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Druid Tier 15 and Season 13 Armor Sets Preview
Keep in mind that this is just a preview and the final sets may be different!

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Patch 5.1 Hotfixes - December 21
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

  • Shan Kien will now respawn properly.
  • The quest "What's in the Box?" can now always be completed properly.


Dungeons, Raids & Scenarios

Bug Fixes

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Charms and repetition of content
No, All we want is: Remove dailys. Give us tabards to get rep Gain 2 charms every bg/instance u do. Playing a game is for fun. So you forget rl and enjoy the game with friends. Unfortunately some ppl see it as full time job.
So, basically, you want to go back to the Cataclysm model (where dungeons are the source of rewards for several avenues). The very same model the developers have said several times they would like to move away from.

And on top of that, you want to get rid of a feature of the game... just because.
You don't really seem to take into consideration that there's people that actually enjoy running dailies and they'd rather not have to do dungeons ad nauseam (there're players that feel the opposite, as well, as this thread proved).

Also, there're other methods to increase certain reputations if you truly don't want to do dailies (Golden Lotus, Klaxxi, Tillers (for individual friendships), Nat Pagle (of the Anglers) and Order of the Cloud Serpent).

But at the end of the day, it feels like some of these posts have an underlying message: "I only want to do dungeons/raids (but not LFR)". And, just as we've said in the past to PVP players that the developers want them to also experience the PVE part of the game, this should probably be said for those players as well: there's all this content outside dungeons/raiding available to you, that you can do if you so wish to. But, if you're willingly chosing not to take part on *that* content, is it truly fair to ask for everyone else to be forced to do the kind of content you personally enjoy?

That is exactly what I am saying, I wish to go dungeons, raids. You say more content is available out side of these. Where?

Scenario - no healer is need.
Daily Quests - impossible as healer.

Tell me how you wish me to play your game please?

You have two talent specializations. Why not have one for DPS? Even if it's a different healing spec, do you really need it at every single moment of the day? It's your choice to go with two healing specs, and that obviously comes with a downside (just as a tank that decides to go with two different tanking specs and argues his DPS is low on that content).

Proceeding to argue that because you run with a dual healing spec there's no content you can do is not going to get you very far because the answer is simple: use a DPS spec for that content.

No offense meant, but that is quite a arrogant solution. What if said person does not enjoy dpsing? So they are forced to make a dpsspec to do the content? Thats smells more like bad design.
If you are arguing that it's bad design that you're expected to do damage to defeat your foes (which is what you do on daily quests and scenarios) then I have the feeling we're just disagreeing on a fundamental level: what makes this game an (MMO)RPG.

You can't heal your foes to death (at least not yet), so if you don't want to DPS but want to do dailies, nothing short of divine intervention will help you solve your case. It really sounds like we just disagree on the most fundamental level: how the game should be played on its most basic level.

The real question here is - If endgame daily content is only beeing created for 1 role of 3 in the game... what effect does it have on the overall role balance in the game? Are there too many tanks in LFD ? Are there lines of Healers waiting in LFR ? No... and you wonder why?- When the endgame every day grind content is focused for DPS?
Has there ever been daily quests that didn't involve damaging something? (Yes, there's always been quests that require you to gather items, which is still the case). You're trying to relate queue times to daily quest design, but you can't really compare apples to oranges. Some players might not change their spec to do their dailies, but some will actually use their dps off-spec to go through them quicker.

In a world of Dual Talent Specs, NPCs giving you green quality gear to start your off-spec, there's not much reason to say you can't do that content other than *actively* refusing to use the tools at your disposal to make the most out of the game.

Forcing them to go spend time per week doing totally and utterly meaningless daily content in sub par dps gear is just a disgrace.
If it's "utterly meaningless content"... then why bother doing it? Other than the charms, you're not losing anything from not doing that content (you'll gear up slower since you won't be raising your reputations either, but regardless, you'll gear up eventually).

But that does not solve the big issue of the game. The big issue right now is that MOP is very unfriendly to alts and just mean and unfair to multirole characters. That needs to be fixed asap.
While it's probably fair to say that Mists is unfriendly to alts (which is something the developers have tried to ease with the Grand Commendations for Mists reputations, for example); to go and say that is unfair to "multirole characters" when you're screaming at the same time that you're refusing to use the other roles of your character is sheer contradiction.

In the last patch they reduced it from 20 to 5. So now it's even easier to hand them in and get extra rep
Yes. As of 5.1, the repeteable quest for The Klaxxi (Seeds of Fear) now only requires 5 Dread Amber Shards

1) Scenarios - there was no reason to exclude healers from this content, the content can have scaled dependant on the party make up. A tank joins? Then the mobs do need a tank. A healer joins? Then less mobs exist, though they do hit hard enough for a healer to be needed (so in effect the scenario is of the same length time wise, though every one still has a role to play).
You can enter a scenario and heal if that's what you want. Same deal with a tank. It's just not required to complete them, but the game is not going to penalize your group for it. (If anything, both cases might allow more reckless play from the two DPS).

2) Daily Quests - I am not the only healer in WoW so place healing daily quests in the game.
So, what about the classes that don't have a healing spec? They should be excluded from them because they chose the wrong class? While not all classes can heal (or tank), all of them can DPS. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Auction House Purchase Orders
Personally I must say I kind of like this idea, not sure if it would be that easy to implement tough.
Could be something like a simple WTB AH tab, and I supposed a timer would need to be associated with the purchase order as well.

But to be honest I think we would see some sort of reversed undercutting between buyers.

Let’s imagine for example:

Player A: Wants to buy 10 Fight Club at 1337 gold each.
Player B: Sees Player A’s offer and decides he wants to buy 10 Fight Club at 1338 each.
Player C: See’s all the available options and sells to the “highest bidder” = Player B.

I would still have a few concerns though, this would probably bring excessive complexity to the AH, because for example, if you are a seller, you are probably going to end up doing some extra work, not only you will have to check the current AH prices from other sellers (competitors), but you would also check the buyers offers against one another and against the current sellers prices in order to find the option that would benefit you the most.

Buyers would see a similar competition to sellers when they face constant undercutting. This would probably create a certain frustration because when you are a buyer, chances are you need those items more urgently than when you are a seller, since sellers only get gold.
So the sense of urgency from buyers would probably work against the success of this implementation.

Still I think this is a good idea and I’m probably exaggerating a bit when I speculate about the possible consequences. We just need to make sure that ideas are sound before we spend resources on them, we need to be sure that not only they would work, but that enough players would actually benefit and experience better gameplay because of it.

I’ll share the suggestion with the devs, but I suspect this isn’t something new to them, we’ll see. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Justice Points Rewards
Why is it that lvl 85s can earn more JP per hour than a 90 can? The 85 heroics still grant excellent rewards when doing them as 85s. Isn't this somewhat wrong? Should not increasing your level give you an advantage rather than a disadvantage?
Looking at the gear you can get for Justice Points, and knowing that people can hop into heroics at level 90 which rewards better gear than JPs are exchanged for, it makes sense that you don't get or need heaps of JPs once you're level 90.

Having said that, we've acknowledged that parts of the JP system wasn't ideal at the start of MoP. The JP gear would be more useful pre-90, while some people at level cap have mentioned they were sometimes finding JPs stacking up with nothing to spend them on. We'll make tweaks along the way to improve things as needed, based on feedback and monitoring of course. Converting excess VP to JP in 5.2 for those of you who need the points is a nice start. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Curse Launches Gamepedia
Curse has launched a brand new platform to compile information on games like Minecraft, DotA 2, Borderlands 2, WoW, and dozens more. As of now, there are 244,000 articles compiled by over 415,000 users with numbers growing by the minute.

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  1. defactomonkey's Avatar
    OMG It takes me a long time to get epics QQ.

    I blame the game genie.
  1. Leonard McCoy's Avatar
    If you like daily quests, you should get on board with making some changes to them and the current reward. Otherwise keep telling people to leave and they will and your daily questing bullshit won't remain untouched next expansion. The WoW community is it's own worst enemy.
  1. Duster505's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shaley View Post

    Quoted for Truth.

    I remember when dailies only gave you a minimal amount of gold, yet people still had the incentive to do them. Now they give you a chance at FREE GEAR that is relevant to the raid tier, but that's just asking too much.

    Summary: People did dailies when they didn't reward anything, didn't complain. People do dailies when the reward something, complain.

    My absolute favorite quote from the MMO-Champion forums was someone saying that "this entire community should be isolated and studied for scientific research." It's conversations like this thread, and the WoW-Forums, that make me guffaw thinking back at that quote.
    I played alot of the Daily quests in TBC. I did it not for the any rep - and I did it not for items. I did it for some extra gold and because they were actually pretty interesting. Back then you could only do 10 daily quests. Having such low limit makes it less of a grind and gates the content in a better way. It also gave BLizzard not the same urge to throw out endless lines of go kill. pick up, and return quests we now are seeing. 5 really good and interesting quests are better than 35 bad and the same quests. That way ppl will do them - for the fun on it rather than for some extra rewards.

    Secondly... NEVER before have we seen BLizzard double gate gear with both rep and valor. This fact increases the feeling of forced content where ppl will have to do certain things to progress their characters. Telling ppl to skip that and at the same time slow down on character progress is not a solution to the problem.

    I dont care if we have daily quests. But I do care if they are the only way to gain stuff like those charms. Because daily quests in its current form are the lowest of low when it comes to endgame content in WOW. Players should always have options on how to do content to move towards progression. Telling them to not progress is not going to help WOW one bit.

    I also care when I see up to 1 hour Qs in endgame content like LFR - even during peak times. Thats not acceptable for a supported feature in the game. Things need to be balanced much better when it comes to trinity roles in the game to make it more enjoyable. And best way in my opinion to balance that is to not force upon ppl all the dps incentive content that MOP has added. Be that daily quests or Brawler's guild. I expected Blizzard to react and fix those issues within a month when everyone saw where LFR Qs were heading. They did not - and thats not acceptable.
  1. Sinister Knight's Avatar
    Anyone else think Mirkwood as soon as they saw the Druid T15?
  1. teek5449's Avatar
    You have to give some credit to Blizz for trying to fix some issues BUT they need to listen to the community when we are telling them that their new systems are not working, or at least need some serious tweaking. I just get the feeling that no matter how much we tell them that the system is borked there will be no changes. That is not to say that many of the changes have not been really good and more than not Blizz is dead on with what needs fixing; it's just some really huge game style changes that are forcing people out. They need to stop trying to reinvent the game and focus more on content and encounters. If I can level an alt without repeating any quests all the way to max level then we have a really good replayable game.

    I just let my sub expire and don't plan to reup either until there are some major changes made to the daily situation or the LFR loot system. Of course I will pop back in for another major content patch or xpac but my days of playing WoW every day are gone. Why they can't see that their subscription numbers started to drop when they started making huge changes after TBC. How many here would play on an official TBC server? I certainly would, even pay extra for it.
  1. ZootSuitRioteer's Avatar
    Am I the only casual here who actually puts effort into this game? Granted it's frustrating as hell to get LFR items, but in all honesty, I wasn't expecting them to drop just because I logged on.

    It's weird really, that I'm a normal casual and all these others complain that it's too hard to do Dailies, Healers can group with friends (which is odd considering this is a MMORPG afterall, right?) I would like to see Spec-specific Dailies, would be cool to see stuff like tanking dailies or healing dailies, but that's neither here nor there.

    I'm enjoying the game even with the dailies. And to be fair, I was raiding long before I had Valor and Justice items, Heroic LFD stuff works like a charm. The complaining is getting a bit old <_<
  1. Paraclef's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Froziro View Post
    To Blizzard. Please read:
    Im currently in a top guild. (ps I raid 20-25 hours a week).
    Those new players are so funny.

    Mistake of Blizzards was to kick at least 90 % of the BC raiders since :

    WRATH : Naxxramas 2.0 - Affliction revamp 3.1 - ToC Too SOON BRO and shitty raid - ICC 10 Months with rollface debuff crap and obviously no shared ID, Holy SH!T.

    CATA: Pissing on 25 mans gratz dude, great move - Those dungeons where goddam shitty - Dragon Soul the worst, really the worst sh!t ever, bad design, bad encounter, no background with ICC syndromes.

    Just to be sure that most of BC raiders delete the WoW folder

    LFR... Oh lord LFR.... when one year before we could have 3 or 4 " 25 mans pick up " for at least 10/ 13 HM.

    Dead Servers issues

    2013 : Blizzard open its eyes and see the customers they wanted, some " commercials consumers as players " crying for poneyepicmail " again...

    Got what you have looking for, nice job Blizz.

    This game could have been a long long stoy with great community but the selfish IZ STRONKER BRO.

    Devs sucksss
  1. Haviland's Avatar
    I wouldn't mind if they made rep tabbards for Challenge Modes only. Would be interesting imo

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