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Patch 5.2 - New Spell Animations
Patch 5.2 adds several new spell animations for Monks, Rogues, and Warlocks.

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Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Patch 5.2 Transmogrification Restrictions
Yup, we're hoping to allow you to transmogrify items that share animations, like polearms and staves, so main hand/one hand won't be an issue any more once this goes live. Still aiming for 5.2 as far as I know. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

LFR Loot System Feedback
Your first point: With a NEW system, one would expect an UPGRADE, at least I do that and I do NOT view going from one bad system to another bad system as an upgrade, I'd rather see those work-hours spent by Blizzard in some other area that needs it more.
The personal loot system wasn't made so that you'd gear up faster than before. Its function is to avoid the drama that ensued at times during Dragon Soul's LFR (such as a player needing on an item only to then try to sell it to the people that genuinely needed it and make profit off it).

So, on the long run, you're bound to see repeated items as you gear up, just as in the past you'd see that particular item drop a thousand times before the one you really wanted even appeared.

On this case, though, if the item you really want finally drops, you won't have any competition, it'll be yours, no matter what. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

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Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
but new 5 mans would also give something to do on non-raid days that's an alternative to dailies :-)
We love new dungeons. There isn't infinite time every patch and if we only do 1-2 dungeons at a time, players get sick of them. (Source)

you think Gorefiend's Grasp is fine? MassGrip, SolarBeam, RoF, Smoke Bomb -> win, thats about bring the player not the class..
Comp matters a lot in Challenge Modes, but you can get gold as any class (just perhaps not world first). (Source)

so when are we getting a toc style raid again?? no trash just bash with complex pvp esque fight, most fun in a raid ever
The PvP fight was interesting (ditto with the Magister's one). It was either most loved or most hated. (Source)

do you guys feel that lfr gives loot often enough with the current system? Yesterday was my first loot in over a month.
The numbers work fine overall. I do wish there was a fix for perennially unlucky players, which couldn't be exploited. (Source)

I hadn't considered getting into lfr later on being hard. Good point.
I'd be surprised if it's hard. I bet LFR could fill a Molten Core group reasonably quickly. (Source)

linear progression was the worst idea you ever could return to.. you leave behind lots of alt-players and returners.
We understand that. But the alternative is that other players feel their accomplishments have no meaning if rapid catch up exists. (Source)
Which players? Not the majority. I think you're seeing the tree and not the forest on this one.
We heard it a lot in LK and Cataclysm, and we could infer it a lot from what players were doing even if they didn't say it. (Source)

I certainly welcome progression back. Instant catch-up was horrible. Alts need some better systems though.
Yep. Agree with all of that. (Source)

Remember how nobody saw the end of Ulduar? Aren't you repeating that mistake without a catch-up? This is a big issue for many.
Consider: the mistake with Ulduar was that the new raid was fast, easy and had better loot. Sticking with Ulduar felt dumb. (Source)
what? Ulduar was beyond awesome! your own fault if you didnt clear all of it..
No, it was awesome (and I finished it). But participation dropped off when the new raid came out. That doesn't have to happen... (Source)

Any consideration of keeping iLvl down on PvP gear for the new patch? What's stopping people of using them in dungeons?
We don't mind if you use PvP gear in dungeons. It won't be as good as PvE gear (which has higher ilevels). But it works decent. (Source)

Why not let CC DR depending on role? MeleeCC share DR, CasterCC share DR, HealerCC share DR.
That would certainly force 3s teams into melee, ranged, healer. Is that a good thing? (Source)

way to put rogue back to late cata godmode again and putting warrior back to free hk just like in cata
So you'd prefer warrior gods and rogue HKs like we have today? (Source)

Can no one see that this game would be so much better if u had the freedom to balance around pvp or pve, not both?
But we do that all the time. E.g. CC duration, Colossus Smash, Frost Bomb, etc. (Source)

Problem with no catch up is that late people give up because it feels like they can never catch up with the pack.
We're not talking about "no catch up." We're talking about "no instant catch up." The instant part is what's demoralizing. (Source)

I think making healers oomable in pvp is the right track. But I would like specifics how you are going to do this?
Making heals weaker helps, because then you need to cast multiple times. Need to make sure e.g. Holy pal can't exist on fumes. (Source)

The trick is to have multiple right choices, not a right choice and some wrong choices.
Yes. This. I'd say 90% of the changes we make are to support this philosophy, but we don't always explain that well. (Source)
Does it apply to PvP too? There are lots of glyphs+talents among the classes that are mandatory for pvp
It's certainly a goal, but there is less diversity in PvP. Part of that is because PvE combat can be so varied yet predictable. (Source)

Ice Block can't be used offensively.
Exactly. Another (meaner) solution would have been for Avatar and BW to also cause less damage done while active. (Source)
ive seen mages/druids block at 100% with no pressure on them to remove cc and score a kill.
Seems like a fine use of the ability. Very different from gates open and I blow my immunity cooldown. (Source)

Likewise, if they don't use the aoe CC, you've got them in a very bad spot. Seems like a fair tradeoff.
I feel like one of the ideas we fight against conceptually is the desire that X should have no counter. Maybe worth discussing. (Source)

Is this normal? Full mav rogue beating on a shammy w/wound pois. And his instants outheal my damage? Just curious. Balanced.
Generally, if a healer can't outheal 1 DPS, then they have no hope against 2 in an Arena - doesn't mean healers auto win duels. (Source)

Hey GC, do you think you'll lower the rating requirements for PvP elite gear in 5.2?
The gear in 5.2 will work a bit differently. We'll explain it all soon. (Source)

2012 Community Holiday Card & Dessert Favorites
Many people submitted Blizzard-themed holiday greeting cards and baked treats this year and Blizzard selected some favorites!

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