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Mage Tier 15 and Season 13 Armor Sets Preview
Keep in mind that this is just a preview and the final sets may be different!

Patch 5.2 - No New Dungeons
Zarhym has confirmed that there are no new 5 player dungeons planned for Patch 5.2.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Whose idea was it to remove "Random Normals" at max level?, and could you fire them?
Not many players ran them. Most jumped into heroics as soon as they could. Why did you like them? Gearing up for heroic? (Source)

LFR loot system is beyond terrible.Such a way extending content artificially by making no loot to drop.Pathetic..Just pathetic
The drop rate is the same as it was in 4.3. Just a different mechanic. Gearing is intended to take some time and effort. (Source

Suggestion: For raid lockouts, just lock out rolls for loot, let people run as many raids as they want otherwise.
Here's our concern: "Main tank, I know you won't get loot but can you run the raid with us for the third time this week?" (Source)

Do the devs think all offtanks really want to dps? I die a little inside with every new 1 tank fight.
We offer mostly 2 tank fights, but with so many bosses in the game, it's going to get repetitive if they all must be. (Source)

Is the plan in Mists to have raiders go through each raid and let the new ones pile up or use LFR to leapfrog tiers?
Want to err on the side of the former. If you want to do 5.2 raid, you can gear up in 5.0 LFR. (Source)

Any thoughts to being able to pass the ability to receive loot in LFR if you don't want/need to give others a chance at a roll
That gets around the point of it being personal. Now players could beg you again. Begging was super awkward. (Source)

Are you happy with tank balance in challenge modes? Most groups seem to strongly prefer a DK tank.
Death Grip is really good. Shockwave is too though. (Source)

any reason why every weapon in terrace but Regail's Crackling Dagger is sha touched?
The dagger is intended to be hard to get. (Source)

Do you think shamans could get CD reset on reincarnation on raid wipes? Or at least shorter cd? QoL changes? :P
Not sure we like the idea of shaman being able to die on every single attempt. (Source)

In ramping up the difficulty on 10N, you now have some guilds used to clearing it for 4 years that now can't. That is not fun.
You're saying that the current raid tier feels too hard on 10 normal? What bosses are problematic for your group? (Source)

Alliance get 25% buff when they control the tower in dominance offensive, but horde only get 1%. It is ridiculous.
That is based on the H:A ratio of your particular server. (Source)

on a general note if you can`t burst down a healer and you can`t oom a healer what are you supposed to do?
You should be able to oom a healer. Our plan remains to nerf PvP healing once we feel like burst is solved. (Source)

I hope you arent planning on leaving war/mage nerfs till 5.2 after hotfixing demo... would be incredibly annoying
We are concerned that trinket nerfs were not sufficient in curbing mage and warrior burst. Discussing options. (Source)
The nerf to PvP trinkets was pointless. You just nerfed those that didn't need it and kept burst still OP for those who did.
A trinket with 5000 stats can be 20% dps during the window. That is probably too high for anyone. (Source)
This was quiet dumb, 10% cooldown? Lets just go get a pve trinket. Also, you only shaved 2 - 3k off damage that still globals.
You lose a lot of PvP Power (5% DPS maybe) to get the PvE trinkets, but we will take steps if those show up in PvP a lot. (Source)

Just your fault for genius scaling. Why would you grants stats still anyway? Whats pvp power for?
PvP trinks designed years ago back when 1-2 classes had timers. Now everyone does. Burst trinkets are fine. Numbers just too high (Source)
Doesn't make sense, fine but "to high". Fine is how they were before. Just admit you didnt want to effect pve.
The concept of clicky trinkets in PvP is fine. The tuning of PvP trinkets giving 5000 stats is not. (Source)

Seeing mixed feedback about whether all PvP damage is too high or just a few overpowered spec or abilities still. Discuss if interested. (Source)
I'm not sure how to fix it...but hey, I bet I could if I was getting paid for it!
Fixing it is easy. Fixing it in the right way is not. It's really unfun in our opinions when you can't kill anyone. (Source)

PVP Power is only marginally better than regular main stats. Thats why it wont stop PVE trinkets in this case.
But look at the PvE trinkets. Your'e giving up passive PvP Power for expertise. Or you can have clicky secondaries. (Source)

Another Xpac which Casters R extremely dominant + warriors. They hv bttr cc, surv, damage vs. dks/rogues/rets. Caster > melee
In PvP? Most complaints these days are mage and warrior. (Source)

Honestly though, why do you feel like mages/locks should have both blanket+interrupt in one ability? Makes no sense at all.
Those two abilities are on our list as well. (Source)
I'm getting slightly interested in that list. If you can post a blog on some primary PvP balance concerns, awesome!
Yeah, probably good water cooler fodder. I still owe y'all one on alts as well. So busy... (Source)

The problem is blanket silences. With the amount of burst and silences, you die before you can cast anything.
Let's break that down more. Counterspell? Spell Lock? Silence? Anything else? (Source)

i was wondering how you feel about removing Hard CC from the game completely.. Would it cause balance issues?
We think it would cause fun issues. Knowing when to use the right CC feels smart. (Yes you can take it to extremes.) (Source)

What if CC worked so that there is a cast time for targets at range, but targets within melee brings it down to instant cast?
We'd like to shift more CCs to cast time overall. Instant anything should be rare and we've let it get too common. (Source)

Don't you think removing PVP Power would address many issues players have? Like burst and huge gap in gear between players?
Players would just use the PvE weapons which have about the same DPS potential. (Source)

I saw Blizzard apologise this morning. You guys need to read more ^^
Yep. I'll apologize right now that we have overpowered specs in PvP when MoP launched. (Source)
Mistakes happen; but beta feedback was ignored. You're still not even acting on PvP balance concerns!
Sure we are. We nerfed Chaos Wave just the other day. Look at the 5.1 patch notes, and I'd bet most of them are PvP nerfs. (Source)

Community is even making surveys for you ! Just make abilities do diff in PvP/PvE game fixed
Never understood the laser focus on this. Abilities do work differently between PvE and PvP -- just look at CC durations. (Source)

Please admit removing skrimish was a mistake as well and bring it back soonish :>
I do wish we had not removed it. As I said, not many players used it, but it's clear those players miss it dearly. (Source)

That's the PVE way of thinking. No serious PVPer will ever say that it should be gear=skill let alone gear>skill.
WoW is an RPG and rewards that improve your character are an RPG staple. Gear is normalized for tournaments where it makes sense. (Source)

Twitter: PVP is ^%^ - No, it doesn't. Forums: - no response. Seems you tweet, because you cant forum.
Not sure my posting in the forums worked. Players expected a detailed analysis of any passionate post and I don't have that time (Source)

hey there you ever going to do anything about the bots in pvp. oh wait you might avoid this question or give us the usual BS
It's something we take seriously, but the solutions aren't simple. Do you have suggestions of how to catch more of them? (Source)

what are your honest quick thoughts of why people think Disc pvp is weak?
Because they see mostly Resto shaman. (Source)

Upgradeable gear is okay for honor gear, but it shouldn't be for Conquest, as it'll take months to catch up. Thoughts?
Problem with catch up (PvE or PvP) is it encourages everyone to play less. We like playing more to feel like it's worth it. (Source)

Blizzard Christmas Gift and 20 Year Gift
Nick Carpenter recently shared pictures of this year's Christmas gift (Treasure Goblin Statue) and 20 year service gift (Crown / Mask) on Twitter. There is a short writeup about the 20 year gift on Weta's site.

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  1. Lemonpartyfan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Holymuffin View Post
    Well first off, don't assume i am one of those players who does not understand this game, I have been raiding for 7-8 years. I know what I have accomplished in this game, I have been in some pretty decent guilds, and co-lead a good group of raiders into heroic content. And yes, i do agree with you, I think it is bull shit that people can put items into their bags to just get ilvl to get an entry way into HoTs, but they have made it so where people can't get around just having an item in their bags. And no, it isn't about the number of epics someone has that you should care about. It is the item level of the gear. Also i wasn't implying i am one of the people who only has time to do LFR, i have time to raid if i felt like it, but i don't because I have lost interest in this game for the most part (Don't try to turn that sentence around by saying "oh well you lost interest, and now you think you deserve purples" because you would just be a moron, like you have been in your previous comments)

    And what the hell are you talking about with "straw man arguments", i was making a comparison between how gay marriage doesn't harm anyone, but people get angry over stupid shit, like you getting angry at 5man heroics with epic quality gear, even though you partake in raids with a higher item level than the 5man heroics. Also if someone isn't meeting up to your standards for a heroic, then vote kick them.

    Btw, i used to be just like you. I absolutely hated the fact blizzard would let casuals have epics through 5 mans, I thought it was a cheap and fast way someone can acquire gear, meanwhile i work my ass off leading 24 people into hours of heroic bosses. But you need to step back from your self appointed throne and realize that you, and your rag tag team of raiders, aren't the only people that play this game.

    Also I have ran LFR right when it was available, 11 weeks + sha and galleon kills, sha every reset and galleon if the virgins didn't kill him while i was sleeping. And i have a total of 4 epics. Everything else has been bags of gold. And that gets annoying, especially when you use a coin to only get the same piece of gear, or a bag of gold. And that is when i finally had enough of the bullshit and just stopped bothering with LFR.
    No, its a straw man because those two things (raiding and gay marriage) have insanely little to do with each other. Its a bad comparison. ANYONE would say "Oh gosh, marriage equality is a good thing" so bringing it up in a debate about WoW is totally insane.

    It also doesn't irk me that 5 mans can give epic loot. Last bosses in heroics in BC dropped epics, but sorry kids, that was way harder than HoT heroics, and WAAAAAAY less purples. Even in Vanilla some bosses could possibly drop purples. HoT was a joke of set of heroics. Anyone who says otherwise is just lying to justify howw easy of a time it was. This is just becoming way too casual friendly. I fear the day when you start getting gear just for logging in 2 days in a row!

    I'm sorry for judging and assuming on your general attitude presented, but that sort of attitude is what I got out of it. Casuals want to "keep up" with hardcores even though they spend less time in the game, but that is wrong. What should happen is casuals should be ABLE to catch up if they planned to play more. Less barriers. I understand the BC problem. That was the too many barriers part. If I had joined around the time SSC was being raided, it would take way too much time for me to catch up. But in Cata, if I joined around the time HoT heroic came out, I would be in mostly purples in a very short amount of time, and thats a joke.
  1. badmadz's Avatar
    LFR loot system is beyond terrible.Such a way extending content artificially by making no loot to drop.Pathetic..Just pathetic
    The drop rate is the same as it was in 4.3. Just a different mechanic. Gearing is intended to take some time and effort. (Source
    Well.....nothing against it that gearing up should be hard.
    But if you go lfr for about every ID since it opened and nearly everytime you get only this "!"$()/"$!`! bag with gold and even with bonus roll only gold it gets annoying. Even in normal raids you have a way higher chance to get your gear and with the right buddies with the same amount of effort
  1. Gruffertus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Idletime View Post
    Cataclysm offered no new dungeons until the final raid, just a retooling of outdated content.
    The Troll dungeons in 4.1 offered Epics - and oh there were a lot of weeping from a few people for that

    Quote Originally Posted by Idletime View Post
    I think it's time everyone realizes that they are going to go with the model that worked for them and for most players
    Except it didn't - only 2% of players killed anything in Sunwell.

    Quote Originally Posted by Idletime View Post
    Content should stay relevant for the entire expansion, requiring those with mains and alts to progress through the game like everyone else before them, and not just unsub every 3-5 months and await the next tier to come out and pound the previous tier through nerfs and spend a weekend getting the latest catchup gear in heroics.
    Feel free to link your profile, so that we can see that you're finished Sha Heroic and ready to unsub - and on your alts as well.
  1. gutnbrg's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zonex View Post
    He was referring to the abilities cast by Mages and Warlocks, if you look only 1 question up..

    It's easy to whine like a little spoiled kid, but at least have the decency to whine about actual pertinent stuff.. wow
    I wasnt whining at all, i havent commented on any change or spell, in this thread. I was just amazed that he didnt feel the need to name all the blanket silences in the game. Also he wasnt talking about just mage/warlocks bc silence is a spriest spell...

    Its easy to be an arrogant know it all little punk, but at least have the decency to actually know wtf ur talking about.....burned.
  1. Odyseas's Avatar
    I SO want that crown! I shall wear it at my funeral.
  1. Hepes's Avatar
    Sweet, looks interesting

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