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Death Knight and Warrior Season 13 Armor Sets Preview
Keep in mind that this is just a preview and the final sets may be different!

Patch 5.2 LFR
It looks like LFR will be broken into four different groupings this time.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Last Stand of the Zandalari - The forces of the Zandalari forces have dug into the ruins surrounding the Thunder King's island citadel.
  • Forgotten Depths - Beneath the foundations of the Throne of Thunder lie vast caverns, teeming with ancient horrors.
  • Halls of Flesh-Shaping - In the horrific chambers beneath Lei Shen's citadel, the mogu conducted terrible experiments into reshaping life.
  • Pinnacle of Storms - From within his inner sanctum, the risen Thunder King plots the return of the great mogu empire.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Any news on 25men raiding and incentives for them? Numbers of guilds still dwindling, you mentioned a developer blog
We have an idea, but it's a bit controversial so we're not ready to spring it on you yet. (Source)

Could you give me a reason as to why 25man raids don't just straight up drop items that already are already 2/2 upgraded?
Because that would cause progression-oriented 10 player raids to feel like they had to switch to 25s to benefit from the ilevel. (Source)

Why the Empress nerf? We were still working on it but felt it was 100% doable.
Ten player raids were bringing 4 healers, which felt broken. (Source)

So what about new players 5.3? What about alts? Coming back in the middle of MoP=impossible?
There's a big continuum between instantly caught up and impossible. (Source)

Is 10H Shek'zeer designed to be 4 healed?
Not ideally. Discussing it. (Source)

Any reason why Flask Cauldrons didn't make an appearance in MoP ?
We wanted to return some responsibility of raiding to individual members not just officers.
This answer does not make sense. So you should remove feasts too... You are just adding work to the officers.
This is a tiny, tiny step back towards that. It doesn't seem unreasonable. (Source)
Once upon a time, players spent a big chunk of time preparing for raiding, not just logging in (+ summoned) and then done. (Source)

How "bad" would it for the game if LFR never dropped twice the same item (DW aside) ? Did you do that projection internally ?
If players could gear up that much faster, then they'd finish the content (and demand something new) that much faster... (Source)

LFR is the only way for me as a casual to get loot. After the 4th run with nodrops, i got so angry.. i destroyed my mouse
You'll still get valor from those runs though and that gear is higher ilevel. I've raided for weeks many times with no drops. (Source)

Expanding on recent LFR thread, could there be two options at queuing for loot? 'Queued spec' or 'any spec' would make sense.
Yeah it needs something like that, but it needs to be clean, not a double role check. (Source)

Unfortunately, most of what LFR healing consists of is meter padding.
I wouldn't take LFR meters as a meaningful indication of anything. That's just not what LFR is about. (Source)

A player is fighting vs Galleon. He changes to another group. The second group can loot. Is it ok for you?
I know there were some mixed messages from us on this, but it's fine. (Source)

Every gladiator/2400+ player I know feels that you balance poorly. Nerf "a" classleave starsurge at 250k = golden
We have heard very little Starsurge QQ, even from highly rated players. (Source)

Do healers in pvp have roles between classes, or should they be similar to each other?
They should feel different, but generally you don't need enough of them for well-defined niches to be important. (Source)

So, warriors back to the free-kills in PVP again.Surprise.Plz don't kill PVE viability when you do.
Despite what forums would have you believe, there is a continuum between overpowered and free kill. (Source)

How do you feel about the players getting to 90 just now and not being able to play arena competitively due to being behind
We want to reward players who keep playing. Too often in the past catch up was so easy that it trivialized accomplishments. (Source)
So, since Mt. Everest was climbed the first time, have we put up gates to stop people from going up there?
We don't put chair lifts up there... (Source)
Also, they havent pu lifts because of technical limitations, not because of climbers having their achieve screwed
I'd argue mountain climbers like to climb things that are challenging, not things that anyone can stroll up. (Source)
But you brought this trivialization of content yourselves starting with patch 3.2 >.> … what have you learned since then?
We learned not to let players catch up so trivially that it negates everyone else's accomplishments. (Source)
Greg, you need to stop blaming the wrong things for cataclysm failures. Catch up mechanics dont hurt the game
We just disagree on that. I understand you have very strong feelings about how things should work. (Source)

why make us to do Rated BGs for cap?
We know from history that players will do the most convenient thing to earn points without a strong incentive to do otherwise. (Source)

In your opinion, whats a more fun pvp experience? A team objective based bg? or chasing a druid around a piller for 30+ mins?
I personally prefer the former, but as I've said, I know not all our players like what I like. (Source)

Upgrading PVP gear via Conq sure is rough for newcomers to arenas who want to catch up. It was already so hard to compete =\
If newcomers can catch up too quickly, then the players who stuck with it start to wonder why they bothered. It's a fine line. (Source)
Getting gear is 0% of PvP. In fact we hate that part. It's the competition. Please realize that.
For tournaments, gear shouldn't matter. For playing your character, we want it to. It's a powerful incentive. (Source)
WoW is an RPG. Getting gear is a big part of that. We don't think the game would have legs, even in PvP, without it. (Source)

heres one more, how about balance pvp around BG and RBG instead of 3v3 arena. BGs are were 90% of pvp takes place if not more
I don't think that % is correct. Arenas, even very casual 2s, are very popular. (Source)
yes that maybe true, but you balance pvp around 3v3, where the most pvp is not played
PvP might not be played by you in 3's but it is the most competitive and balanced bracket even rbgs are a mess
RBGs feel pretty good to us. What are your concerns? (Source)

My point, is that Tanks have a purpose in arena, pvp has become who can lock down who first. Its not methodical.
We're just not convinced that tanks in Arena would be very fun for everyone else. Tanks make great flag carriers in BGs. (Source)

WoW Art
More artwork today, some of which is TCG art.

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  1. Blayze's Avatar
    Oh joy, Ghostcrawler's gotten it in his head that what players need and secretly want is more fucking tedium. As if Cata didn't kill my guild enough.
  1. Garehn Vi-Brittania's Avatar
    warrior set is hideous
  1. Raeion's Avatar
    Can't wait to see Death Knight tier set !!
  1. JIMM-'s Avatar
    they really need to remove conquest point gear upgrade .. trying to pvp with alt mid season is going to hurt, justice / valor / honor upgrade can stay

    they can add pvp power gems / possibly head enchant( when pve head enchant is here) to let people spend their extra conquest points.

    "Any news on 25men raiding and incentives for them? Numbers of guilds still dwindling, you mentioned a developer blog
    We have an idea, but it's a bit controversial so we're not ready to spring it on you yet. (Source)"

    i hope this means they are considering 15 man raids and kill all 10 and 25 raids

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