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Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults Progression
DREAM Paragon (10) and Blood Legion (25) have both defeated the first five bosses of Heroic difficulty Mogu'shan Vaults now, with just one remaining! Vodka is now at four bosses down, with seven other guilds trailing with three bosses down.

Upcoming New Pet - Fire Kitten?
Something interesting showed up on the Warcraft Facebook page today!
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
This adorable, fired up little kitty is seeking a new caretaker. Adoption details coming soon!
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  1. Black Kyurem's Avatar
    We'll have to buy it of course!
  1. Idletime's Avatar
    I'm more impressed that as of nine pages 98% of the posts are regarding the kitten and only 2% are regarding anything to do with the available Heroic modes being completely cleared within 2 days. No arguments about EU vs. US raiding? Has this world (of Warcraft) gone mad?
  1. roahn the warlock's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nobar View Post
    It's almost as if you hate corporate profits.
    ^ sheeple... or sheep

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    Quote Originally Posted by holz View Post
    Yep. The Art Team works on Dungeons, PvP Balance, Quest Design, Lore, Diablo 3, SC 2, and Titan.
    Remember when even classic race bosses had unique models? Pepridge farm remembers.

    Spirit binder looks a whole lot like my mogged priest while on super bloodlust and a growth pot. they could have at least used the new (if you can call it that) troll models from wrath, or even some other version of trolls, like the new tauren.
  1. priestalisha's Avatar
    Has anyone tried looking for that waterstamp thing in the screenshot? Might be interesting to see what it says.
  1. Ogait's Avatar
    DREAM Paragon has 6/6 HC kills.
  1. yhtomitn64's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ogait View Post
    DREAM Paragon has 6/6 HC kills.
    I wanted to post that! ha ha
  1. Malkazam's Avatar
    The more people would buy it.. the more they gonna keep going with pet you can buy with irl money.

    we already pay 15 bucks a month and its damn enough

    But hey a lot of people here want to pay for it.. even if this non-sens cost 25$

    only thing i can said : Faith in humanity lost !
  1. Glerimos's Avatar
    I think, this pet will be available from Blizzard Store.

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