Faction Justice Gear Reputation Requirements Hotfix
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We've just applied a hotfix that removes the faction requirements for Justice gear.

Shado-Pan and August Celestial factions will no longer require Golden Lotus faction to purchase this gear. This will allow players who have reached level 90 to have additional sources of item level (ilevel) 450 gear to progress into the Dungeon Finder Heroic dungeons more readily.

Players who are looking to purchase this gear should seek out the following vendors:

Townlong Steppes:

Vale of Eternal Blossoms:

Dread Wastes:

Reminder: Mogu'shan Vaults Raid Opens This Week
Don't forget that Normal difficulty Mogu'shan Vaults is opening this week! Heroic and Raid Finder difficulty will open next week.

Level Type Spec Slot Name
489NeckTankNeck Beads of the Mogu'shi
489ClothSpell SpiritLegs Jade Dust Leggings
489BackSpell SpiritBack Cape of Three Lanterns
489ClothSpell DPSWaist Ruby-Linked Girdle
489ClothSpell DPSHands Claws of Amethyst
489LeatherSpell SpiritWaist Stonebound Cinch
489LeatherPhysical DPSLegs Stoneflesh Leggings
489MailSpell SpiritHead Sixteen-Fanged Crown
489MailPhysical DPSChest Stonefang Chestguard
489MailPhysical DPSWrists Stonemaw Armguards
489PlateTankWaist Star-Stealer Waistguard
489PlateMeleeFeet Jasper Clawfeet
489PlateSpell DPSFeet Heavenly Jade Greatboots
489DaggerPhysical DPSOne Hand Dagger of the Seven Stars
Level Type Spec Slot Name
489FingerSpell SpiritFinger Feng's Ring of Dreams
489Off HandSpell SpiritHeld In Off-hand Fan of Fiery Winds
489FingerPhysical DPSFinger Feng's Seal of Binding
489NeckSpell DPSNeck Amulet of Seven Curses
489BackMeleeBack Cloak of Peacock Feathers
489BackPhysical DPSBack Arrow Breaking Windcloak
489ClothSpell DPSChest Imperial Ghostbinder's Robes
489LeatherSpell SpiritHead Hood of Cursed Dreams
489LeatherPhysical DPSWaist Tomb Raider's Girdle
489MailSpell SpiritWaist Chain of Shadow
489MailPhysical DPSFeet Wildfire Worldwalkers
489PlateTankWrists Bracers of Six Oxen
489PlateMeleeHead Nullification Greathelm
489PlateSpell SpiritLegs Legplates of Sagacious Shadows
Level Type Spec Slot Name
489NeckMeleeNeck Soulgrasp Choker
489FingerSpell SpiritFinger Circuit of the Frail Soul
489ClothSpell SpiritFeet Sandals of the Severed Soul
489ClothSpell DPSShoulders Shadowsummoner Spaulders
489LeatherSpell SpiritShoulders Spaulders of the Divided Mind
489LeatherPhysical DPSShoulders Netherrealm Shoulderpads
489MailSpell SpiritLegs Leggings of Imprisoned Will
489MailPhysical DPSWaist Fetters of Death
489PlateTankFeet Sollerets of Spirit Splitting
489PlateMeleeWrists Bonded Soul Bracers
489PlateSpell SpiritWrists Bindings of Ancient Spirits
489ShieldSpell SpiritOff Hand Eye of the Ancient Spirit
489Fist WeaponPhysical DPSOne Hand Gara'kal, Fist of the Spiritbinder
Level Type Spec Slot Name
489NeckSpell SpiritNeck Zian's Choker of Coalesced Shadow
489NeckPhysical DPSNeck Amulet of the Hidden Kings
489ClothSpell SpiritHead Hood of Blind Eyes
489BackPhysical DPSBack Arrow Breaking Windcloak
489ClothSpell DPSHands Undying Shadow Grips
489BackSpell DPSBack Mindshard Drape
489LeatherSpell SpiritWrists Bracers of Dark Thoughts
489LeatherPhysical DPSWrists Bracers of Violent Meditation
489MailPhysical DPSLegs Subetai's Pillaging Leggings
489MailSpell DPSFeet Meng's Treads of Insanity
489PlateTankShoulders Shoulderguards of the Unflanked
489PlateMeleeChest Breastplate of the Kings' Guard
489PlateSpell SpiritWaist Girdle of Delirious Visions
489ShieldTankOff Hand Steelskin, Qiang's Impervious Shield
489PolearmPhysical DPSTwo Hand Screaming Tiger, Qiang's Unbreakable Polearm
Level Type Spec Slot Name
489TrinketTrinket Vial of Dragon's Blood
489TrinketTrinket Bottle of Infinite Stars
489TrinketTrinket Light of the Cosmos
489FingerTankFinger Band of Bursting Novas
489ClothSpell SpiritWaist Galaxyfire Girdle
489ClothSpell DPSWaist Orbital Belt
489LeatherSpell SpiritFeet Phasewalker Striders
489LeatherPhysical DPSChest Chestguard of Total Annihilation
489MailSpell SpiritShoulders Shoulders of Empyreal Focus
489PlateMeleeHands Starcrusher Gauntlets
489PlateSpell SpiritHead Crown of Keening Stars
489One-handed AxeMeleeOne Hand Elegion, the Fanged Crescent
489Two-handed SwordMeleeTwo Hand Starshatter
489WandSpell DPSRanged Torch of the Celestial Spark
Level Type Spec Slot Name
489TrinketTrinket Lei Shin's Final Orders
489TrinketSpell SpiritTrinket Qin-xi's Polarizing Seal
489NeckSpell DPSNeck Worldwaker Cachabon
489ClothSpell DPSHead Hood of Focused Energy
489LeatherSpell SpiritLegs Magnetized Leggings
489LeatherPhysical DPSHead Crown of Opportunistic Strikes
489MailPhysical DPSHands Grips of Terra Cotta
489PlateTankChest Chestguard of Eternal Vigilance
489PlateMeleeLegs Jang-xi's Devastating Legplates
489PlateSpell SpiritShoulders Spaulders of the Emperor's Rage
489BowPhysical DPSRanged Fang Kung, Spark of Titans
489One-handed MaceSpell SpiritMain Hand Tihan, Scepter of the Sleeping Emperor

PvP Season 12 Begins October 2!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Prepare yourselves for battle as the bloody struggle between the Horde and the Alliance continues on Pandaria’s shores!

The first PvP season of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria begins tomorrow, October 2! Once realms have come back up from scheduled maintenance, Matchmaking (MMR), Team, and Personal Ratings will be reset and players will able to compete in level-90 Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds for the best PvP gear, items, and titles.

Pet Battles - Hotfixes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
As Mists of Pandaria continues to unravel its mysteries, there are bound to be a few bugs that crop up from time to time and we’re working diligently on getting each one addressed. For the pet battlers among you, here are some of the hotfixes we’ve recently applied to the game:

  • A bug has been fixed that caused turn inputs to sometimes be skipped, causing only one pet to take action that turn
  • Conceding in a random PVP Pet Battle should now count as a loss
  • State-dependent abilities should no longer have their effects reversed (example: Maul should correctly require that the target be Bleeding)

Full balance change-list that was applied during the recent hotfixes:
  • Build Turret: Cooldown increased by 1 round
  • Tidal Wave, Magma Wave: Damage increased 40%
  • Scorched Earth: Initial damage increased 66%
  • Call Blizzard: Damage increased 66%
  • Sunlight: Damage increased 100%
  • Sandstorm: Damage increased 66%
  • Call Darkness: Damage increased 100%
  • Illuminate: Damage increased 100%
  • Arcane Storm: Damage per pet increased 60%
  • Moonfire: Damage increased 150%
  • Call Lightning: Damage increased 150%
  • Cleansing Rain: Healing increased 60%
  • Dive/Devastate/Proto-Stike/Lift-Off/Heroic Leap/Meteor Strike/Launch: Damage increased 17%
  • Howl: Duration increased to 2 rounds, cooldown increased to 3 rounds
  • Horn Attack: Damage increased 47%
  • Crouch/Staggered Steps: Cooldown reduced by 1 rounds
  • Extra Plating: Duration and cooldown increased by 1 round
  • Perk Up: Healing increased 40%
  • Swarm/Stampede/Zergling Rush/Flock: Damage increased 12.5%
  • Quake: Damage increased 20%, cooldown reduced 1 round
  • Tympanic Tantrum: Damge increased 40%, cooldown increased 1 round
  • Bleat: Cooldown reduced 1 round
  • Ancient Blessing: Healing increased 40%
  • Crystal Overload: Damage to self reduced 37.5%
  • Conflagrate: Base and bonus damage increased 25%
  • Plant: Healing per turn increased 20%
  • Inspiring Song: Healing per pet increased 20%
  • Coocoon strike: Cooldown reduced 1 round
  • Squawk: Cooldown removed
  • Cyclone: Damage per pet increased 40%
  • Whirlwind: Damage per pet increased 10%
  • Focus: Duration increased 2 rounds
  • Surge of Light: Base damage increased 25%
  • Perfumed Arrow: Damage increased 10%
  • Aged Yolk/Eggnog/Sear Magic: Cooldown reduced 1 round
  • Lock-On: Damage reduced 10%
  • Wind-Up: Damage increased 12.5%
  • Rabid Strike: Damage increased 30%
  • Bonestorm: Cooldown reduced 1 round

In addition, we’re investigating a possible issue with traps not upgrading and will get it resolved as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your continued feedback and bug reports. We appreciate your enthusiasm for this new feature, as well as the time you’ve taken to discuss the Pet Battle system!

Mists of Pandaria Launch Event
Curse was able to make it out to the Irvine launch event and speak with a few of the fans there.

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  1. Dreadzy's Avatar
    Where the fuck are the PvP Vendors?
  1. ganush's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dreadzy View Post
    Where the fuck are the PvP Vendors?
    On the wall between Kunlai and Townlong
  1. zrankfappa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ganush View Post
    On the wall between Kunlai and Townlong
    Yes, from what I understand that is where their corpses can be found.
  1. Attsey's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MasterHamster View Post
    No one ever bought JP gear because it's i450. By the time you'd reach honored you'd most likely have something better.
    Personally I had 4000 JP, unable to spend any of it.

    Difference between now and "back in the days", is that bad design is fixed, even if it means more accessibility to entry level gear (oh no..)
    Yes it been replaced with a broken model that removes real progression causing bordem.
  1. PHOENIXZERO's Avatar
    Requiring honored with those factions for that stuff was stupid, dunno how they let that get past BETA and there's still epic pieces to earn among other things.
  1. Konics's Avatar
    Heroic 5s are not easy enough. Gota have that JP gear for them.

    Its a good change because alot of people will have majority 463+ gear before they get honored making JP useless, but the reasoning blizzard gave is just stupid considering how faceroll heroics are.
  1. ShuttleXpC's Avatar
    That girl that cosplays the Dryad is so incredibly cute.
  1. Neonic's Avatar
    There are WAY more probems that need to be fixed concerning pet battle.
  1. Skippert's Avatar
    MMO Champ you can try to get the curse youtube video's on the frontpage when they're fresh?
    The "Mists of Pandaria Launch Event" youtube vid was from september 28, that's 4 days ago.

    MMO Champ is knows for being the fastest and most complete with putting up WoW news, that's a major reason why you have many loyal fans. Try to do the same with the youtube video's and you'll be even more awesome and live up to your own standards! Cheers
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    I like hotdogs and cocacola

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