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Patch 5.2 - Warlock Island
It isn't clear where this island will be used, if at all, during the new Warlock quest line for green fire. The sky is similar to the one used in the Black Temple, where most of the quest line takes place. The second part of the Island is just a copy of the Maw of Neltharion.

Don't forget that this is not ready or intended to be previewed, is not a 100% accurate preview, and is likely to change before release.

Patch 5.2 - New Heirloom Items
Patch 5.2 adds several new Heirloom items that scale to level 85. These are upgraded versions of current heirlooms and can be purchased with the old heirloom and Justice Points.

The Justice Points cost is the same as it is for the level 80 version. The new shields cost 2175 Justice Points.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
PTR Access – Known Issue
We’re aware that some players are having connection issues when attempting to log into the Public Test Realm. We’re investigating the issue with our QA and development teams to resolve the problem.

Please be aware that our Customer Support department cannot assist with issues pertaining to PTR access, or upgrading your current PTR account's status. If you have an open ticket we’d appreciate you closing it and waiting for further updates here regarding resolution of the issue.

Thank you all for the reports and for your patience. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Patch 5.2 and Conquest Points
As far as I can tell we still haven’t released information about when the current arena season will be over.

But whenever a season ends, Conquest Points usually reset, and get converted to Honor and/or gold when above the cap. You can probably expect the same thing to happen this time, but we’ll provide more exact information when we get closer to the end of the season.

Don't worry too much about it, we always put out some news whenever a PvP season is about to end with at least 1 or 2 weeks’ notice. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Elegon Hotfix
This specific hotfix requires realm restarts, which have not happened since it went in. The fix should be picked up with maintenance next week. Sorry about the confusion! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

LFR to See Content
If you're pressed for time and your goal is to see and experience raid content, LFR(Looking For Raid) is available and a relatively accessible way to experience that content. The item levels dropped from LFR isn't as high end as those from Heroic modes, but your character's item level doesn't have to be the sole barometer of how much fun you're having. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

What is the ETA for Stormwind and Orgrimmar Repairs?
With the majority of stone and lumber being sent to the various war fronts for construction and repairs, there's essentially nothing left for the craftsmen to work with. In fact, the laborers seen toiling over the constructions are not actually doing anything. We've told them they can go home, or volunteer for Pandaria duty, but every day they climb up those ladders, and every day slowly hammer at boards and walls to no effect. They take their lunches in solitude, sometimes taking a break to stare at the sun, and at the end of their shift they climb down and go home.

They've repeated this every day for over two years. We're quite worried about them. Top men are currently investigating the possibility of providing them with twigs and small rocks with the belief that some progress may snap them out of it.

(Dave Kosak answered this today as well!) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Patch 5.2 Release Date
How many grunts must the Horde call upon
Before patch five point two is here?
Yes, 'n' how many troops must the Alliance train for war
Before the Thunder King begins his reign?
Yes, 'n' how many ales must be brewed in advance
Before the Pandaren can be well supplied?
The answer, my friend, is comin' soon indeed,
The answer is comin' soon indeed. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
How about next raid content? İt will be a equal quality with ulduar and sunwell?
I'm pretty excited about it personally, but I don't want to overpromise anything. (Source)

Wasn't the Void Storage feature supposed to work WITH the Transmog, so we could transmog things that are in the Void Storage?
It was designed to work the way it does, but not having to move stuff out of VS is a common request we're considering. (Source)

So, going by the information available as of now, 5.2 will once again be a 5 months wait?
Was 5.1? (Source)
5.1 was supposed to be launched with Mists. It was cut and "masked" as a patch to combat GW2. 5.2 isn't like that.
I think you greatly overestimate our ability to hit a target date even if we paid that close attention to competitors. (Source)

2. try: is there a chance we will ever see flying combats / air pvp ? maybe as a bg or open world ?
Pretty unlikely TBH. It would take huge changes to our combat engine. (Source)

Are you guys still kinda working on that thing that has spells land on different parts of the target's body?
Yeah. It won't be anytime soon though. It's a big project. (Source)

What about the resource-collection part of the War Effort? That does't concentrate players in one spot.
Yeah, the overall feel of that was pretty cool. Not sure farming Linen was, but a neat idea to revisit someday. (Source)

You make raids for 2 or sometimes even 1 tank out of 25 people and wonder why there aren't more tanks...
There were few tanks even back when the majority didn't raid. It's the responsibility IMO. (Source)

Why were the fully raid buffed DPS dummies not implemented on live servers - only PTR? Intention behind this?
We don't want players to obsess with theoretical DPS. Who wins a target dummy doesn't actually mean anything. On PTR it's to help us. (Source)
But that's punishing the theory crafters who hate using sims but would rather the real thing; over a dumb epeen contest
I'd argue that the dumb contest would do more damage to the game than better theorycrafting would bring. (Source)

LFR is awful. What happened to encouraging people to do content with friends and guild? Another blow to alts as well.
I 100% believe you will have more fun and stick with the game longer if you play with friends. LFR is for when you can't. (Source)

also do you have anything in mind for pvp power to enhance heals outside instances? world-pvp being so important now
Unless something changed recently, PvP Power does enhance heals in the outdoor world. Just not in instances. (Source)

linear progression was the worst idea you ever could return to.. you leave behind lots of alt-players and returners.
We understand that. But the alternative is that other players feel their accomplishments have no meaning if rapid catch up exists. (Source)

The Daily Blink
The Daily Blink tries their hand at writing a children's book!

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  1. Kazuchika's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Phantasm View Post
    Am I the only one thinking that the updated BoA gear can be purchased with the old version AND justice points? Like you tier piece trade ins to get your chest, you'd trade in your Dreadmist robe to get it, or if you don't have the robe you can buy it with JP.
    If this was true they'd be listed like items were in Cata. Tier gear was listed as justice then tokens and then Forlorn Essences.

    And lets be honest. Blizzard would never just go "oh here just trade us your old gear you've used for years for new ones".
  1. Darksong's Avatar
    I am loving green fire but irritated that because of DPS issues I have to roll Affliction whose one usable fire spell (and then only rarely) is already green (Rain of Fire doesn't count). Sad that until Destruction is made viable (according to my raid leaders) I will only be able to see the awesome fire in my everyday dailies/questing.

    While I'm griping it also irritates me that I have to sacrifice my demon for dps reasons and stand there looking like some lame mage without my evil little buddy at my side (I farmed up the corefire imp to help some but he just stands there looking confused). Classes that use companions to my mind should be able to use those companions. I'm sick of hearing "hey 'lock where's our stam buff!?!"

    Sorry I had to slit the little guys throat so we could beat the enrage timer... now grab your cookies and lets PULL!
  1. Chimera-Lothar's Avatar
    Darksong, if your guild won't let you play what you want to play, you may need to find a new guild.
    This is just a game after all, and having fun should be the point.
  1. kroniks's Avatar
    Warlock Island? NEG!

    This is another daily zone for us like the Molten Front.
  1. F-Minus's Avatar
    That's it! I want a warrior island and a priest monastery.
  1. Moustacho's Avatar
    A mage city! Ow wait, Dalaran...
    A DK stronghold! Ow wait, Acherus....
    A druid area! Ow wait, Moonglade.....
    A monk area! Ow wait, Peak of Serenity....
    A rogue area! Ow wait, Ravenholdt....
    A paladin city! Ow wait, Stormwind....
    A priest monastery! Ow wait, Stormwind Cathedral....
    Shaman area, Warrior city! Ow wait, nope, nothing...
  1. subanark's Avatar
    Shamans have an area in Nagrand. I don't think horde priests can really easilly access Stormwind's Cathedral, but orcs really don't like priests do they?
  1. Aeluron Lightsong's Avatar
    A mage city! Ow wait, Dalaran...
    Horde aren't allowed so no cookies for you.

    A DK stronghold! Ow wait, Acherus....
    WTB updates.
    A druid area! Ow wait, Moonglade.....
    Updates or maybe their own area of the Emerald Dream.
    A monk area! Ow wait, Peak of Serenity....
    Ha ha...

    A rogue area! Ow wait, Ravenholdt....
    Hardly used and I prefer a new place

    A paladin city! Ow wait, Stormwind....
    It's're not real clever.
    A priest monastery! Ow wait, Stormwind Cathedral....
    Not very clever
    Shaman area, Warrior city! Ow wait, nope, nothing...
    Are you trying to be snarky here? You're not very amusing here.
  1. ironik's Avatar
    Not caring if it looks cool right now(Warlock Island), but with the focus they're putting on locks right now(green fire quest line, and now Warlock Island), my money is on a Legion/Demon-centric expansion. New zones would be on Argus or some other Demon inhabited world, with, wait for it.......... renegade demons as allies in the fight against the Legion. Hey if an Old God can go renegade why can't a demon?

    ---------- Post added 2013-01-05 at 11:25 AM ----------

    In response to all the posts about how hard it is to get JP, if Blizz doesn't lower the JP cost for the new heirlooms, one way to get JP quick is to have a character twinked at 85(i.e. - stop gaining XP) and then just keep queuing up for random Cata dungeons/heroics. It might be possible with WOTLK as well(level 80 twink), but I'm not sure if those instances still grant JP to level-appropriate characters.
  1. Chickat's Avatar
    You get like 100-200 jp from a dungeon now.. they really need to double jp gains and give jps from scenarios as well.

    Eh i like the warlock island, but I feel that some of the new textures and models may be previews for the next expansion.

    ---------- Post added 2013-01-05 at 02:28 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Nonslid View Post
    So warlocks get a reused Ragefire Chasm (May be miss spelled, ally player here..)? Looks like the rest will be cool though

    About the new heirlooms, no way I will be able to afford it, running dungeons are so boring... (But remember, you can just send them over to an alt you've leveled up and ran a few HCs to gear up, bet you got some JP laying around there you can spend)
    Rogues dont have a speculated expansion dedicated to them and their source of power either. Burning legion returns 2014.
  1. UnifiedDivide's Avatar
    Honestly, I think you've all been spoiled with heirlooms really. It's not like you need them is it?

    ---------- Post added 2013-01-05 at 07:53 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Moustacho View Post
    A mage city! Ow wait, Dalaran...
    A DK stronghold! Ow wait, Acherus....
    A druid area! Ow wait, Moonglade.....
    A monk area! Ow wait, Peak of Serenity....
    A rogue area! Ow wait, Ravenholdt....
    A paladin city! Ow wait, Stormwind....
    A priest monastery! Ow wait, Stormwind Cathedral....
    Shaman area, Warrior city! Ow wait, nope, nothing...
    I think Hunters would just be sad you missed them out entirely >_>
  1. KCguy's Avatar
    That warlock island kicks me in the feelings as it has the look from BC.
  1. dragothica's Avatar
    Shouldn't they just allow all Heirloom Items to last until lvl 85? Those new Heirloom item prices are again way too expensive, should be like one digit less or something (i.e. 3500->350 JP). Heirlooms were way too expensive when they were first released and now the same situation is happening again, seriously Blizz?
  1. Nathiest's Avatar
    Wait... Warlocks get their own Island? WTF OP SHIT IS THIS??!!! Also sounds cool! :P
  1. Revak's Avatar
    The currently existing heirlooms should automatically be upgraded. If they want to make them expensive to purchase they shouldn't make those who already spent countless hours and JP's getting them in the first place have to do so all over again just to "upgrade" them 5 more levels. If this holds and is in patch 5.2 Blizz I may be less inclined to play WoW more than ever. I already have all the currently existing jp's so I don't need them. But this continuous meaningless crap they keep adding to eat away at the players' time is leaving a sour taste in my mouth. Add some "fun" things for goodness sake!
  1. Aluminum's Avatar

    Only 85? Same ridiculous prices with MoPs 1/4th JP rate of cataclysm? Pure stupid.

    During 4.3 I burned untold amounts of jp sell twink gems or primordial saronite. (4.0/4.1 JP was useful)
    In MoP I filled all my slots with better than JP gear before I even got near the cap, the whole low ilvl 450 and reputation insult at launch sucked too. 458 is still dumb, should be 463 period.

    Hell given how you can get some MoP ilvl blues as early as level 80 and they blow these out of the water AND some are good to 90 who would waste their time earning jp? Farm gold and hit the AH. 80-85 since reduction is actually really quick, a good Cata quest pattern is better than MoPs.

    At least they FINALLY added shields, not sure why it took two entire expansions to figure that out, not rocket science. Forgot about offhand still...

    Current heirlooms should be made 1-85 for free full stop. Then add an upgrade option for 90s, and 3500 jp way too high when I can buy a 425/442/450 weapon cheap.
    The arch boa items are 463 and can even be upgraded to 471! (polearm is amazing for monk/druid/dk/war/paladin, agility be damned, offhand is decent for casters, trinket is not bad for anyone)
  1. Quilzar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Aluminum View Post
    Current heirlooms should be made 1-85 for free full stop. Then add an upgrade option for 90s,
    Yeah this really does not make any sense the way it is on PTR at the moment maybe they are setting it up so that is how it will work?

    Who will pay 3k JP for 80-85? 85-90 sure I would maybe bite on that!

    Worth remember JP will be much easier in 5.2 as well (any excess VP will be converted to JP)
  1. joelrpg's Avatar
    O.o niceness
  1. Soeroah's Avatar
    Oh, god. I sincerely hope the heirlooms can be upgraded with Champion Seals as they can be bought with them in the AT. That's a LOT of JP, particularly when JP seems harder to come by in MoP.
  1. Azrile's Avatar
    Obviously this is going to be a trade-in thing.

    The cost of the new heirlooms (1-85) is going to be EITHER 1500 JP OR trade-in the old one and get the new one.

    I love reading the stupid comments from players crying about stuff that is barely on the PTR.

    Another really interesting fact is that heirlooms generally have stats based on the expansion you are in. So for instance, at lvl 58, a green item from BC will actually have much better stats than your heirlooms.

    This principle is expanded greatly with 80-85 because there are so many incredible MOP rare items that have level requirements at 81. Those type of items will be far superior to what a lvl 81 heirloom is. A lvl 81 heirloom might be ilvl 330 or so.. there are plenty of ilvl 442 rare items from MOB that a lvl 81 can use. My monk is not there yet, but I have been buying up MoP gear for him to use from 80-85. I know I have an ilvl 442 weapon he can use at 81 and a few other items with ilvls above 400. Even with slots that have exp bonus, 100 ilvls is a lot to pass up.

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