Google Alert when visiting MMO-Champion - Final Update
Earlier today MMO-Champion got flagged as "unsafe" by Google, resulting in a big ass warning message every time you tried to access the site explaining that MMO-Champion will eat your soul. Well good news, MMO-Champion doesn't eat souls!

This is what happened in a nutshell.
  • In the morning an ad network got compromised and ended up serving a malware. (This is a pretty popular/high-end ad network and I'm not sure if I can give away the name without getting my ass kicked. I'll let them do their own communication)
  • We disabled ads as soon as the first warning appeared.
  • MMO-Champion or any of our infrastructure wasn't compromised, this was entirely 3rd party.
  • Since it's 3rd party and it's always better to be safe than sorry, take this as an opportunity to run a good old Malwarebytes Anti Malware scan on your computer.

Obviously we apologize for the inconvenience.
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  1. raze664's Avatar
    /sarcasm - It's a virus! Lies...

    Nah, in truth, I ignore every message Google ever gives me, Google tries to hide all the best sites. Nice to know that you're on top of things getting it sorted out though!
  1. Tilde's Avatar
    But if the site was compromised... wouldn't you post a news article about it not being compromised to throw us off the trail?

    We're on to you.
  1. Golforth's Avatar
    I didn't care anyway. MMOchamp <3
  1. nimryas's Avatar
    Oh god! The world is going to end when mmo champ gets tagged as a dangerous site!
  1. angelflavor's Avatar
    This has been happening to a few wow fan sites I go to. There must be a add somewhere looking for wow passwords. if you dont have an authenticator, you might want to scan your computer : P
  1. Korgoth's Avatar
    Adblocker saving the day once again.
  1. bany's Avatar
    i didn`t gave a damn lol
  1. Rockfish's Avatar
    Well ... I hope that bad ad server is now persona non grata.
  1. Vladimeir's Avatar
    I'm surprised it has taken this long for the site to be flagged. The ads have always been malicious and, honestly, MMO-Champion is worse than some porn sites. I digress.
  1. MouseD's Avatar script...flashblock...and adblock...are the real champs.....sorry but like many I hate ads flowing all over my browser when I am reading or searching for things.
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Faroth View Post is flagged too >_<
    Wowpedia is owned by Curse as well, so it doesn't seem too much of a surprise since MMO-C is as well. I wouldn't worry about it, though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimord View Post
    When I saw the ad I thought someone had attacked MMO Champ or Boub let some of his lasagna fall onto the gears.
    If my throat wasn't feeling as sensitive due to the earache (which itself is sensitive) that I'm having today, I'd be laughing hard. Thanks for the cheers.
  1. CaptainArlong's Avatar
    Didn't know this site had ads..
  1. Blockygame's Avatar
    Been coming to this site for years, anyone who has knows it's trustworthy.... some of those posters though... I dunno.
  1. Switchback's Avatar
    Go home google you are drunk :\.
  1. Calene's Avatar
    Firefox+NoScript+Sandboxie and you are fully protected from malware when browsing the internet.
  1. Gobblez's Avatar
    Well that sucks, at least they fixed it
  1. Tannon's Avatar
    I thought work finally found out how much time I really spend on this site and blocked it, at first I was like NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo....
    Shorty followed but "oh wait... /phew!"
  1. Punks's Avatar
    The fact yu even allowed it to happen shows true intentions. Blah Blah it was out of our was not.
  1. Alewen's Avatar
    the nice thing about the browser Opera, I was able to disable ads manually with a simple right click. I never see adds on hardly any sites I visit.

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