World of Warcraft - Patch 5.2 Teaser
Blizzard just released a teaser for the upcoming Patch 5.2, currently available on PTRs!

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  1. Phixxion's Avatar
    wow nice can't wait
  1. mmoc264ec5d525's Avatar
    Interesting seeing the Jinyu also taking part in this particular raid... interesting indeed...!
  1. mmoc112630d291's Avatar
    Blizzard is going to make us depressed again. There must be some dark and gloomy souls working there
  1. Noomz's Avatar
    Man, these dinosaurs look badass! Pity I'll never get one
  1. Wartide_ysera's Avatar
    love it, can't wait.
  1. Radalek's Avatar
    Is that Ra-Den prison near the end? Looks...awesome...
  1. Snorri's Avatar
    I still expect there to be a real trailer, a good one just like 4.2 Rage of the Firelands, and not a sucky one like 4.3 Dragon soul.
  1. Chief Brouhaha's Avatar
    Love me some dinos!!!! Like UG <3
  1. Hanto's Avatar
    If those triceratops' are actual mounts for players... and they require dailies to do... it will be the first time I'm motivated to grind any sort of a faction through many dailies. So veautiful!
  1. fibbers's Avatar
    they forgot to showcase the daily quest hubs and quest givers
  1. mmoc14024d759d's Avatar
    My two favorites factions fighting each other makes me sad... I don't know what to do, wich one should I help ? :'(
  1. mmoc85496fa4a4's Avatar
    Most underwhelming teaser ever. But the patch still looks great anyway !
  1. Hesp's Avatar
    Aw, wanted to see the new Thunder King model in action.
  1. Mortai2's Avatar
    Teaser? More like quick and limited preview :P
  1. hiragana's Avatar
    The dino boss needs a roar like godzilla.
  1. Mawnix's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Valegos View Post
    My two favorites factions fighting each other makes me sad... I don't know what to do, wich one should I help ? :'(

    This was just a "Hey, here's a small glimpse at what's happening this patch".

    Instead of.


  1. Pulp5850's Avatar
    Worst teaser ever :/
  1. Gurbz's Avatar
    It seems a lot of people here need to learn the difference between a teaser and a trailer. They are very different things and serve completely different purposes. As a teaser, this was perfectly fine.

    Also, Blizzard hasn't put out an actual trailer (the ones with story and voiceovers and such) for a patch since Patch 4.2. Unless you count the MoP cinematic, which I don't. Seems they now prefer to include those as in-game cinematics instead of putting them on youtube.
  1. mmoc7f4ca4fed4's Avatar
    My god, this could be THE BEST patch for me! If the mounts arent like 500k G or behind some heroicmode achievs..
  1. Donald Hellscream's Avatar
    it did its job being a teaser, it showed us new models and new areas just as a teaser is supposed to do as a opposed to a full-blown trailer.

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