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Patch 5.1 - New Faction Rewards
Patch 5.1 will add two new factions, the Dominance Offensive and Operation: Shieldwall. These are the factions that are landing on the beach in Kasarang Wilds. Reputation for your faction is earned by completing the storyline quests and then doing daily quests afterwards.

Level Type Spec Slot Name Required Rep
80Mount Grand Armored GryphonExalted
1Other Grand Commendation of Operation: ShieldwallRevered
496TrinketSpell DPSTrinket Shock-Charger MedallionRevered
496TrinketTankTrinket Vaporshield MedallionRevered
496TrinketMeleeTrinket Helmbreaker MedallionRevered
496TrinketPhysical DPSTrinket Arrowflight MedallionRevered
496TrinketSpell SpiritTrinket Heartwarmer MedallionRevered
496FingerTankFinger Seal of the ShieldwallHonored
496FingerMeleeFinger Circle of the ShieldwallHonored
496FingerSpell SpiritFinger Loop of the ShieldwallHonored
496FingerPhysical DPSFinger Signet of the ShieldwallHonored
496FingerSpell DPSFinger Band of the ShieldwallHonored
Level Type Spec Slot Name Required Rep
80Mount Grand Armored WyvernExalted
1Other Grand Commendation of the Dominance OffensiveRevered
496TrinketTrinket Static-Caster's MedallionRevered
496TrinketTankTrinket Medallion of Mystifying VaporsRevered
496TrinketMeleeTrinket Skullrender MedallionRevered
496TrinketPhysical DPSTrinket Woundripper MedallionRevered
496TrinketSpell DPSTrinket Cutstitcher MedallionRevered
496FingerTankFinger Dominator's SealHonored
496FingerMeleeFinger Dominator's CircleHonored
496FingerSpell SpiritFinger Dominator's LoopHonored
496FingerPhysical DPSFinger Dominator's SignetHonored
496FingerSpell DPSFinger Dominator's BandHonored

Patch 5.1 - New Klaxxi and August Celestial Rewards
Another set of items that appeared in Patch 5.1 are these new item level 496 belts and shoes. They are currently assigned to The Klaxxi and The August Celestials, but keep in mind this is the test realm and things can change.

There are two almost identical versions of each item with race restrictions, making it possible they should be assigned to the Dominance Offensive and Operation: Shieldwall.

Level Type Spec Slot Name Required Rep
496ClothSpell SpiritWaist Sash of SurehandednessRevered
496ClothSpell SpiritWaist Sash of Bouncing PowerRevered
496ClothSpell DPSWaist Bon-iy's Unbreakable CordRevered
496ClothSpell DPSWaist Chang's Changing CordRevered
496LeatherSpell SpiritWaist Bambrick's Striking StrapRevered
496LeatherSpell SpiritWaist Soothing StrapsRevered
496LeatherPhysical DPSWaist Prevenge's Swashbuckling CinchRevered
496LeatherPhysical DPSWaist Prevenge's Dagger-CarrierRevered
496MailPhysical DPSWaist Shigi's Chain of Cheerful SummonsRevered
496MailPhysical DPSWaist Chain of Flaming ArrowsRevered
496MailSpell DPSWaist Bloodbinder LinksRevered
496MailSpell DPSWaist Links of Bonded BloodRevered
496PlateTankWaist Waistplate of ImmobilityRevered
496PlateTankWaist Immovable WaistplateRevered
496PlateMeleeWaist Kwon's Crushing GirdleRevered
496PlateMeleeWaist Girdle of Crushing StrengthRevered
496PlateSpell DPSWaist Divide's Greatheart ClaspRevered
496PlateSpell DPSWaist Divide's Loyal ClaspRevered
Level Type Spec Slot Name Required Rep
496ClothSpell SpiritFeet Shieldwarden SlippersRevered
496ClothSpell SpiritFeet Slippers of Soothing BalmRevered
496ClothSpell DPSFeet Sandals of Oiled SilkRevered
496ClothSpell DPSFeet Beach-Born SandalsRevered
496LeatherPhysical DPSFeet Crab-Leather TabiRevered
496LeatherPhysical DPSFeet Troll-Toe TabiRevered
496LeatherSpell DPSFeet Statue Summoner's TreadsRevered
496LeatherSpell DPSFeet Treads of Rejuvenating MistsRevered
496MailSpell SpiritFeet Boots of the Healing StreamRevered
496MailSpell SpiritFeet Totem-Binder BootsRevered
496MailPhysical DPSFeet Odlaw's EverwalkersRevered
496MailPhysical DPSFeet Greaves of Manifest DestinyRevered
496PlateTankFeet Sabatons of the Sullied ShoreRevered
496PlateTankFeet Groundbreaker SabatonsRevered
496PlateMeleeFeet Sea-Soaked SolleretsRevered
496PlateMeleeFeet Cragchewer SolleretsRevered
496PlateSpell SpiritFeet Scar Swallower GreatbootsRevered
496PlateSpell SpiritFeet Greatboots of Flashing LightRevered

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
LFR Rewards Visibility
Even if I don't get anything, I want to see what other's get. Not just NOTHING and some gold. I want the slight drama of who gets the high roll, etc.
What would that change other than creating drama as you mentioned? (and the kind of drama that doesn't really add anything to the community, I believe).

Under the new loot system, since you're not affected by what others get (your chance of getting a drop lies strictly on what your roll is against the system, no matter how many items might have been distributed already), there's no big loss to see if others were rewarded (besides mere curiosity and the potential of people starting to argue that this one player undeservedly got an item because of X). (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Bonus Reputation for Alt Characters
As a matter of fact, now seems like a good time to follow-up with everyone with the latest information.

In my original message, reaching Revered with any particular faction on Pandaria would have triggered double reputation for all characters on the Battle.net account with that same faction. After testing this internally, we felt the "trigger" wasn't obvious enough so we decided to create an item that players can purchase which, when used, grants the user's account with the bonus.

The changes to reputation gains are intended for Patch 5.1, but please do keep in mind that the patch is still in development. If there are any further changes, we'll let you know. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Forced to do LFR
After 2 weeks of raiding, we haven't killed the Stone Guards yet. This is not a problem in tanking position, low dps or bad healing. Its a gear only problem.
Stone Guards is mostly a coordination check between your tanks, the folks with Jasper Chains, and not much else. Certainly is not a DPS check (that would be, for some guilds, Gara'jal the Spiritbinder).

If you don't LFR (or you are a pro), you fail. So in certain mode, you are forcing us to get gear first from LFR and then go to normal mode to succeed.
Many players (not saying it's your case, of course) believe that they are on par with the skill level of players further ahead than them, and that the only thing separating them from players with more progression is just gear. More often than not, the issue lies on the skill side, either your group is not really making the most of their dps rotations, cooldown usage is not being proper, etcetera, or it may very well be that your group is still undergeared for that fight (as long as everyone is decked in blue heroic gear, you'll be fine).

I think the problem is LFR is extremely easy and normal mode is a bit overtunned. Normal is a step above where it should be if you want an easy transition. That way probably, you shouldn't be forced to gear up in LFR and let it only for casuals who doesn't raid normal modes.
You're not supposed to transition from LFR to Normal. You're supposed to start on Normal (in fact, LFR opens a week after the normal mode of the raid has). So, if you want to get every possible drop to advance in your progression, yes, sure, you'll want to raid the LFR if you're not doing Heroics, but there're more areas than just gear where all raid groups should be looking at when having issues with a certain encounter. Most of the times, unless it's a dps race, it comes down to something else (bad strategy, for example).

There it is folks. Plain and simple. Blizzard will keep forcing Real raiders with the scrubs... i mean "casuals" so they dont wipe 4 hours on the first boss.
As he clearly said, there're benefits to having experienced raiders queuing up on LFR (shorter wait times, higher success rates, etc), and there's usually some benefit for level 90 players in there. Which still means you can skip it altogether if you're raiding Heroic (and that'll be particularly true moving forward since LFR gear from the following tier will have a lower ilvl than current Heroic gear).

But you still ran it for a chance to upgrade some slot and valor, correct? I won 2 lfr items last week and i replaced them in a matter of days, but i still ran it 3 times. The thing is a lot of us dont want to run it AT ALL.
Then don't. It's obvious that you are well beyond the skill level of any player posting here and that you'd rather not play with "mouthbreathers", as you so elegantly and politely put it in your previous post. So, by all means, open Vent, repeatedly tell your guildmates how awesome and uber skilled you are and run with them Normal and Heroic raids, but the attitude you display towards players running the Raid Finder is completely unacceptable and needs to go.

Blizzard is hiding from the fact that there are blockages in current Normal raiding progress. Every boss is tuned for maximum buffs and if you are missing one you will require extra item lvl to make up for it. And that is hard when you only have like 4 raid bosses to work with like is with Elegon. It is an overtuned fight atm for its gear lvl if you dont have all the buffs and the best way to beat that fight is to go LFR and get the 476 weapons on boss AFTER Elegon. The chance of getting 476 weapons in HCs is way to low and you can go for months and months and never get them.

I dare any person to go to World of logs and compare the bosses in Vaults. The success raid for Elegon is under 5% for 10 mans while beeing well over 10-15% for all other bosses - even the last one. That should be very obvious that its overtuned - and the best way to beat him is to get items from 6 bosses in LFR rather than wait once every week for the 4 bosses in normal.

Elegon is a very complex fight. There're many things to be aware of, experiment with and so on. But once you master them all, he goes down relatively quickly. It just takes time to adapt to all the mechanics that encounter has. Don't give up!

Having said that, the current buff system should allow most 10 player groups to get all the buffs (at least the important ones) as long as the composition isn't terribly strange. If that's not the case, I'd say please point it out and we'll let the developers know about. It might be that it is indeed an oversight or that in fact they don't expect raid groups to necessarily have that particular buff.

The thing you ask and pressure: It is not MANDATORY in order to beat the encounters, no. But, as I stated above, why on earth would you make it just so much complicated to you by not running those things and making it harder for the 24 or 9 other people who you run the raids with? That's just selfish and piss poor excuse for one who wants to complete all HC encounters, or even people who just want to clear normal and are in more "casual" environment.
If you are pursuing realm firsts or world firsts. I definitely understand you might feel you need to hit LFR for every possible gear upgrade to those 463 blues you're missing. But that's a playstyle choice. If you're playing at your own leisure and not too bothered by the competition, you don't need to hit LFR at all. The jump from 463 to 476 for a couple items is minimal. Of course, if you expect to be stuck on this one boss forever, you should definitely go and visit LFR. The fact is, under normal circumpstances, it's unlikely your guild will get stuck for any noticeable period of time if what you're aiming in fact is to clear Heroic modes.

If you're a newly formed guild that needs LFR, then I'd say more power to you, because that's a setting where the room for error is big enough that you can just focus on improving your coordination without fear or meeting enrage timers or wiping because someone still getting the hang of things.

You choose how to play the game. From a tuning point of view, the content isn't tuned accounting for LFR gear in every possible slot.

It's pretty much mandatory if you're doing heroic content.
That will be true only for so long. Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults gear is higher ilvl (502) than that of Normal Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring (496), and well above the Raid Finder of those two raids (483).

But in all reality, let's put things into perspective in that regard, anyways. Let's assume that you do take all your 25 raid members to the Raid Finder in order to clear it. And that you are a Heroic raiding guild at the top of progression. How long does that really take? A guild of a friend of mine, still scratching Heroic raiding, can clear the two halves in something like 40 minutes. So, I'd go and argue that a Heroic-level guild could clear the whole place in 30? minutes.

What else could you do in that time? You could do dailies for a particular faction, surely. You could harvest materials for your profession or trade. Or play some pet battles. Thirty minutes. Unless you raid for thirty minutes as well every week, that doesn't sound as a massive time investment to me. So, is it really as demanding as some of you seem to pretend to imply?

Some of us want to put in effort in order to kill bosses. we're not gonna let outselves slack behind on gear, when there's some easyly attainable for almost no effort. asking us not to do LFR if we dont want to do it, would be like telling us not to gem or enchant or gear.

we're not gonna let outselves slack behind on gear, when there's some easyly attainable for almost no effort.
And you wrote that back to back. The thing is, you are not forced to do it. Neither dailies for that matter. Dailies can be already considered obsolete gear wise because you can already get item level 496 gear from Heart of Fear.

It's a conscious choice you're making. You'd rather go through the LFR and pick that gear than wait until you get the appropriate drop from the normal/Heroic raid. That's alright, but it's your choice.

It's not a "choice". It is Mandatory. You have to do it if you want to be competative even if you are not in a realm first guild.
Please, by all means, define competitive. What is competitive when you're not pursuing a realm first that actually warrants running Raid Finder on every single reset? Because frankly, I can't see it. And it might be a perfect valid point. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Daily Random Dungeons
During cataclysm the dungeon system was changed to allow players to queue for dungeons/heroics, so that the first seven times we cleared it we got the extra rewards. Allowing players that don’t have enough time to log on each day to queue and knock them all out over a weekend etc. Why was this removed in MoP?
You now get Valor with every run, with a bonus for the first of the day. It's similar to the rested XP bonus while leveling up. We wanted a better catch up mechanism. More folks did dungeons/heroics when we had one a day than seven a week. The latter felt too much like a job. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

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