Cross-Realm Zones Update

Patch 5.1 PTR - Build 16231
A new beta build will be deployed on the PTR soon. We will be updating these notes frequently, so keep checking back!

New Vol'jin Model

New Items
It looks like there will be upgraded versions of the legendary gems from Wrathion!

Level Type Slot Name
520Crystal of Fear Gem Refined Crystallized Dread
520Crystal of Fear Gem Refined Crystallized Terror
520Crystal of Fear Gem Refined Crystallized Horror

New Loading Screens

Achievement Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Pet Battles

Spell Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Monk (Forums, Talent Calculator)



Strings Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • ENCHANTED_TOOLTIP_LINE - Enchanted: %s
  • OPTION_LOSS_OF_CONTROL_DISARM - When you have been disarmed. Abilities that require a weapon will be disabled.
  • OPTION_LOSS_OF_CONTROL_FULL - When you lose full control of your character from Banish, Charm, Stun, Disorient, Polymorph, Fear, Horror, Incapacitate, Sap, Sleep, Cyclone, and Shackle Undead.
  • OPTION_LOSS_OF_CONTROL_INTERRUPT - When you have been interrupted. This also shows when you have been locked out of a specific spell school.
  • OPTION_LOSS_OF_CONTROL_ROOT - When you have been rooted. You cannot move but can still cast spells and do melee attacks.
  • OPTION_LOSS_OF_CONTROL_SILENCE - When you have been silenced or pacified. You cannot cast some of your spells.
  • REFORGE_TOOLTIP_LINE - %c%s %s (Reforged from %s)
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  1. Notos's Avatar
    I don't know why but Vol'jin makes me think of an owlkin...not a bad model overall though.
  1. caballero89's Avatar
    so this quest isn't for legendary weapons, its just for a powerful gem?
  1. Andarsam's Avatar
    ... The monk changes T.T
  1. deviantcultist's Avatar
    only monk changes? cmon, when are they going to activate the lock questline? I couldn't care less about voljin
  1. Caerule's Avatar
    I like the detail and such on Vol'jin, except the ears. Just looks like his head is about to pop off and fly away as a bat. They could do with altering his wing-like ears. Make them less wide, or curl the ear tips forward more like in the loading screen.
  1. ares1023's Avatar
    What is Blizzard trying to do with Brewmasters.......
  1. Aliok's Avatar
    Why? Why do they keep hitting my favorite sexy troll with the ugly bat? Whhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy. /cry He's developing the same too-small head that Garrosh's model was given and oh geez what did they do to his ears! I can see his teeth (barely) but where is the rest of his mouth? I'm happy to see the return of troll-themed armor, but what is that thing on his back?

    I should have seen this coming, considering how closely this appearance matches with the art for Vol'jin from the Battlecry wallpaper in 2010. I think I need a hug.

    Edit: No, I don't look at loading screens. :/ I tab out to my internet browser while I wait. Maybe I should try to break myself of the habit...
  1. Zoma's Avatar
    I don't mind the new Vol'Jin model, though I liked the old one. I want to see him to a /roar emote, cause those tusks make his his mouth look so damn small.
  1. Ser Arthur Dayne's Avatar
    So no gems for tanks even though there will be tank shield..

    Vol'jin looks like an old human witch woman in the face...Run Hans and Greta, RUN!!! Wicked witch is gonna getcha!
  1. Wishblade's Avatar
    Ah Vol'jin, you finally got a true leader model, and it is a good one! =D
  1. Farora's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Archdruid Dehydrate View Post
    OMG I wanna be Troll now !!!
    Why? The normal troll model is still made up of 10 polygons and 3 pixels.
  1. Azerox's Avatar
    Vol'jin for Warchief!
  1. Panquake's Avatar
    I like the new model.
  1. willjones410's Avatar
    Aside from the bat ears, Vol'jin's new look is pretty awesome.

    The Resistance against Garrosh and the subsequent Horde Revolution has its first seeds planted in Patch 5.1. FOR THE HORDE!!!
  1. Getreuer's Avatar
    Pretty cool loading screens!
  1. Yriel's Avatar
    So they did buff Vol´jin up...
    I really hope they don´t do that with the new troll player models, i don´t want to play a muscle troll.
  1. Slickwhits's Avatar
    Brewmasters are really in need of some love... Not a nerf! Think it might be time to roll another tank class tbh
  1. Feederino Senpai's Avatar
    What's up with those ears? And that thing on his back looks like a sackpipe (or what it's called).
    Other than that, nice look!

    About those gems, are they only usable in the Sha touched weapons? or in any gem slot?
  1. Achaman's Avatar
    "Pet Battles I Choose You"

    not a pokemon ripoff my arse blizzard....
  1. Raqubor's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Yriel View Post
    So they did buff Vol´jin up...
    I really hope they don´t do that with the new troll player models, i don´t want to play a muscle troll.
    It's still very slim, I think it needed to be buffed a little.
    The model I like, but I think they should work on the skin resolution more. (btw trolls don't have blue skin, they have moss like fur).

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