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Patch 5.2 - Reputation, Lesser Charm, and Pet Battle Changes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
I really don't want to do dailies every day.
I guess you might like this... The developers are currently planning to include bonus reputation that can be earned via scenarios and dungeons. It doesn't necessarily mean it'll be through tabards and in the exact same way as back in the days, but sounds close enough to what you want!

I really don't want to do dailies for coins either, why can't we just get them from HC's as well?
Actually, not from heroics, but the developers are planning to let you have a chance to earn Lesser Charms of Good Fortune through Pet Battles. Basically, if you win, you'll have a chance of receiving charms based on your pet level.

And if a player is below level 90, they'll get experience equal to defeating a yellow creature.

Patch 5.2 - New World Boss
Previously the developers have mentioned that they learned a lot from the new Mists of Pandaria world bosses and would add more in a future patch. It seems we may see a new one in Patch 5.2!

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Item Upgrades and Item Level
Items that have been upgraded do count and contribute towards increasing your character's overall average item level. However, keep in mind that with 15-16 item slots; increasing a single item's level by +4/8 may not be sufficient to make an immediate impact. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

WoW Graphics
Bad technical graphics just means fewer pixels, fewer polygons, fewer details, fewer decals, shorter draw distance, etc.

Maybe I didn't express myself very clearly. Here's the full quote:
Also, bad graphics is very subjective, if you mean it in technical terms, everything will always end up having bad graphics, it’s only a matter of time. If you mean the art itself is bad, then that’s a valuable opinion, but opinions are highly subjective, and I have to say I strongly disagree.

What I meant to say is that in technical terms, it's simply a matter of time until any kind of graphics is considered bad/out dated. But graphics as in the “artwork” is something quite different; it has an intrinsic value that doesn’t degrade over time. That's why lots of people still play Mario, Puzzle Bobble, Pac-Man... and they still love the artwork and gameplay.

Lately it seems that quite a lot of games tend to be all about who has the biggest textures and latest shaders, that's an illusion that usually manages to hide the lack of innovation and real gameplay value.

Now, of course, graphics are also important and that's why we upgrade our engine from time to time, especially if it will make it more efficient and give players a better performance, but I'd still like to think that what players value the most is the gameplay, originality and innovation.

There is also an issue with changing something that is considered classic, and in my opinion, WoW verges on that. A lot of players would dislike major changes to the artwork, so when we upgrade our graphics engine, we need to be careful to make sure it doesn’t change the classic visuals that much. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

New Character Models
Actually... the development team is working on new character models for the vanilla races. Unfortunately, we don't have an estimate yet on when they'll be available. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Taste for Blood Nerf
No one likes to see nerfs being done to their class, unfortunately it’s one of those things that a game like WoW is always subject to, and there are just too many variables, limited resources and schedules to keep.
So sometimes we have to hotfix stuff, the problem is that players will always get used to the “overpowered” abilities, and when the nerf comes the disappointment is inevitable.

As you can imagine this is definitely not in our interest, we want our players to have fun; this is a game after all.

The problem is that when someone is “having fun” due to having an overpowered ability or class/spec, that usually comes at the cost of someone else feeling miserable when they realize that there’s nothing that they can do to counter such class/spec/ability.

So ideally we would like to have a perfectly balanced game without having to hotfix anything at all, this way no one would have to miss being overpowered and then feel mad after being nerfed, there would also be no need for anyone to ever feel underpowered as well. Sadly this is too idealistic, but it’s a noble goal that we always like to have in the back of our minds when we design our games.

Let’s get to the point, Taste for Blood wasn’t overpowered in itself, yes it hit very hard, but like you said, Chaos Bolt hits very hard as well, so why the nerf? Well TfB is tied to Heroic Strike and that makes it particularly dangerous because it’s out of the CGD.

If you’re casting a Chaos Bolt you can be interrupted, you have to stand still, you can lose LoS and it has a somewhat long casting time.

Now if you’re a warrior and the stars align, you can have 5 stacks of TfB, Mortal Strike + Heroic Strike + Auto Attack + mastery proc all in the very same instant, that can literally be a 1-shot and that is something that we don’t want to see happening in PvP, it’s just not acceptable.

Taking out 50% of HP from someone can be ok as long as you can’t take 50% of HP followed by an equivalent powerful attack from the same source, the enemy needs to have enough time to land a heal or recover is some other way before you take the rest of his HP, this is where skill comes in, if you’re able to stop that player from recovering during that time, then well played!

I’m not saying that PvP is perfectly tuned right now, I’m sure that we will have more hotfixes coming in the near future, devs are constantly analysing data and listening to your feedback and they will keep trying to bring the game closer to a state of perfect balance as best and as fast as they possibly can.

If Taste for Blood capping at 1 stack proves to be an excessively strong nerf, you can be sure that devs will catch it when they analyse fresh new data, if that happens they can always change TfB again directly or make up for the nerf in some other way, like buffing some other ability or indirectly by bringing the other classes that might be too powerful to the same level as the warrior. In the end the goal is simply balance, and there is an infinite number of ways to get there.

I guess my question is, why do developers say they're content with something and defend their decision not to change it, then suddenly find it 'unacceptable' and change it?
There’s a saying in my country that says “only fools never change their minds”.

Developers are not machines, they do their very best at trying to design the game as balanced as possible, it’s true that some opinions can be very strong sometimes, but the values that are initially attributed to constants and variables in the formulas for most abilities are not simply made up on the spot, there’s extensive math involved there and sometimes it’s only natural that one can trust the math a bit too strongly, the problem is that sometimes math doesn’t directly translate to a live gaming environment, so an ability/spell can look absolutely perfect on paper and in a simulation but still end up being horribly tuned for certain PvP situations because simulating 11 classes, 34 specs, talents, glyphs, and human behaviour all at the same time is never easy.

This game is incredibly vast and we need a lot of resources, proper data, and a good amount of samples to be able to really check out all the facts, constant data analysis and listening to reliable feedback can have a tremendous effect in catalysing and accelerating changes being applied to the game because it can point devs in the right direction, thus saving our most precious asset, time.

If you look at the rate of constant hotfixes and patches that we release, you can’t really say that devs are stubborn, if anything, WoW must be one of the most iterated games of all time, it’s in a permanent state of change, constantly adapting to the needs and requirements of the present time, that means that devs are quite open minded and are always ready to listen to facts and the opinions of others, also remember that most of them are also players so they have the same experience that you do, they want to make this game the best that it can possibly be, both as players and as developers, and that’s a tough combination to beat if you ask me.

Almost no one can have a grasp over everything in WoW, it’s simply that vast. This game is a beast.

If we ever appear to be locked into some fixed idea it’s because there must be a very strong reason for it, and also because applying changes always takes time, quality control is particularly important, we want to avoid applying changes and then going back and forth regretting about them later on, so time for proper testing is extremely important for assuring reliability. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

EU Battle.net Authenticators Temporarily Unavailable
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
From December 17 2012, physical products including Battle.net Authenticators will be temporarily unavailable on the Blizzard Online Store in Europe. This is in preparation for a revamp of the store which will take place during 2013. In the meantime, many items can be found on the US Blizzard Store.

Players wishing to acquire a Battle.net Authenticator have several options. The Battle.net Mobile Authenticator is available for many types of smartphone, and you can find out more about it here. For many people, this is the easiest and cheapest option!

If you prefer to have a physical Battle.net Authenticator, you can get hold of one from several sources including the online retailers and high-street stores listed here.

Heroic Amber-Shaper Un'sok Burn Strategy
Manaflask pointed out a clever strategy used by Check Please to kill Amber-Shaper Un'sok. It is likely this is not intended and will be fixed soon if it isn't already.

They spent a lot of time in Phase 1 having the Mutated Construct cast Amber Strike to apply the Destabilize debuff. This is apparently allowed to stack up to 255 times, greatly increasing the amount of damage the boss takes.

During the short period of time at the start of Phase 2 before the Amber Monstrosity arrives and shields the boss with Amber Carapace, you can do a very high amount of damage and kill the boss, skipping the rest of the fight.

The Daily Blink - I Don’t Wanna Get Off On a Rant Here...
The Daily Blink responds to some recent posts about World PvP. The full comic is too long to embed here, click it to see the entire thing!

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  1. Jantasir's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Maelstrom51 View Post
    Elder charms are only optional in the sense that gems and enchants are optional. Sure, you can clear raids without them. But if you do, you're holding back your raid and being a scumbag.

    I don't like being a scumbag, therefore, I feel I need to grind these boring chores called daily quests.

    And believe it or not, its really hurting my experience in WoW. More and more it feels like doing chores instead of playing a game and having fun. I look forward to raid nights, but that's about it.
    I dislike raiding, i shouldn't have to raid to have the best gear! I should have access to it through my pet battles, dailies and scenarios! See what i did there...
  1. Rorcanna's Avatar
    Oooh goodie, they took the suggestion to make pet battles reward XP!
  1. nekobaka's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Necronium View Post
    Ganking and camping low level towns and repeatedly killing all quest givers and flight masters = griefing?

    In Vanilla and all the way through Burning crusade, that was usually called a challenge. A taunting motion for the opposing faction to bring their goons and thugs to put a smackdown on the gankers. But since people are extremely lazy nowadays, since they play for rewards and not for laughs and great moments, no one rises up and stomps the ganker in the face. Instead we bitch and moan.
    This is how some of the greatest World pvp battles of all time started, and now it's called griefing just because people are lazy to retaliate?

    Interesting how time changes a game and it's playerbase.
    By Blizzards own definition it is griefing, it is just acceptable in most cases on a PVP realm. For the most part yes the players are too lazy to retaliate and when they do attempt to retaliate the "red = dead" crowd fly off on their mounts avoiding a confrontation which makes it a waste of time for those who went to join in some world PVP battles. These greatest of world pvp battles took place many years ago and despite the many expansions that Blizzard tried to bring them back it just is not going to be like it once was.

    From my own experience, most of those who would jump in to engage in world PVP battles was due to being bored. Someone starts ganking in SS or TM and then someone hits the city calling for a raid and bored players jump up and go OMG action. With all the dailies, rare spawns, and world bosses, Blizzard is successful in getting more players out in the world and that is good for world PVP in Pandaria. Getting players to go back to a city with portals and then fly out to a potential battle zone outside of Pandaria is for the most part not worth the time when there are far more rewarding things to do. More players also have alts now and they can jump on those to be productive.

    So maybe it is not that the players are lazy, it is just that they dont care and have better things to do than to chase after a griefer that flies away at the sight of a challenge.
  1. thunderdragon2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MasterHamster View Post


    well in cata you got double the jp per boss you get now and you also got jp form doing heroics when u were valor capped you dont get that now
  1. Zathrendar's Avatar
    Are they not doing Draenei or Blood elves? Or are they earmarked for a future update? I do hope they realise that compared to the Pandaren, Worgen and Goblins that the TBC races also look pretty dated.
  1. thunderdragon2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MacHaggis View Post

    Reputation is for optional items, lesser charms is for extra rolls. You want this? You do the optional dailies. Don't want to do the dailies? Don't bother then. Don't act like you are entitled to elder charms just for doing content you'd be doing anyway.
    whats wrong with options i hate dailies now but i still want charms, with this change i can stop doing dailies once i hit the necessary rep point to unlock the gear ( if there is a new faction in 5.2) after that i can level my pets while collecting the charms

    options are good
  1. Znuff's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by javilionaire View Post
    How is it possible to get the stacks on amber shaper that high WITHOUT pushing him into p2?

    We get the stacks to 60ish, but the boss is at 70% by then.

    Please respond guys!
    You don't DPS the boss...

    Also, it's on HEROIC, where it takes significantly more damage to push him to P2.
  1. seska's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by naturetauren View Post
    We are not whining because we get ganked, let me put this simple because i dont want to explain why to retards because you dont understand anything anyways: if there is no flying mounts, then we wouldnt whine. Then i might have a bigger chance to gank the one who has been farming the quest place for hours. Hell, give them a pve-penalty pvp bonus so they cant CC and escape..
    it doesn't matter how the ganker gets to you. it's a pvp server. you get ganked? too bad. sure, it sucks, but that's what you signed up for when you rolled on that server. you're vulnerable, and so is everyone else. retard.

    on a side note, i will agree with the penalty point. they should bring back dishonorable kills. but no stupid bullshit like cant cc or escape or crap like that. don't like pvp servers? xfer, or reroll. end to the line.
  1. Nerraw's Avatar
    PVP servers aren't about honorable PVP. It's about anything and everything being allowed. If you can't handle that, you should go to a PVE server.

    <3 Daily Blink.
  1. saltyharbls's Avatar
    All i hear are little toddlers crying.

    Good changes all in all. Keep the changes to reputation coming and i might start farming them
  1. mjolnrik's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by redrobin3 View Post
    won't they get a suspension for using it as an exploit instead of reporting it?
    Ive recently spoken to a gm, you wont get banned for using this tactic
  1. Gereid's Avatar
    Well, there should be debuff for engaging pvp, that makes You unable to use flying mount for lets say, 10 minutes - that would fix griefers, and bring back old good world pvp in tanaris or STV

    And for the Daily blink... im always meeting with offence when i bid something for 1c at neutral auction house
  1. Granyala's Avatar
    Quick, someone translate...
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Actually... the development team is working on new character models for the vanilla races. Unfortunately, we don't have an estimate yet on when they'll be available
    ...into English for this man!
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Das Entwicklerteam arbeitet an den neuen Charactermodellen für die Vanilla-Rassen. Leider können wir derzeit nicht abschätzen wann sie verfügbar sein werden.
    Maybe it'll help... don't know.
  1. Nerraw's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by naturetauren View Post
    We are not whining because we get ganked, let me put this simple because i dont want to explain why to retards because you dont understand anything anyways: if there is no flying mounts, then we wouldnt whine. Then i might have a bigger chance to gank the one who has been farming the quest place for hours. Hell, give them a pve-penalty pvp bonus so they cant CC and escape..
    Again, PVP realms isn't about fairness. It's about everything being allowed.

    And for the record, yes, I have been ganked many times. It's inevitable when you're on the underdog faction on a PVP server. But you know what? Suck it up, get some PVP gear, and gank the hell back so they get a taste of their own medicine.
  1. Rankin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Maelstrom51 View Post
    By not doing them I'm taking gear away from my raid and being a scumbag. They're not required, but only in the way that enchantments are not required.

    Anyhow, I don't like being a scumbag.
    Enchants are a guaranteed increase in player strength. Elder Charms are a roll of the dice that usually end up in giving you 28g 50s.
  1. Confucius's Avatar
    new world boss? I havent even seen Galleon yet. They better not make it Galleon 2.0
  1. phlover's Avatar
    great changes so far.
    This dailys questing was the reason why i quit playing.I remeber when blizzard said no factions for raid gear......
    so great changes
  1. hx9's Avatar
    It should be noted that Check Please is probably going to get banned for the exploit and have gear taken away. Would not recommend following this. Tickets have been submitted.
  1. TheWindWalker's Avatar
    This won't lessen the whining about how to get rep, of course. Not till we're back in 4.3 ("the good old days of WoW") but at least there might be a distinct drop in said whining for a few weeks before it starts back up again. In the meantime, as always, the point in that comic is hilariously naive and kind of depressing. Level 90s camping level 10 post-starting zones and killing players, camping their corpses and pushing over the cardboard cutouts of guards that watch over the freshly tagged toons. Yep, that's what a PVP server is all about. Like being handed a paintball gun and immediately running to the elementary school section because it's easier.
  1. Ondonnick's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jantasir View Post
    I dislike raiding, i shouldn't have to raid to have the best gear! I should have access to it through my pet battles, dailies and scenarios! See what i did there...
    You made yourself look like an entitled fool. Honestly what do you need charms and the best gear for if you dont like raiding? Charms can only be used in raids, heroics and scenario's can be done wearing blues.

    I would like to know what you plan to do with the charms if you hate raiding? BTW, you can get good gear form doing dailies, dungeons, and scenario's but PET BATTLES!?!? You really think you should be rewarded with the best gear from doing pet battles? That is too funny, maybe they should let us grow epics on our farm too?

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