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WoW Down to 9.6 Million Subscribers
Activision Blizzard's press release states that World of Warcraft is down to 9.6 million subscribers as of December 31, 2012. This is lower than the amount of subscribers from the "over 10 million" announced for Q3 2012. A few other interesting points:

  • Mists of Pandaria was the #3 best-selling PC game at retail.
  • Diablo III was the #1 best-selling PC game at retail, breaking PC-game sales records with more than 12 million copies sold worldwide through December 31, 2012.
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  1. Stellan's Avatar
    I was thinking about the loss of WOW subs and Blizzard porting D3 to the PS3 and 4. This is probably not an original thought but I wonder if the general decline in Windows based PCs is starting to have an impact on companies like Blizzard. More and more people are going to IOS and Android machines and not using Windows machines at all. It is certainly possible that full blown desk top gamer PCs will start to be just that: dedicated game machines instead of the only computer in the house. And, thus, they will become 'niche' items rather than something everyone has. In that case, consoles like the PS 4 and the new Xbox are going to start looking a lot more attractive to game companies. And, also, this shift may be accounting for the general fall in subscription based games and Windows based PC games in general.
  1. Sleverine's Avatar
    I wonder how much the next expension will save this game...
  1. Tuesday's Avatar
    Not much, I shouldn't think, Sleverie; Blizz don't appear to have any fresh or innovative ideas anymore and seem to just be thrashing what used to work in the past, perhaps hoping subscribers won't notice.

    I had my own personal little funeral for WoW. Now I'm eagerly awaiting the release of Black Desert.

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