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Patch 5.2 PTR Official Notes Update

Patch 5.2 - PTR Build 16467

Shaman and Death Knight Tier 15 Armor Sets
The Shaman and Death Knight Tier 15 armor sets were added in tonight's PTR build!

New Pets

New Loading Screen

Audio Files

New Icons

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  1. Monkiy's Avatar
    That Death Knight tier is horrific, and unfortunately, not in a good way that embodies a Death Knight feel. The green coloration feels very awkward to me, and the red set isn't much better. More than anything, I don't see how this tier fits with the theme of this raid content; it's definitely not troll, and while sha could be argued, I don't see that in the set as much as I do a zergling.
  1. Raeion's Avatar
    the only good thing about the DK set is the shoulders !~! please change the rest blizzzz eegggg>.<
  1. AlisonPrime's Avatar
    I like the DK tier....better than a DK in a Dress

    Seriously, Worgen in a Dress is horrible
  1. Azzkikkrr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Explosion_Rex View Post
    Lorthemar is so badass. I'm glad they are finally giving him some characterization and spotlight. He seems completely dedicated to the Horde. I think that if Sylvanas ever did try to betray the Horde the Blood Elves wouldn't be down with it because of Lorthemar.

    Also the shaman gear looks rad.
    Sylvanas would get the Forsaken in more trouble, not the elves.
  1. Secarian's Avatar
    Great, 5th terrible DK set in a row.
  1. QualityKJ's Avatar
    I actually kinda like the DK set it isnt bad.
  1. Cutiepie's Avatar
    Loving the Shaman Tier =]
  1. Piewpew's Avatar
    From the front the shaman set looks nice, but it looks kinda crap from the back
  1. Andrens's Avatar
    That tier is amazing!!
  1. Keljali's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mjolnir1122 View Post
    As a reptile breeder, I must say I'm thrilled about the python pet. They even put in the goddamn labial pits
    completely agree! i have a BP and i LOVE snakes, so seeing a snake pet this detailed and pretty makes me very pleased!

    ---------- Post added 2013-04-09 at 12:49 PM ----------

    my main is a troll shaman and i cant WAIT to get him into those shoulders, though that head gear NEEDS to... change? go? iunno... all i know is that its going to look freaking stupid on a troll flat against its face with tusks sticking out. no thank you, i'll just keep my head gear to 'invisible' kthx. the rest of it though, it looks far too clothie to me to be comfortable with. really the only good thing to come from the shammy gear are the shoulders.

    i must add also... OONDASTAAAA!!! <3 ok, i'm done.

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