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Patch 5.2 PTR Official Notes Update

Patch 5.2 - PTR Build 16467

Shaman and Death Knight Tier 15 Armor Sets
The Shaman and Death Knight Tier 15 armor sets were added in tonight's PTR build!

New Pets

New Loading Screen

Audio Files

New Icons

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  1. Darksoldierr's Avatar
    So, execuse me for this stupid question, does this mean, as shaman i can transmorf swords upon axes? Like Illidian's blades?
  1. dorvelde's Avatar
    the belt OH MY MANY GODS that belt is the greatest thing to happen to deathknights since ever
  1. Mongler's Avatar
    I'm not sure if the people who hate the DK tier set are blind or if they just haven't seen the video, but I think it looks fantastic. Here's to hoping they add another color.
  1. Kaleredar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Darksoldierr View Post
    So, execuse me for this stupid question, does this mean, as shaman i can transmorf swords upon axes? Like Illidian's blades?
    If you're referring to the warglaives, they can't be equipped by shamans, and you can't transmog legendaries anyway.
  1. PaintOnASign's Avatar
    Wow, that's a hideous Shaman set. The shoulder's aren't half-bad, but a mask? Really?
  1. Loaf Lord's Avatar
    I really like the DK set. Shaman looks like crap to me.
  1. Clash the DK's Avatar
    Ugh, the DK set looks so very generic. I have a building hatred towards the Blizz art team. Thank god for xmog...
  1. UcanDoSht's Avatar
    So much for the delayed shaman set being good.... LF new transmog options, fed up using T6 and Blizzard doesnt create good looking sets anymore.
  1. MickM's Avatar
    OH SNAP! That stove is the cutest disney-pet I've ever seen! I wonder if it's a cooking-pet or an engineering-pet...
  1. Apollion's Avatar
    DK Set : Vagina Dentata
  1. Ragingblade's Avatar
    Ag... another ugly DK... Are we Death Knight or Fang&Meat Knights? :S
  1. Kazlehoff's Avatar
    Still no fix for Fist weapon transmogging. Yawn. booooooooooooooooring.
  1. SellionDK's Avatar
    Haha man that shaman head is fugly
  1. Zulkanja's Avatar
    The Thunder King gazing from the clouds in that loading screen looks awesomsauce!
  1. F-Minus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Apollion View Post
    DK Set : Vagina Dentata
    User IQ: Sub Zero
  1. nemro82's Avatar
    lol, love the animation on DK shoulders.
  1. Immitis's Avatar
    man at first i was like thats a nice looking death knight set then... the shoulders... opened up.... and i was liek... MUS HAS SET NAO PLOX @[email protected]

    hoping a blue set drops in lfr so i can mix and match with the dk pvp gear thats gonna be available for honor
  1. Medwais's Avatar
    lol @ the shaman helm somehow it reminds me of Aku from Samurai Jack XD
  1. balir's Avatar
    WTB Warrior Tier...
  1. Korru's Avatar
    that dk set looks like it's hungry for flies...

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