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Priest Tier 15 and Season 13 Armor Sets Preview
Keep in mind that this is just a preview and the final sets may be different!

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
He means the concept of going 5s->first raid tier->next raid tier->etc rather than old 5s->new 5s->latest raid tier.
It's a balance. Catch up important, but invalidating players' accomplishments too quickly / blatantly is very demotivational. (Source)

Will LFR loot be role-based instead of spec-based soon? Popularity of queuing diff than spec seems to be growing each week.
We'd like a system where you can choose a different role for loot purposes, but we need a clean UI for it. (Source)

So the same as PVE then, living with your mistakes that is.
It is totally accurate though that PvE gets much more testing from players on PTR / beta than PvP. (Source)
Many of the hunter changes, Fire mage, stuff like Divine Star and many bug fixes are PvE changes to fix our mistakes. (Source)

If I heal a 2nd, 3rd LFR during a week and use an Elder Charm, do I have a chance at loot? (Experience shows 100% gold)
You should be able to use the Charm on every boss but Sha of Anger on multiple runs. (Source)

As someone who enjoys playing many classes how difficult can we expect 5.2 to be to access the new raids in LFR?
If you have 5.0 LFR gear and a few valor pieces or upgrades, you should be fine. A new 90 can't jump into 5.2 LFR first though. (Source)

Looking back to pre-BC, would you make the decision to add flying mounts again if you had the choice?
Personally, no, but they are pretty cool. Convenience is fun, but I don't like that they make the world so safe. (Source)

yes that maybe true, but you balance pvp around 3v3, where the most pvp is not played
It's a compromise. 5s might offer the best experience theoretically but 2s are super convenient. So we balance 3s the most. (Source)

Any thoughts on what WoW's greatest PvP success is?
So many ways to measure that. A good tournament? A balanced comp? A fun season? (Source)

Also, put all CC on same DR because when you are unable to control your character for 20 sec or more or until your dead is fun
We talk about that a lot, but it's a huge change probably better suited for an expansion. (Source)

With a few exceptions; healers most notably shouldn't be able to kill something 1vs1 if they can survive vs 2 dps.
Depends if the healer is out DPSing the DPS dude or just outlasting them. (Source)

Something I've always wondered is why caster CC has a damage threshold i.e. fear/hex, yet I can die in a single stun??
Dmg threshold = if you have a spell in flight or didn't retarget quickly enough. Stuns are supposed to allow damage. (Source)

When people ask for MC or Kara or other updates, you ever wanna say "We revamped in Cata, and you all lambasted us for it"?
I think some players like the redos and some don't. We'll try to keep balancing the two. (Source)

How do you feel about flying/flying mounts? Happy with the implementation or if you could go back would you change things?
Wish they were for long distance travel not for skipping fights. (Source)

When will CRZ be removed so i can re-sub to WoW. Not going to play it with this so called feature.
Unlikely to go anywhere. We think having lower level zones alive is important for the long term health of the game. (Source)

Myself and many people are frustrated at the long spawn timer on the minfernal pet plus extra competition from CRZ. Thoughts?
How do you suggest we balance rare with everyone wants one? (Source)

Reputation / Questing
So what you are saying here is that poor quality content is justified by having large quantities of it? Dailies, for example.
That's not in fact what I said. I said players demand both, which is a challenge when content takes longer to make than to play. (Source)

Just wanted to tell you I haven't logged on for 2 weeks now because I'm tired of feeling compelled to do so, every day.
What if you tried just logging in every 3rd day? (Source)
I have a 9 hour job and have to get raiding, lfr, sha, galleon, dailies and valor capping done. No time, and feels like job#2
The intent is folks who want to play more can progress faster, but you can still make progress if you play less. (Source)
Why tie it to progress at all? specially the raid kind? It feels 'mandatory', even a small upgrade to a non-hardcore
If it doesn't provide some power benefit then it's not interesting to many players. We already have many no-power things to do. (Source)

"Do all the things" simply isn't feasible for all players, nor should it be. Otherwise there's nothing to do for many.
Yes, that is the goal. We understand though that optional vs. mandatory is a razor's edge. (Source)

Finishing the last chapter now with a guildie. We're almost giddy as we discuss it. So damn cool!
Personally, I think the episodic quest lines have proven a great storytelling technique. (Source)

"Given limited time" is the key. I still like to read the forum discussions. I just don't have bandwidth to address it all. (Source)

Love and respect to the programming team. Coding WoW has to be a significant challenge. Could we get a blog about that aspect?
That would be a fantastic blog. So much more goes into code than most players imagine. Maybe someone will volunteer to write one. (Source)

If I'm not mistaken, Tom Chilton is still overall Game Director. In other words, Ghostcrawler's boss.
Cory and I the two LDs. We report to Tom, the game director. Other LDs report to us. Structure not set in stone. Org pretty flat. (Source)

Why don't you just admit you need help of us (players) to make a better game. Admit mistakes isn't a shame.
We always need players' help to improve the game! That doesn't mean ideas go from the forums / twitter into patch notes. (Source)
it's some sort of blizzard protocol to never admit mistakes. the dev for priests plays a druid for example
See, I don't get that. We admit mistakes all the time: Avatar, Stampede, Exalted rep rewards, dungeon tabards, prime glyphs. (Source)

Is it just me, or have the forums mostly become whine-fests lately?
In my experience, posters have too much certainty. They are certain X is broken. They are certain Y is dumb. No room for dialogue. (Source)

Its time for you to give your position to some experienced arena player, Who actually knows how pvp works.
That would be an interesting experiment for sure. In my experience, not all good players are good designers. Different skills. (Source)
Maybe you should give it a chance, there are many unbiased high leveled pvpers who want to make the game better
We actually do communicate with several very highly rated PvP players. The highest rated ones are often quite reasonable. (Source)

Have you ever trained your own in house devs? For someone like myself, some requirements for quals to be a dev seem...high
We have Associate Designers, which is a more junior position. Some of them are former QA or CS members. We do interns on occasion. (Source)
What advice would you have for a QA tester to get to a dev/designer/creative content job some day?
In general: Appreciate why devs make the decisions they do, show that you can finish things, respect the player > the process. (Source)

But it is the manifestos and addressing each concern that you need, not teasers like these tweets.
I don't have the bandwidth to address manifestos from so many players. This is but a tiny (and optional) part of my job. (Source)

Just read on the forums (not ours) how I personally tuned Sunwell, that before WoW I did only fan maps, and how my PhD involved no math! (Source)

Heart of Fear in Under 60 Seconds
Almost everything you need to know to complete Heart of Fear LFR in less than a minute!

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