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Upcoming Reputation Changes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Earning reputation with various factions has long been an important part to World of Warcraft and as time has gone on, we've made tweaks and changes to the system to make it more interesting and to give players access to unique items. For example, we recently hotfixed the game to apply a change to some reputation items which you can read about in our recently updated blog that allows players to purchase certain items much sooner. And we're not done!

Coming in a future patch, earning reputation is going to become much more fluid. Basically, once one of your characters has reached at least Revered reputation with a faction, all other characters on the same Battle.net account will then earn reputation with the same faction at twice the rate. Going one step further, and as an added bonus, your main character who reached Revered will also begin to earn double the reputation as he or she climbs to Exalted.

Here's a simplified break down:
  • Any single character earns Revered reputation with a faction
  • All other characters on the Battle.net account begin to earn double reputation for that one same faction
  • The Revered character earns double reputation as he or she works toward Exalted
  • ???
  • Profit

We’ll keep you posted as this change is closer to being implemented. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback!
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  1. Thunderball's Avatar
    Cant make it more stupid, do you, Blizzard? Of course you can.
  1. Hoen's Avatar
    Sounds good.
  1. moveth's Avatar
    Now I wont feel absolutely stupid farming Rep on more than one character
  1. zambelli's Avatar
    Only took them one week of people complaining to cave in...
  1. Jerakal's Avatar
    Reputation Easy mode activated.
  1. LeafyBlade's Avatar
    I'd rather they just make it account-bound.. It still takes far too long to farm for 20 different factions
  1. Zynnlol's Avatar
    ummmmmm........meh ...
  1. Rathwirt's Avatar
    Well this is going to help for that last push on Hydraxian rep.
  1. Vynistra's Avatar
    I guess it works for me since my Mage will always have every possible rep at exalted that can be (once I max out the MoP ones for now, of course).
  1. NecroFrYeR's Avatar
    Keep catering to the damn whiners. Rep was fine the way it was. Too many lazy ass people looking for instant gratification.
  1. hawtlol's Avatar
    Lol what a joke
  1. MasterHamster's Avatar
    I was sorta close

    After hitting Exalted on one of your characters, your other characters gains Honored standing with that faction.
    I expected Blizzard would change the gain of reputation, and I'm glad they did. At the moment I have no urge to level my alts because I'm already so busy with dailies.

    edit: and here we go, floods of tears
  1. wilcox1232's Avatar
    why dont they just make reps boa?
  1. NatePsychotic's Avatar
    It would have been nice to use serpent on all other characters since I have it already, but meh I guess I can farm the rep again.
  1. serrt2's Avatar
    Fu sake why make it so silly easy?......
  1. Maginai's Avatar
    To those complaining about Blizz making it too easy... would you rather they make reps account wide? At least you still have to earn the rep on each character, even with the increased rate...
  1. Sabii's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Thunderball View Post
    Cant make it more stupid, do you, Blizzard? Of course you can.
    Oh the irony...
  1. Aimee Antimony's Avatar
    The amount of reputation required to go from revered to exalted may as well just be halved with these changes. As someone who did 58 reputation factions by the Firelands patch, this sort of change is needed only for some of the considerably slower factions (such as Silverwing Sentinels) and for those which are locked to dungeons which are no longer current content.

    If I decide to pick up MoP and come back to WoW I am going to miss getting into the groove of a tough grind to exalted and the feeling as that bar slowly keeps on filling.
  1. Garrikk's Avatar
    I like the grind, I feel like I'll have something to work for.
    I agree with the alts 2x fast alts, but the twice as fast to exalted is broken.
  1. skylar1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NecroFrYeR View Post
    Keep catering to the damn whiners. Rep was fine the way it was. Too many lazy ass people looking for instant gratification.
    speak for yourself son, grinding rep is not fun and will never be, if the stuff you just grind makes you proud and a worthy achievement, reconsider your gaming career.

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