Wyatt Cheng on 1.0.7, Dueling Could Spread to Other Acts

Patch 5.2 - Isle of Giants Updated
A recent PTR build populated the Isle of Giants with many colors and types of dinosaurs. All of them have several million health and drop a few Giant Dinosaur Bones, which can be turned in for gold, Mote of Harmony, Spirit of Harmony, Spectral Porcupette, or a Reins of the Bone-White Primal Raptor.

Each dinosaur will drop 1 to 9 bones, depending on luck and how much health they have. See the quest tables below for the amounts required for the rewards, but keep in mind this is the PTR and the numbers can change.

Level Name Rewards Money
90Giant Dinosaur Bone1 98
90More Giant Dinosaur Bones
1 98
90Many More Giant Dinosaur Bones
1 98
90A Large Pile of Giant Dinosaur Bones
1 98
90A Mountain of Giant Dinosaur Bones
1 98

Orgrimmar and Stormwind Construction
It looks like the gates might be the extent of the repairs accomplished in Patch 5.2.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Reputation / Questing
Hey GC, any reason to keep extra Sigils after completing the first Black Prince quests?
No. (Source)

The problem is lack of viable options, in Cata there was only Dungeons, now it's only rep by dailies.
You're going to have a hard time convincing me there are fewer options now. I think some of you just hate dailies period. (Source)

You think you've added diversity but the reality is you simple switched from a dungeon game to a daily game
Plenty of people are running dungeons (and scenarios and LFR). In Cat, they only ran dungeons, and got bored quickly. (Source)

tabards give rep. Put a daily cap on rep. Dailies or dungeons. Quit pretending solution isn't obvious.
Obvious but not healthy IMO. Only queuing for instances from cities isn't good for the game long term. WoW needs a world. (Source)

Do you feel like CRZ takes away the one advantage small pop servers had of less competition for rare spawns?
We don't really want small pop servers to have advantages though. We think larger pop servers are more fun. (Source)
Meanwhile, I generally prefer an uncrowded zone for questing. What are the specific pros/cons to the dev team?
I don't think WoW can compete well as a single player game. Its strengths lie in other players. (Source)
However, I also believe that often those benefits are subtle enough that they aren't always obvious to players. (Source)

When is Stormwind going to get repairs from Deathwing's attack? Getting sick of the ruins..
It just comes down to how artists and designers spend our time. Would you rather have SW or cool stuff on the 5.2 islands? (Source)
You should have the old stormwind already in the files, update the texture and BAM, fixed stormwind
If it was that easy don't you think we would have figured that out? (Source)

I believe vanilla was mostly better community-wise but you can't deny many major improvements.
I wonder sometimes if it felt better in vanilla just because more were uninformed. E.g. didn't know if an item was good or not. (Source)

Out of curiosity is there a reason hit/exp cant have benefit past 100% chance? I don't know what though I admit.
We've talked about a small DPS buff, just as consolation, not something to shoot for. (Source)

Oh so it was your fault that one healing class was standing outside buffing the entire Sunwell patch. Now I understand....
While the encounters were pretty fun, Sunwell was not kind to class balance. Helped establish our goals for the next 3 expansions. (Source)

"We're sensitive to nerfing an ability that Prot has had forever."Could I have an explanation for the BW nerf? Had it since bc
Players finally convinced us that "can't be stopped" defenses would always be used offensively and often immediately in PvP. (Source)

bloodlust/timewarp as an example
It's a challenge for sure! In that example, many players were telling us that they couldn't raid with friends for want of lust. (Source)

Tanks don't solo well, don't pvp well, and raid spots are rare. Responsibility aspect no different from healers.
Disagree. Tanks solo phenomenally well. They are also near mandatory as flag carriers for RBGs. (Source)
Also disagree about responsibility. Tanks are often expected to set the pace and even explain mechanics. Healers *can* blend in. (Source)
if a tank isnt setting pace and the tank isnt paying attention it usually mean lots of wipes
In organized groups, the leader can be anyone. In pugs, the tank is often expected to be the leader. (Source)

What does this mean for Touch of Karma, it's a defensive cool down that I use offensively also.
Defenses used offensively are fine. It's the "and I can't be countered" part that we finally reneged on for some abilities. (Source)

so what about classes that never receive nerfs but continue to face roll since vanilla? Come again?
Which classes are those? (Source)
Generally speaking, this game needs *more* class distinction, not less. "My class needs X like another class has" isn't going to sway us. (Source)

Can you please stop making DoT trinkets or give Frost/Arc Mages some level of DoT? We're the only speccs that can't use LotC.
We think dot trinkets are interesting. It's boring when every class wants whatever the next +dps trinket is to come along. (Source)

Dungeon Tabards were much better then the daliy grid now and Prime Glyphs had better talents.
You thought choosing a +5% damage glyph was interesting? (Source)

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Why do you say it's okay for BrM to have such a high skill cap to be useful, but when DKs did, you revamped them?
It depends on degree, and DKs are still plenty complicated compared to the older classes. (Source)

Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Because the constant ramp-up of arcane is absolutely horribly crippling on encounters where you aren't a turret
Arcane isn't designed around 6 stacks all the time. We understand players want to stay at max stacks, but that's the challenge. (Source)
But if there's anything we can do to stay at 6 always after 5.2 goes live, we will find it and we will play it.
Sure. That's how the spec works. It's our job to keep that interesting and not make it brain dead to accomplish. (Source)

5.1 also gave us Mastery Stacking OR Haste stacking very similar numbers giving mages Haste/Mastery & Scorch/Abarr all viable
Making haste compete with mastery is a good goal. Making Scorch mandatory / rotational isn't a good way to accomplish that. (Source)

Paladin (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Retune GoAK around being a 1-2 min CD imo. Make wings the big 3 min. 5 min CDs aren't fun, and hard to balance.
We'd prefer not to see the Guardian out that much. Too much visual noise. Wings is subdued by comparison. (Source)

Got kicked out of my RBG Team til "Ret's get fixed'",let us benefit Healing from PVP Pow again and we are playable once again!
Once again, that PvP power nerf should have been ~20% healing. Can your team really notice that difference? (Source)
It's quite a bit more than 20% it's 35% at best and it's the only survivability/utility with no counter a ret has.
How much PvP Power do you have? It's easy to convert that number to a potential loss in healing. (Source)

Retribution paladins bust is high but sustain damage is low compared to other classes, any chance on a buff on sustain dps?
This is common feedback, but not sure how to fix. Wings to 10% or a 5 min timer? Ick? (Source)
You should go check all the trash about rets in PvP,alot of people thinking of canceling their subscription 'bout it.Take care
We value feedback, but can't be held hostage by cancellation threats. It's just too easy a card to play. (Source)

Ret paladin is under represented in 3s, 5s, and RBGS, which means that they are trash. What should a play with ret, tell me ?
Do you think those #s might show a sampling bias since many go Holy? I'm not saying go Holy. I'm saying data requires analysis. (Source)

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
But why did they all go Disc?, because holy just cant compete, i was holy for 4+ years and now i'm stuck in a spec i hate
Buffing Holy to have two overpowered priest specs isn't going to make other healer very happy. (Source)
Who says we want Holy to be op? Holy priests would settle for decent regen, HW:Sanc worth casting, and a small perk.
The tweet I was responding to wanted Holy to be brought up to Disc level. Since Disc is (mildly) OP, that would make Holy OP. (Source)

so what you're saying is basically that because disc is op its ok to ignore holy. What if we hate playing disc and love holy?
I'm saying nerfing Disc back down to a reasonable level well make Holy seem like an alternative once again. (Source)

The Rapture change (250%) is flatly wrong. It does NOTHING for Holy, plus makes disc scale outrageously. Need something else!
How does it make Disc scale outrageously? It was only broken when it stacked with temp Spirit buffs. (Source)
It will scale outrageously due to gear improvment. More spirit = more mana from rapture. Holy still gets squat.
If it's a percentage, then it scales linearly with Spirit. Disc gets more mana than Holy, but casts PWS, a more expensive spell. (Source)

An off the wall thought: if you extend Focused Will to Holy, you could make it restore mana too without wrecking pve?
I think that would be pretty frustrating for PvP though. How are you supposed to shut down a priest? (Source)

Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Dear Mr. Street what do u think about removing preparation and make some cds shorter?
We've discussed that a lot. Our concern is you'd see rogues years from now still asking / demanding Prep back. (Source)

The problem with BF was that Combat was awesome with ex. 2 targets, abysmal with 1.
We think "abysmal" is hyperbole, but we are trying to buff Combat single target to make up for the cleave nerf. (Source)
5% to AP is "trying" - oh veey!
How much DPS do you think 5% AP is and how below do you think Combat is on single-target fights? (Source)

Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Well now you realize this, any chance on buffing supremency so it's viable and we can use pets again?
Planned for 5.2. (Source)

If we're supposed to use pets you need to fix the pet talent choice, currently it ISN'T a choice to compete.
We brought Sac back because some old time locks liked the play style. We agreed that the default lock should have a demon though. (Source)

Warlocks are crap in pvp thanks to your theory crafting, do you even check your arena ladders ?
I see warlocks. What ladder filtering are you looking at specifically? (Source)

So does that mean that part of the reason for the lock revamp was low pop numbers? (among other things ofc)
Partially, but also felt they didn't feel distinct enough from mages. "Warlock" has some fantasy equity, but not as much as "mage." (Source)

If warlocks are supposed to use pets and are instead sacrificing them, where is the disconnect in design?
It probably means Sac is too good or Supremacy isn't good enough. (Source)
Honestly, I think the pet-centric talents should have the slightest edges because of how they work in practice.
Yeah, we *try* to offer theoretical benefits to the things that are practically harder to use. (Source)

is there a new Warlock class designer? and if not why? really like how the last one interected with us on MMO.
We don't have individual class designers. We work as a team. (Source)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Even with 5.1 nerfs no rbgs or 3s want warriors anymore. 2.4k players have finally learned the weaknesses and no one wants it
So you're saying all those players complaining about warriors in PvP are behind the times? (Source)
I dont know a single soul over 2k, muchless 2.2 that thinks warriors are good right now. Broken tfb gone and too easy tocontrl
That's not feedback we hear often, but to be fair, sometimes opinions take time to turn around. (Source)

I think warriors had alot of cool stuff. Now you are nerfing alot of it.Why couldn't you balance that in BETA?Hate changes=)
In beta we thought warriors were fine. We were wrong. At that point, the only fair thing to do is fix them. (Source)
by fix do you mean nerf them to the ground and buff rogues so we are back in cata again?
Do you think that's what I mean? (Source)

How is SW op compared to 5.2 dk conversion+ hunters spirit bond 2% 100% uptime. 3% sub 35 is to weak in comparison.
The difference is players can apparently overcome those heals. It's less about the ability than the whole package. (Source)

your work isn't done, my rogue can still go 100-0 in shockwave
What are the sources of the damage being used to kill you in those 4 sec? (Source)

U watching Arms' stat scaling? Mastery and Haste r below abysmal, str/crit is decent, and wep is everything... not very fun.
The problem with crit is making it a chance on crit to enrage would feel like double RNG. (Source)

Chinese Gaming Theme Park
You may remember the theme park that was announced a while back, which included some Warcraft and Starcraft features. Reddit user Francesca shared several images from a trip to it recently, and you can find some older pictures here.

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  1. ikas6's Avatar
    the balls on the demon horse...thingy....couldnt avoid noticing it XD
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    New Fireland MoP dailys zone for sure..
  1. ihyln's Avatar
    "I think some of you just hate dailies period. "

    Finally, the idiot gets it!
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    Jurassic park anyone?Is it me or is this game just feels like losing interest??any opinions??
  1. Ashlan's Avatar
    the new raptor look great but... but... for the horde it just a reskined raptor.. alliance can be happy they gona get a raptor mount but for horde player its gona be so meh-meh

    Its me or this jurasick parck theme should give us something else from archeology? ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by fohhee View Post
    im shame to call myself chinese

    Quote Originally Posted by ikas6 View Post
    the balls on the demon horse...thingy....couldnt avoid noticing it XD
    Haha lol wtf atleast they should have put some armor over it.
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    The answers they give to the questions concerning ret paladins are laughable. It's never a straight "we realize they are bad and are working on it"
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    I see Truck Nuts have made it to China. DAMN YOU, GLOBALIZATION!
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    "Do you feel like CRZ takes away the one advantage small pop servers had of less competition for rare spawns?
    We don't really want small pop servers to have advantages though. We think larger pop servers are more fun. (Source)"

    This right here is CRAP to the fullest, so you take away the advantage of low pop server, while you keep the advantage of high population server? what advantage you mean?
    well high pop servers have more Mats in AH, they have more people so you can find PUGS every week, low pop servers, you stuck to farming (now you can't because other servers are stealing your MATS), and you still can't find a PUG every week because your major city consist of 4 people on the weekend.
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    I too, read reddit.
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    Will these Dinosaurs be tameable by hunters?

    I sure hope so...
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    And included in the park - free led based paints.....
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    That theme park is entirely illegal and severe copyright infringement.

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