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Upcoming Reputation Changes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Earning reputation with various factions has long been an important part to World of Warcraft and as time has gone on, we've made tweaks and changes to the system to make it more interesting and to give players access to unique items. For example, we recently hotfixed the game to apply a change to some reputation items which you can read about in our recently updated blog that allows players to purchase certain items much sooner. And we're not done!

Coming in a future patch, earning reputation is going to become much more fluid. Basically, once one of your characters has reached at least Revered reputation with a faction, all other characters on the same Battle.net account will then earn reputation with the same faction at twice the rate. Going one step further, and as an added bonus, your main character who reached Revered will also begin to earn double the reputation as he or she climbs to Exalted.

Here's a simplified break down:
  • Any single character earns Revered reputation with a faction
  • All other characters on the Battle.net account begin to earn double reputation for that one same faction
  • The Revered character earns double reputation as he or she works toward Exalted
  • ???
  • Profit

We’ll keep you posted as this change is closer to being implemented. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback!
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  1. Archermit's Avatar
    Still doesn't help the situation with trying to unlock shado pan and celestials on alts
  1. Kerdoz's Avatar
    Worst change ever Atleast the Revered to Exalted thing for main
  1. Bigslick's Avatar
    Translation: Insane title trivialized, and going from revered -> exalted faster than honored -> revered.
  1. Runeweaver's Avatar
    I don't particularly mind the alt change but that revered-exalted thing yeah... seems unneeded.
    I would've preferred it for alts to have double rate of reputation with the faction after a character reaching exalted only.
  1. Exystredofar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kerdozia View Post
    Worst change ever Atleast the Revered to Exalted thing for main
    Or, you know, not. They could have chosen to leave it the way it was, but they decided to make it easier. I think it's awesome, personally, and I will start leveling up alts now that I know it will be easier to get reps up.
  1. Nexsa's Avatar
    Revered to Exalted for my MC runs for rep will be nice.
  1. Raugnaut's Avatar
    So, essentially, itll take less overall time to reach Exalted then it will Revered? huh. (effectively, 10500 rep now will be 21000 rep when this change hits live. 12000 rep to hit revered. Of course, first time only- alts will have 6000 rep for revered, 3k for honored, 1.5k for friendly, ect)

    If you ever thought about going for insane, after this patch, go for it!
  1. Runeweaver's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    Seems a little strange...double rep for things where you go from unfriendly to friendly. eg therazane the starter quests give tons of rep :S
    Oh, yeah! That's a really good point there Same for Sons of Hodir if I'm right.
  1. Sesto's Avatar
    Not sure why they did the whole "2x as fast from Revered-Exalted" thing, but I'm not complaining. I like maxxing out reps, but doing 25+ dailies every day is annoying. I prefer to do them individually*, but with the only way to get rep with MoP factions is to do dailies... I kinda have to.

    *I don't mean "derp farm dungeons to get exalted", i mean rep grinds like old timbermaw/sporegar/etc
  1. Simca's Avatar
    With some clever shenanigans, shouldn't it be possible to stay at least Neutral with Bloodsail and Booty Bay now?
  1. Glassmage's Avatar
    Makes leveling up all 11 of my toons and grinding their rep a little less painful, good move on blizzard's part at least. I don't feel like spending most of my week in the future just grinding dailies for all my alts just to get the required gear to raid at the next raiding tier.
  1. muwatallis's Avatar
    Best xpac ever.
  1. Lolercaust's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Oneirophobia View Post
    Why do people mistake convenience with "easy and hard?"

    Was rep grinding hard and took a great deal of skill and only the BESTEST HARDCORIEST PLAYARS EVAR got anything to exalted?

    No. The only thing required for any rep was time. Rep grinding is just one big massive time sink. Doing the same 5 or so dailies every day does not take

    any kind of skill. All it takes is boredom. On top of that, doing the same rep grinding across 3 or more alts does not take any skill, either. It takes

    excessive boredom and possible addiction to WoW to want to do.

    To anyone upset by this change, tell me, what exactly are you going to miss about the older rep system? That it won't take you a month to grind a faction,

    it'll only take 3 weeks? Lawd have murseh.
    I hope you realized when you wrote this post that MMORPGs DEPEND on time sinks to keep players occupied and thus subscribed.
  1. Skandulous's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Articuno View Post
    Because accomplishing something difficult makes you happy, and it can also make you stand out more which also makes you happy. Have you never done something impressive in your entire life or something?
    your comparing grinding a long tedious reputation in a video game to get an achievment with doing something impressive in real life?????????? lol really really?

    i have almost every rep in WoW to exalted and i approve this change
  1. Ltsmash's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Thunderball View Post
    Cant make it more stupid, do you, Blizzard? Of course you can.
    If you're going to pointlessly criticize, at least use proper grammar.
  1. risingforce's Avatar
    Thank you Blizzard!

    Me and my girlfriend would have loved this when we were levelling our alts. As for the naysayers... well all this does is remove the time component from grinding faction rep -letting us get on with better things.

    Great news.
  1. Caradnaur's Avatar
    The best idea i think especially for people with more then 4-5 toons is to make reputation BoA when one of characters gets to exalted. I really cant imagine how i could grind all those Pandarian reputations to exalted on 13 characters.... Make it BoA... If many other achivements can be why no reputations. Is it really makes such a big difference for u Blizzard? Be brave, do manly decision )) Make us happy.
  1. risingforce's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by serrt2 View Post
    Fu sake why make it so silly easy?......
    Grinding rep is *currently* easy. It's just a grind.

    *Proposed* is still easy grind: just less time involved.

    *Result* you should have more time for better things that involve skill or fun. This is why Blizzard made this decision.
  1. ZeroWashu's Avatar
    I like the change, always found it utterly boring to grind reputation on multiple characters.
  1. Wixwix's Avatar
    Double gain for alts is good, double gain to exalted is bad.

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