appear Offline Option, Curse Weekly Roundup

Harvest Festival has started! (Icy Veins Guide)

Update: Added a mounts preview!

Mists of Pandaria Live!
Mists of Pandaria is now live in the US and in Europe, have fun!


Patch 5.0.4 Guide
If you are just coming back to the game now, don't miss all of the system changes in Patch 5.0.4!

Introducing the Monk Class
The Monk class is being released today with the expansion! For more information on the class check out the links below, for gameplay discussions head to our Monk forums!


Pet Battles

Mists of Pandaria Zones

Mists of Pandaria Dungeons

Mists of Pandaria Raids

Heart of Fear

Terrace of the Endless Spring

Mogu'shan Vaults

World Bosses

Mists of Pandaria Scenarios

Armor Sets

Mists of Pandaria Factions

Mists of Pandaria Profession Previews
Every profession has something new in Mists of Pandaria. Take a look at the official preview for a nice summary and check out the previews below for all the new stuff!

WoWDB Addon Data Collection
You may have noticed that we are making slow and steady progress on WoWDB, but now we need some help from you! If you are using Curse Client, you can contribute data like mining node locations and what a vendor sells.

To help out, just install the WoWDB Profiler addon from Curse and check the box in the Curse Client options as seen below. When you are playing the addon will gather data and save it. When you are done playing, Curse Client will see the game close and upload the collected data from the addon.

Don't forget to update your addons, authors have made lots of fixes since Patch 5.0.4!

FoxTrot shows us what is happening to all of the returning players.

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  1. Gabriel Bear's Avatar
    omg cant wait.
  1. SamTheBeardedMan's Avatar
    So excited!
  1. Vargur's Avatar
    Thanks for the 3 a.m. update, lol.
  1. Subbversion's Avatar
    So excited! Lets do this!
  1. Roscoe's Avatar
    This timer brings us to 12am EST but the game goes live at 3am EST. O__o

    Herp Derp! Going to the midnight release at... 11pm.
  1. Kaal339's Avatar
    SOOOOON!!!! pumped!
  1. pnutbutter's Avatar
    the US timer looks 3 hours ahead of what I expected =/
  1. Azgraal's Avatar
    Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock....

    And what a great thread for my 1000th post
  1. TheScorched's Avatar
    The US timer is 3 hours early - not sure about the EU one
  1. Dizzion's Avatar
    The US timer is off by 3 hours
  1. risingforce's Avatar
    Woohoo!! I am do excited, and love the countdown showing EU and USA times.

    Go go go!
  1. Haizer's Avatar
    Yeah, the U.S. timer should be up 3 hours.
  1. oppewala's Avatar
    The US timer is 3 hours fast. The timer on the front page of WoW website is 3 hours behind this one
  1. Roscoe's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Haizer View Post
    Yeah, the U.S. timer should be up 3 hours.
    Quote Originally Posted by oppewala View Post
    The US timer is 3 hours fast. The timer on the front page of WoW website is 3 hours behind this one
    The timer on MMO-Champ is when the actual physical copy releases at stores.
  1. Chat's Avatar
    awh.. no canada q_q
  1. greyghost's Avatar
    Hah, adorable Fox Trot strip. Too bad it seems like their admins had to shut off comments for it on their site.
  1. Niemand's Avatar
    Stop using Eastern time for the release, the post was put in Pacific time.
  1. Supernerd's Avatar
    I'm confused. Is the US release not in roughly 30 hours? Not 54? I'm clearly missing something. Someone please explain? :3
  1. Splatter's Avatar
    heh. midnight release is at 4pm for me ... while i am still at work /cry


    wait.. So the USA release when the servers actually tick over is three hours later than the timer given on the front page of mmo champ?? if so thats 7pm for me /win !!!
  1. Haizer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Roscoe View Post
    The timer on MMO-Champ is when the actual physical copy releases at stores.
    Which is midnight in their respective time zones, not before(which some stores might start 30min early in PDT zones). Yet it is fixed now, which is good.

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