Update: Added Official Notes update to the end of the post. Most of the class changes were already noted.

Swift Windsteed Mount, Challenge Mode Gear Procs, Conquest Point Cap Clarification

Patch 5.1 PTR - Build 16173
A new PTR build will be deployed on the test realms soon. We will be updating these notes frequently, so keep checking back!

New Gryphon and Wyvern
Blizzard is finally updating the good old faction mounts with newcomers: Grand Armored Gryphon and Grand Armored Wyvern

Swift Windsteed Mount
4 colors in the game files for the Swift Windsteed mount revealed earlier today.

Mechanical Tiger Cub

New Items
Look at the full list of new items, including the Scavenged weapons on the WoWDB PTR site! The pets will drop off of bosses in Classic raids!

Level Type Slot Name
80Mount Grand Armored Gryphon
80Mount Grand Armored Wyvern
1Companion Pets Gluth's Bone
1Companion Pets Dusty Clutch of Eggs
1Companion Pets Mr. Bigglesworth's Frigid Collar
1Companion Pets Blighted Spore
1Companion Pets Mark of Flame
1Companion Pets Blazing Rune
1Companion Pets Core of Hardened Ash
1Companion Pets Unscathed Egg
1Companion Pets Blackwing Banner
1Companion Pets Whistle of Chromatic Bone
1Companion Pets Viscidus Globule
1Companion Pets Anubisath Idol
1Companion Pets Jewel of Maddening Whispers
25Warlock Glyph Glyph of Supernova
25Warlock Glyph Glyph of Gateway Attunement
25Druid Glyph Glyph of Focus
1Junk Blood-Soaked Invitation
1Junk Brawler's Invite
85Junk Tome of the Tiger
85Junk Tome of the Crane
85Junk Tome of the Serpent
1Quest Re-Configured Remote
1Quest Delaris's Prism
90Devices Pierre
20Consumable Pandaren Spirit Pet Supplies
20Consumable Pandaren Spirit Pet Supplies
20Consumable Pandaren Spirit Pet Supplies
20Consumable Pandaren Spirit Pet Supplies
90Other Expired Blackout Brew
90Other Rotten Apple
90Other Rotten Banana
90Other Rotten Watermelon

Vol'jin Event Audio

King Varian Audio

Skyglaive Event

Voice of the Gods Narration

Achievement Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Pet Battles

Feats of Strength

Guild Feats of Strength

Pandaria Raid
Dungeons & Raids
  • And... It's Good! (New) Fly through the discs above the Engine of Nalak'sha in Mogu'shan Vaults on Normal or Heroic difficulty.

Pet Battles


World Events

Spell Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Grand Armored Gryphon (New) Summons and dismisses a rideable Armored Snowy Gryphon mount. The capabilities of this mount depend on your Riding skill and location. Account wide. 1.5 sec cast.
  • Grand Armored Wyvern (New) Summons and dismisses a rideable Armored Snowy Gryphon mount. The capabilities of this mount depend on your Riding skill and location. Account wide. 1.5 sec cast.
  • Violet Proto-Drake no longer grants Master Riding.


Druid (Forums, Talent Calculator)
Minor Glyphs

Hunter (Forums, Talent Calculator)

Beast Mastery
  • Bestial Wrath now also breaks all effects which cause loss of control of your pet.No longer makes pet unstoppable.

Major Glyphs

Pet Talents
  • Rabid now increases attack speed instead of power.

Mage (Forums, Talent Calculator)



Minor Glyphs

Monk (Forums, Talent Calculator)

  • Power Strikes now also works with Soothing Mist, and Crackling Jade Lightning to generate additional Chi.


Paladin (Forums, Talent Calculator)

Priest (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Mass Dispel now removes all beneficial spells from each enemy target, up from 1.
  • Penance now heals for 6,606 + 63.5% of SP, up from 1,000 + 103.7% of SP.

  • Penance now heals for 6,606 + 63.5% of SP, up from 1,000 + 103.7% of SP.

Rogue (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Blind now has a 1 min cooldown, down from 3 min.
  • Sprint now has a 45 sec cooldown, down from 60 sec.
  • Wound Poison damage increased by 33%.


  • Seal Fate now only works with melee attacks.

Shaman (Forums, Talent Calculator)

Warlock (Forums, Talent Calculator)


  • Soul Swap (Affliction) - Soulburn: Applies Corruption, Unstable Affliction and Agony without removing them from a target.


Major Glyphs

Minor Glyphs

Warrior (Forums, Talent Calculator)
  • Intervene absorb of next attack now lasts for 10 sec.

Major Glyphs

  • Many tooltips updated to let you know they have a chance to proc a discovery.



Raid & Dungeon Abilities
  • Amber Spew Deals 45,000 Nature damage to enemies in a 90 yard frontal cone.
  • Arcane Resonance Charges random targets with Arcane Resonance, which inflicts 30,000 Arcane damage to the target and all allies within 6 yards of the target.
  • Arcane Resonance Charges random targets with Arcane Resonance, which inflicts10,000 Arcane damage to the target and inflicts 30,000 Arcane damage to all allies within 6 yards of the target. Each nearby player will amplify the damage done by 10,000. 30,000.
  • Arcane Resonance Charges random targets with Arcane Resonance, which inflicts10,000 Arcane damage to the target and inflicts 30,000 Arcane damage to all allies within 6 yards of the target. Each nearby player will amplify the damage done by 10,000. 30,000.
  • Arcane Resonance Charges random targets with Arcane Resonance, which inflicts10,000 Arcane damage to the target and inflicts 30,000 Arcane damage to all allies within 6 yards of the target. Each nearby player will amplify the damage done by 10,000. 30,000.
  • Titan Gas Titan Gas fills the room, dealing 20,000 Frost damage every 1 seconds to all players and energizing any constructs, increasing damage dealt by 0% and attack speed by 25%. Titan Gas fills the room, dealing 20,000 Frost damage every 1 sec. to all players and energizing players and constructs, increasing melee damage dealt.

Strings Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • ENABLE_MOUSE_SPEED - Enable Mouse Sensitivity
  • OPTION_TOOLTIP_MOUSE_SPEED - Enables setting a custom mouse sensitivity to override the setting from the operating system.

Patch 5.1 PTR Notes Update - October 23
Only changed and new notes are below, see the full notes on the Blue Tracker.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
  • Banquet of the Steamer and Great Banquet of the Steamer now correctly provide Intellect to damage based casting classes. Healers will continue to gain Spirit from these foods.
  • A cooking profession bag has been added, and can be purchased with Ironpaw Tokens from Nam Ironpaw.

  • The Weakened Blows effect has a new icon.

Druid (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Symbiosis:
    • Mass Dispel's mana cost has been increased to match the Priest version, and its cooldown has been increased to 60 seconds.

Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Ice Trap
    • The snare provided by Ice Trap is now more responsive when enemies enter or leave the area of effect, and its effective area more closely matches the visual effect.
    • Glyph of Ice Trap now causes the visual effect of Ice Trap to match the increased area of effect provided by the glyph.
    • Glyph of Black Ice now correctly benefits from the increased duration provided by Trap Mastery.
    • Lock and Load will now activate correctly when Ice Trap is triggered by an immune target, as long as a susceptible target is within the area of effect.
    • Fixed several issues involving Trap Mastery, Entrapment, Glyph of Black Ice, and Glyph of Ice Trap.
  • The Growl pet ability will no longer cause diminishing returns against bosses that are immune to its effect.
  • The Glyph of Icy Solace has been renamed to Glyph of Solace, and now causes both Scattershot and Freezing Trap to remove all damage over time effects from the target.
  • Glyph of Scattering has been removed.
  • A new Major Glyph has been added: Glyph of Aimed Shot. This glyph allows Aimed Shot to be used while moving.

Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Ring of Frost now has a 45 second cooldown (was 30 seconds).
  • The duration of Deep Freeze has been reduced to 4 seconds.
  • Frost Bomb will now detonate after 6 seconds (was 5 seconds). Detonation speed is still affected by haste.

Paladin (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Turn Evil is now effective against Aberrations.

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Psyfiend's Psychic Terror cast time has been increased to 2 seconds (was 1.5 seconds).

Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Seal Fate will now only be activated by melee combo point generating abilities.
  • Shuriken Toss now deals double damage when used against targets further than 10 yards away.

Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Demonic Gateway must now be activated by the player wishing to teleport.
  • A new Minor Glyph has been added: Glyph of Gateway Attunement. This glyph will cause a Warlock's Demonic Gateway to transport her immediately when she steps on it.
  • A New Major Glyph has been added: Glyph of Supernova. This glyph will cause the Warlock to deal 10% of his maximum health to all targets within 5 yards for each Burning Ember he had when he was slain.
  • Banish is now effective against Aberrations.
  • Kil'jaeden's Cunning now longer imposes a cast time penalty.
  • Flames of Xoroth no longer has a cooldown.
  • Rain of Fire
    • Rain of Fire no longer causes a stun after hitting a target three times.
  • Destruction Warlocks have gained a new ability: Cataclysm. Cataclysm costs one Burning Ember. After a 3 second channeling period, Cataclysm will stun and knockback all burning targets within 10 yards of the caster. This ability has a 1 minute cooldown.
  • Conflagrate now generates Burning Embers.

Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

Pet Battles
  • A new item has been introduced that can be used to upgrade the quality of Battle Pets: Battle-stones.
    • Battle-stones are available in two basic types, general purpose Battle-stones that can be used to upgrade the quality of any pet, and family specific Battle-stones, which can only be used to upgrade pets of a specific pet family. Pets over level 15 upgraded in this way can lose up to two levels in the process.
  • Several classic Raid bosses now have a chance to drop new Battle Pets. The new pets can be obtained from bosses in Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Ahn'Qiraj, and Naxxramas.
  • Abilities that have been used will now continue to cool down for pets when they are not the active pet in a battle.
  • Pets previously removed from the Safari achievements have been added back to the criteria of those achievements now that they're back in the wild.
  • Players that defeat Aki the Chosen at the culmination of the Battle Pet quest lines can now follow a new line of Battle Pet quests and associated daily quests that allows players to battle against Pandaren spirits.
  • The Dragon Kite can now be used in Pet Battles.
  • The Imperial Silkworm and Imperial Moth pets can now be created by Tailors.
  • A number of pets that could previously only be found accompanying other pets into battle can now be found roaming the world.
  • A number of new capturable pets can be found in the world from pet families that were once more sparsely populated.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent some pets captured in Pet Battles from correctly saving their skin color once added to the Pet Journal.
  • Player versus Player Pet Battles now award more experience.
  • Large plants and bushes in the environment that interfered with visibility during Pet Battles while now fade out of view during the match.

Raids, Dungeons and Scenarios
  • Raid groups are no longer necessary to enter pre-Mists of Pandara raid dungeons.
  • The Statistics page now tracks and displays 10-player and 25-player raid boss kills separately.
  • Scenarios
    • Scenarios now include Dungeon Finder queue features, including leaders, backfill, vote to kick, and deserter debuffs. Roles are still not required.

  • Justice, Valor, Honor and Conquest Point quartermasters are now signified by new minimap icons.

Brawler's Guild
  • Underground fighting rings have sprung up in Stormwind and Orgrimmar that will give brawlers who have their mitts on an invitation a chance to earn bragging rights by testing their solo PvE mettle against some of the toughest creatures found in World of Warcraft.
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  1. m12342's Avatar
    I just heard the music for the DMF Merry-go-round. O_O
  1. Sesto's Avatar
    Those updated mounts are amazingly detailed when compared to the originals...

    If the race update are anything like the mounts, I'm incredibly excited.
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nillah View Post
    Those new models are sweet as hell. The old ones look ridiculous in comparison.
    They do look good, but I hope to be able to keep the old ones as well.
  1. Straamibuu's Avatar
    Monk healer pov :
    Woop @ glyph of gag order change

    However, wouldnt' mind if heroic throw interrupts (does it? Not played my warrior in ages) :3

    Changing orbs = meh I guess, most pugs never go near them anyway so :3 only affects what I save to run into for later!
  1. link_991's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by F-Minus View Post
    I can tell you that a decent (note that I said decent, not exceptional) can produce a model worth looking at in a movie, not a video game in about a day or two, and to polish it out in about a week
    Ah yes, here's an example of a quality movie with models made in such a time frame
  1. Kaleredar's Avatar
    I'm intrigued to see where the gryphon and windrider are from... perhaps new ranked battleground rewards? It'd be too great if they were the 150 mount achievement reward... The only issue I have with the gryphon is that its wings look... a bit too large. They need to refine them a bit, especially the odd inner flap of the wing.

    The multiple colors of the windsteed are also interesting.
  1. SaburoDaimando's Avatar
    Even after what happens to Anduin, it's starting to feel like that Varian and Jaina have switched places. Varian becoming more the voice of reason and Jaina becoming the voice of vengeance.
  1. AncientNecro's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Pachycrocuta View Post
    Seems like they are giving more incentive to run the old raids from Classic WoW. But, what I don't get, is Gluth's Bone, Dusty Clutch of eggs, Mr. Bigglesworth's Frigid Collar, and Blighted Spore. Those sound like they drop from Naxx, which is no longer a "Classic Raid", being considered a WotLK raid since it was bumped to 80. There's 3 from Molten Core, 3 from Blackwing Lair, and 3 from (what appear to be) AQ40, and 4 from Naxx.
    Maybe this means they will bring back Naxx 40 for people to enjoy and collect sexy transmogs from? *crosses finger*
  1. Pendragon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mazaxist View Post
    lol at warrior changes.. they can still 2shot people in full resil
  1. Grimfrost's Avatar
    That wyvren looks insanely good.
  1. RetGimpkingdom's Avatar
    do you guys hear that ???? That's the sound of Hunters crying in the background!!! ............. on a side note: poor mages they didn't need ice barrier to be nerfed !
  1. Raidenwins's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bavol View Post
    10s on Healing Sphere lol? Ok.
    Power Strikes change is awesome.
    How is a nerf awesome lol
  1. Nuvuk's Avatar
    So will the new models replace the old ones or will you only be able to get them a certain way like the rbg achievements?
  1. Cirque's Avatar
    I loved the old gryphons. I liked their short wings, they were cute. New ones are sweet, but, IMO, the gryphon wings are completely fucked. Like they're made of paper, and just wrong. And the models themselves don't seem entirely wow-y, to me, either.

    The wyvern is a huge upgrade, though again, I can't agree with its head.
  1. Bub's Avatar
    Lynx Rush damage reduced by 54%.
    Bestial Wrath...No longer makes pet unstoppable.
    Way to go, Blizz.
    Such a smart decision....
  1. aNGeLKiLLeR's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bejii View Post
    Damn, I am at 69 exalted reps and they decide to nerf it.

    At least leave it at 65!
    Am in the same boat with 69 and working on 70(shado) and 71(august), 70 would've been perfect tbh since not many people could get it so more unique but making it 60 is a joke.
    67/68 would've been more ideal =P
  1. Higgit's Avatar
    No, no, not 60 exalted...
    I was working on this at 70 ealted reps...
    The title will be just meh now
  1. Kickinwing's Avatar
    That red (one on the right) Kirin/Quilin or whatever mount is pretty good looking, best of the bunch imo.
  1. Poodles's Avatar
    New mount models look good, except for the tiny eyes...
  1. Tybudd33's Avatar
    "Skyglaive Misc" I got excited!

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