DREAM Paragon Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults 10 Man World First
DREAM Paragon killed Will of the Emperor and cleared 10 man Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults. Congratulations to them!

The next most progressed guilds have two bosses down in 10 man. Blood Legion and Method now both have five bosses down in 25 man.

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  1. moveth's Avatar
    Im glad. Even though they are 10man, they didnt use anyone else. just 10 raiders.
  1. Mormodes's Avatar
    4 druids, what a surprise
  1. hiragana's Avatar
    I guess druids are OP then.
  1. OneSent's Avatar
    A DPS warrior in their core World First group? That makes me proud.
  1. droopy219's Avatar
    10 man's are Hard
  1. Diivil's Avatar
    The same comp was used for the first 5 bosses. 2 characters were switched in for the last one.
  1. Saiteck's Avatar
    Gz, 10man don't matter, they are still WORLD FIRST
  1. mmoceeceb76e25's Avatar

    Best WoW guild of all time? I think they are!
  1. BondGirl's Avatar
    Awesome setup. GG

    @ droopy219: FO
  1. Drugshock's Avatar
    Holy dr00ds br0!
  1. Elvine's Avatar
    Dat Raid Comp! Grats!
  1. Danifilth's Avatar
    25m raids died a long time ago in ICC when it started with shared loot and lockout's no point in doing 25's
  1. Hb's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by droopy219 View Post
    10 man's are Hard
    ignorance is a bitch isn't it - they stepped down from 25man cuz they couldn't find ppl for 25man
  1. Robm78's Avatar
    Ummm.... there is WAYYYYY more 10 man guilds then 25man guilds and the next guild in line has 2 bosses down in 10man...... lots of guilds are almost finished with 25mans..... nuff said.

    Awesome job Paragon!
  1. Cirque's Avatar
    Again, 10mans much harder than 25s. Can confirm myself.

    10mans do matter, especially when those are the actual challenge.

    Paragon did crazy as usual!
  1. shamestia's Avatar
    Lol stacking Druids again?
  1. Senderos's Avatar
    Well, I`m more for 25HC myself, but looking at the progression of other hardcore 10-man raiding guilds having only 2/5, whilst 25-man guilds are 5/6 or 4-3 alread... it makes me think 10HC might be really badass in MoP.
  1. Bluespirit's Avatar
    World first nice, and 10 man is harder than 25 so they deserve alot of credit.
  1. spaace's Avatar
    bring the class not the player
  1. Flalia4's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by droopy219 View Post
    10 man's are Hard
    Thats why you got world first AMIRITE?

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