Cross-Realm Zones Update

Patch 5.1 PTR - Build 16231
A new beta build will be deployed on the PTR soon. We will be updating these notes frequently, so keep checking back!

New Vol'jin Model

New Items
It looks like there will be upgraded versions of the legendary gems from Wrathion!

Level Type Slot Name
520Crystal of Fear Gem Refined Crystallized Dread
520Crystal of Fear Gem Refined Crystallized Terror
520Crystal of Fear Gem Refined Crystallized Horror

New Loading Screens

Achievement Changes
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Pet Battles

Spell Changes
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Monk (Forums, Talent Calculator)



Strings Changes
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  • ENCHANTED_TOOLTIP_LINE - Enchanted: %s
  • OPTION_LOSS_OF_CONTROL_DISARM - When you have been disarmed. Abilities that require a weapon will be disabled.
  • OPTION_LOSS_OF_CONTROL_FULL - When you lose full control of your character from Banish, Charm, Stun, Disorient, Polymorph, Fear, Horror, Incapacitate, Sap, Sleep, Cyclone, and Shackle Undead.
  • OPTION_LOSS_OF_CONTROL_INTERRUPT - When you have been interrupted. This also shows when you have been locked out of a specific spell school.
  • OPTION_LOSS_OF_CONTROL_ROOT - When you have been rooted. You cannot move but can still cast spells and do melee attacks.
  • OPTION_LOSS_OF_CONTROL_SILENCE - When you have been silenced or pacified. You cannot cast some of your spells.
  • REFORGE_TOOLTIP_LINE - %c%s %s (Reforged from %s)
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  1. Talime's Avatar
    Seems like this is all, Servers will be up in an hour again ... disapointing ...
  1. Glerimos's Avatar
    OMG. Vol'jin is amazing!
  1. SonsOfNorthernDarkness's Avatar
    Vol'jin looks like a goddamn parrot!
  1. Koji2k11's Avatar
    those gems are so dissapointing nothing special
  1. Draconar's Avatar
    Love the new Vol'Jin model atleast he is now da shadow hunta he is supposed to be! And more badass then Garrosh in my Book
  1. Aceveda's Avatar
    So that's it? Wow... disappointing.
  1. ElfinHilon10's Avatar
    Ahhgg! No! Why'd they change the mastery back! Our mastery is so horrible as it is now. The other two are kinda neat, making haste quite a bit more valuable, but man, I want my mastery to viable..
  1. Isheria's Avatar
    Buffing mistweavers even more not sure if serious >.>
  1. Stiven's Avatar
  1. Kuhnai182's Avatar
    Wow he has a toe on his heel !
  1. Shampro's Avatar
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Vol'jin like a BOSS
  1. deplorable's Avatar
    At least we know who vol'jin is... when they said the leader of the blood elves would be getting a few new sounds,

    first reaction "who?", "oh.. him.. i think i know who you mean".

    I mean what's the leader of the space goats been doing.. nothing.

    the only reason we go to the city of exodar or darn is if we're levelling new alts or doing the cooking/fishing dailies in Darn. Blizz really knows how to reintroduce the "vanilla" world.

    NO AH in Panderia.... it'd cause overflow.... well yeah because people just use SW which has two.

  1. TheDangerZone's Avatar
    Damn Vol'jin, take me home tonight.
  1. Gabbynator's Avatar
    why legendary gem str is at 500 and agility is at 550?
  1. Futtiwar's Avatar
    OMFG Vol´Jin looks so fucking BADASS!!!
  1. Beefkow's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gabbynator View Post
    why legendary gem str is at 500 and agility is at 550?

    Yeah... that is just very prejudice blizzard.... excellent work.
  1. SoundOfGuns's Avatar
    "Let's fix monks mastery!" *fixes the problems with it* "...naaa, jus kiddin'" *deletes fix* ... Idiot Blizzard... Almost makes me want to play Paladin again.
  1. Eronath's Avatar
    The "upgraded" strength gem seems to have another tooltip error.. Seeing as the non-upgraded version is supposed to give +500 strength, so it wouldn't actually be an upgrade.
  1. Millennía's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gabbynator View Post
    why legendary gem str is at 500 and agility is at 550?
    Pretty sure it is a tooltip error
  1. Hunterpower's Avatar
    What, no hunter/mage/warrior fixes? that should be the top of their list of things to fix...

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