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Patch 5.2 - Isle of Thunder Faction Quartermaster Update
The rings offered by the Kirin Tor Offensive and Sunreaver Onslaught were added to quartermasters in the latest PTR build. The rings cost 937 Valor Points and required Exalted with the respective faction.

The quartermasters also now sell Blood Spirits for 400 Valor Points each. They are used to craft item level 496 gear. You can see full reagent breakdowns on the crafting page for each item.

Level Type Spec Slot Name
496FingerTankFinger Ancient Overlord's Onyx Band
496FingerTankFinger Ancient Overlord's Onyx Band
496FingerMeleeFinger Refurbished Seal of Jin
496FingerMeleeFinger Refurbished Seal of Jin
496FingerSpell SpiritFinger Ancient Primalist's Seal
496FingerSpell SpiritFinger Ancient Primalist's Seal
496FingerPhysical DPSFinger Refurbished Band of Jin
496FingerPhysical DPSFinger Refurbished Band of Jin
496FingerSpell DPSFinger Restored Hexxer's Signet
496FingerSpell DPSFinger Restored Hexxer's Signet

Patch 5.2 - Isle of Thunder Stage 2
Another stage of the Isle of Thunder has unlocked on the PTR, unveiling another one of the solo scenarios used for storytelling, Tear Down This Wall! This time around we take a look at the Alliance version of the scenario, as the Horde one is nearly identical, just using different characters and dialogue with the same events.

After completing the scenario, you still have access to the same set of daily quests as before, but you have unlocked the outer city where there is/will be an additional questing area.

Patch 5.2 Honor Gear
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The Patch 5.2 Malevolent gear may have more PvP power and Resilience, but Patch 5.1 Malevolent gear has higher Item levels and as such stats. To have more clarity on this you can read the below comparisons:

  • 5.1 Malevolent Gear has a higher ilevel than 5.2 Malevolent Gear.
  • 5.2 Malevolent Gear has more PvP Power/Resilience than 5.1 Malevolent Gear.
  • 5.1 Malevolent Gear
    • 483 ilevel (491 with 2/2 upgrades)
    • ~30 ilevels of PvP Power and Resilience
  • 5.2 Malevolent Gear
    • 476 ilevel
    • ~36 ilevels of PvP Power and Resilience

In the end, the effective Ilvl of patch 5.2 and 5.1 Malevolent gear puts them at about equal. The reason for lowering the item level and increasing the PvP stats for the 5.2 version of Malevolent gear is because we want players to run 5.0 LFR, this means that the Ilvl of honor gear needs to be lower than the entry requirement of 483. The result of this was lowering the Ilvl (stats) of the gear, but increasing it's PvP power and resilience to compensate. That difference in power you feel is going to be extremely prominent, is actually quite minor.

PTR Class and Set Bonus Issues
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Is this RealPPM calculated differently due to being on crit rather than being on hit? Does it account for a characters crit chance in the 1 RPPM or is it just a 1 RPPM that procs on a crit?
Currently, no, the fact that it only procs on crits basically doesn’t matter for more than flavor. However, we’re considering making these multiply the proc chance by your crit chance, so that they get the "more crit = more procs" effect that all proc-on-crit trinkets have had historically. Like I said yesterday, one of the reasons we haven’t posted all of these numbers til now is that they’ve been in flux as we make adjustments like this. This is one such change we’re still considering.

Tiger's Palm will restore 2% mana at all times. Is the possible use of Tiger's Palm to dump extra Chi (generated by Soothing Mists during down time, or Power Strikes, for example) in exchange for mana intended? Or are you planning to tie the mana regen mechanic to Muscle Memory to prevent this?
We’re currently still planning to let Tiger Palm always restore 2% mana. Yes, this is a potential way to convert chi into mana efficiently, but it still doesn’t generate as much mana as it cost to generate that chi, so isn’t mana positive. And the healing it provides, without Muscle Memory, is rather small. It’s definitely something we’ve noticed and are keeping an eye on, though.

Could you clarify on what trinkets you're talking about specifically? To me "stacking agi trinket" would seem to be describing Renataki's Soul Charm yet the context of the statement seems to indicate you're talking about Talisman of Bloodlust / Primordius' Talisman of Rage / Gaze of the Twins.
Sorry for the confusion, I was indeed talking about Talisman of Bloodlust, Primordius' Talisman of Rage, and Gaze of the Twins. They all are just RPPM random proc chances, and if the buff is already up when you get another proc, it refreshes and stacks to 2 (or 3, etc).

Renataki’s Soul Charm, Fabled Feather of Ji-Kun, and Wushoolay’s Final Choice all proc a buff that automatically gains a stack every 2 sec (and have ICDs such that it’s not possible for them to proc again while they’re already up). Also, this is a good time to note a nuance with Delicate Vial of the Sanguinaire: its proc’d buff can stack just like Talisman of Bloodlust, Primordius' Talisman of Rage, and Gaze of the Twins, up to a max of 3 stacks. We didn’t note that in the tooltip since (apart from tanking large packs of mobs), it would be extremely rare for it to happen.

For Disc priests, will Atonement count as 'helpful spell'? In cata this was the case for some trinkets early on, but not in DS.
Currently, no, but since it’s RPPM, any single heal or periodic tick every 10 sec will give you the full proc frequency. A single Renew out, or a PW:S cast every 10 sec, etc.

Ghostcrawler, is it intended that abilities like denounce or roar of sacrifice prevent Lava burst from critting even though it clearly states "always deal a critical strike."?
Chaos bolt which has the always critical isn't affected by this. The nerf to lava burst damage means while these effects are up we do next to no damage with it even worse than lava burst not critting before. Hopefully this is just an oversight.

Whether the Immovable Object or the Unstoppable Force wins is something we’re inconsistent about at times. We'll discuss this and make a call. I agree at first glance that it would make sense to work like Chaos Bolt.

Esentially, this makes it worth roughly ~half of a generic trinket of similar ilvl, because the proc isn't adding any itemization, unlike every other trinket in existence. If there were agility specs that had huge discrepancies in secondary stat weights (i.e. best stat is 3x+ the average value of the worst two stats) then maybe someone could find some use for it, but, as far as I know, community theorycrafting indicates that this is not the case.
This is a tricky one to balance. As you say, it doesn’t actually increase your total stats, it just converts your (presumably weaker) lower secondary stats into your (presumably stronger) higher primary stats. The larger the difference in value between your best secondary and worst secondaries, and how much of those weaker secondaries you end up with on gear, all factor into this. For many classes, haste/crit/mastery are all actually relatively close in value (despite how much some people scream that stat A is “utter garbage” and the like). In that case, this isn’t much of a DPS gain, on average. However, there’s another nuance to this that complicates things further: many classes can game the proc somehow. Just to pull a random example out of thin air (this may not be a big gain, but it illustrates the point), as an Enhancement Shaman, you could try to line your Ascendance up with a Mastery Re-Origination. This is definitely one where we’d love to see more theorycrafting.

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Power Infusion - in addition to current effects, also increases all damage by 10%.
  • And now, Discipline. Recall that the main problems we are trying to fix for Disc in PvE are that they are overpowered and relying too much on Prayer of Healing spam, especially in 25s. We made some changes to Divine Aegis, but we're not happy with them. Because of the interaction with crit and mastery, we worry Disc will be too crit-dependent and won't be strong enough when they fail to crit. On top of that, we're worried that it will be too easy to push Disc priests into loving mastery and hating crit or loving crit and hating mastery. To try and address all of those problems, old and new, we are trying a few different things:

    1) Divine Aegis now works differently. It causes any critical heal to proc a bubble for 100% of the heal instead of doubling the heal. In other words, a crit for Holy is a 200% heal. A crit for Disc is a 100% heal + a 100% bubble. The bubble however benefits from mastery, so it's more likely a 100% heal + a 130% bubble.
    2) Power Word: Shield can now crit for Discipline.
    3) Mastery now boosts shields by 1.6% per point (down from 2.5% per point) but now also increases all healing by 0.8% per point.

    What we hope this does:

    • Keeps the kit of Divine Aegis making crits do something special.
    • Makes Disc still awesome at bubbles, but not quite so weak at heals. (Holy will cast bigger heals than Disc, but not 50% higher.)
    • Makes Prayer of Healing good for periods of restoring damage, but makes Power Word: Shield better for periods of preventing damage. (Inner Focus to force Divine Aegis and Spirit Shell also help with preventing damage).
    • Making crit a good stat, because it benefits most of the toolbox (including PW:S) and causing Divine Aegis bubbles, but also keeping mastery a good stat, because the bubbles are large, and even when you don't get a bubble, it will still help your heal.

"Help, I'm a nervous Disc priest. Reassure me!"

Keep casting Prayer of Healing like you do today. Keep using Spirit Shell when you anticipate big damage. Start using Power Word: Shield more than you likely do today. Remember that we buffed Penance. Atonement still works. You might need to pay more attention to Spirit (the way the other healers do today).

Yes, I wrote all of this from a PvE point of view. We made several other Disc changes to help in PvP, and we haven't reverted any unless I explicitly mentioned them.

Will the mastery provide a straight up boost to healing too or is it still a 20% buff to absorbs + x% per point of master and y% boost to your healing?
The way mastery works for everyone is there is a base amount so that you benefit even with no mastery gear. We used to call it 8 "points" but we don't use that terminology anymore. for Disc, the base amount is +12.8% to absorbs and +6.4% to heals. A character with 8824 mastery would have +36.33% to absorbs and +18.16% to heals. The 3000 mastery raid buff would bump that up to +44.33% to absorbs and +22.16% to heals. Also note that the metagem which increases the size of your crits still works.

If you had all of the above mastery and the crit gem and you cast a heal for 100K, it would heal for 122K, or if it crit, it would heal for 126K and proc a 182K absorb from Divine Aegis.


Update on the RealPPM-OnCrit trinkets, Gaze of the Twins and Cha-Ye's Essence of Brilliance: See the previous post for commentary on why, but we’re going to change their proc rate to vary based on your crit chance:

  • Gaze of the Twins – [0.8*(1+MeleeCritChance)] RealPPM on critical harmful abilities and spells, periodic spell, and melee/ranged abilities and swings. No ICD.
  • Cha-Ye's Essence of Brilliance – [0.77*(1+SpellCritChance)] RealPPM on critical harmful spells and periodic spells. No ICD.

Also, we’re going to try to get Rune of Re-Origination and Unerring Vision of Lei Shen on Flaskataur for you to try out. We don’t want to make every item in the game accessible (at some point it is possible to spoil the joy of getting loot completely), but those two in particular are unique effects for which we’d love to get more feedback before they drop for "real."

The reason Jab Jab Uplift ultimately came to be was because of it's reliability. Part of it was mana efficiency, but most of it comes down to it's the only on-gcd guaranteed chi generation.
We don't really have a problem if you use Jab Jab Uplift infrequently when you absolutely feel like you need chi. But it's going to be expensive to do so. We ask healers to make decisions about efficiency versus throughput all the time. When it feels too expensive though, switch to Jab Jab Tiger Palm or just swap to actual heals.

Also please buff offensive penance to 40 yards with the glyph of holy fire. It's the only thing that is still 30.
We tried to do that, but Penance is a funny spell, which made this implementation difficult. We went ahead and just made it 40 yards for damage baseline, which will have the same problem of not all your spells being the same range if you lack the glyph, but at least then you have the option.

With the buffs to penance and the increased focus on Atonement, are you at all worried about seeing guilds stacking Disc priests simply because of their dps?
Disc and Fistweaving monks should do less DPS than a true DPS spec and less healing while in DPS mode than someone casting healing spells. The advantage they provide is that sometimes a little healing and a little DPS is what you need. These changes weren't intended to be a huge buff to Atonement, so we'll have to see how it shakes out.

It doesn't help much, either since it doesn't fix their scaling.
This word, through overuse, has now lost as much meaning as the word "clunky." You're going to have to find another way to express your concerns if you want us to pay attention to them.

Testing has shown that our Single Target DPS is dropping on the ptr with your current changes, nerfing a middle of the pack to back of the bunch class seems like there must be a vendetta.
We need numbers or a link or something. If there is testing, we need to see it if you want any hope of convincing us. (BTW, saying you're not whining and then saying we must have a vendetta against you don't really jive.)

Holy gets it's much higher than .08 mastery when it doesn't crit always. We're doing slightly better than them on crits (and only slightly), but the crit % makes it not only really low, but very random and unreliable. Years of healers preferring haste over crit for reliability in healing should factor in here somewhere I'd think.
The hot from Holy is often overhealing. Not always of course, but often. On the other hand, the bubble is almost never overhealing, and in fact often causes everyone else to overheal. You won't crit very often, but when you do, it's essentially a big crit, not unlike an Elemental shaman doing damage. That gives crit some value that other healers don't even have. On the other hand, if you feel like you must get a bubble off and can't rely on RNG, you have four great choices: PW:S a few people, Inner Focus a Prayer of Healing, cast Spirit Shell, or use PW:B.

Also, does this make disc the first spec to have a dual mastery or have we seen this before?
Demonology's is similar. Ultimately, we want mastery to be about what your spec uniquely does, but it also has to affect a large enough percent of your damage or healing to make the stat compete against crit and haste. Our design intent for Disc is not to cast nothing but bubbles, so even though bubbles are a big part of the kit, they aren't going to be 90% or whatever of actual heals. So in this case, we felt it made sense to have mastery also help the heals in order to keep it competitive.

The DA is 160k and the heal is 200k for a 360k heal. The DA is also only 160k so it's less likely to hit the max bubble size cap.
We increased the DA cap from 40% to 60% to work better with the new design.

As someone mentioned before, because you've shifted such a huge portion of our crit heals into an absorb, we're now even more susceptible to dispels in PvP. Making DA undispellable is a pretty big hammer, so I understand that you're reluctant to do this, but there must be some middle ground.
We will discuss this. My gut is that you aren't critting enough in PvP for loss of DA to amount to that much lost healing, but it does make Inner Focus less useful, and in any case, the change isn't intended to be a PvP nerf.

Motivations for PvPing
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
While the gear grind has blown if you're late, really the new Conquest change coming in 5.2 with the "catch up" is just awesome.
Just a note: we'd love to implement the catch-up mechanic sooner, but it isn't planned to be ready before patch 5.3. There are some changes in 5.2 that will still help narrow the gear gap a bit, including better Honor gear, and Conquest Point armor you can purchase without first meeting a seasonal rating requirement. Conquest weapons will become available after hitting a 7,250 requirement for the season.

That said, it's likely that gear is here to stay. I've elaborated on this at length elsewhere, but it boils down to the fact that, even with gear differentials, World of Warcraft PvP can be very competitive. Gear and getting more powerful via gear, is a big part of World of Warcraft, and it isn't likely to be going away for the foreseeable future. That said, if you're into organized PvP and you want to do battle in an environment where everyone is operating with the same tier of gear, then you might want to keep an eye open for when the Tournament Realm begins again.

People DON'T PvP to collect gear. The dynamic combat against real human competitors provides the draw to play, and people only care about gear insomuch as you HAVE to have PvP gear to PvP with any significant success.
That's an awfully definitive statement, but I'm reasonably sure it isn't accurate. All the evidence points to the fact that a majority of players in general like being rewarded for their activities in game, including PvPers. Heck, as I mentioned in the previous lengthy discussion on this topic, the majority of modern pure competition games have borrowed elements from RPGs and implemented progression systems of one sort or another.

As I said earlier in this thread though, when the Tournament Realm returns, it'll be as close as you can reasonably get to a pure competition game in World of Warcraft PvP. It's a separate experience for a reason, though.

World of Warcraft is a progression game, and getting gear and becoming more powerful is absolutely integral to the experience. I conceptually get why there are players who want 'pure competition' in World of Warcraft. Many want it just on principle, while I suspect that others believe that they'd do better in PvP if it was in place. Still, the facts suggest that, barring significant gear disparities, knowledge and execution (skill) trumps gear. Also, in Rated PvP, the matchmaking system places teams up against roughly equivalent opponents, which somewhat mitigates the effects of gear in that context.

There are logistical and design issues at work here. It's really not as simple as simply saying "Here's your PvP suit. Go to town." If there's no PvP gear progression, then Raid gear begins outshining PvP gear and becomes the obvious choice. If the default PvP gear outshines Raid gear right off of the bat, then it becomes the obvious choice for entry level PvP, rendering those item rewards instantly obsolete. Our current design direction dictates that we don't want major, artificial divisions to exist between PvP and PvE. Your character should always be your character, and your gear is part of that package. While your current gear might not be optimal for a specific purpose, we want you to be able to take whatever you're wearing wherever you want to go (within reason, hence item level restrictions). For now, we strongly believe that arranging systems so that PvP gear only works in PvP and PvE gear only works in PvE would not feel good, nor be good for the game.

You do realize that in 5.3 "Tyrannical Gladiator’s gear can be purchased for Honor after 27,000 Conquest Points are earned for the season. (5.3)".
So you can look forward to more players queuing random with full PvP gear. Blizzard is so much in support of have gear imbalanced in random BG they are now encouraging geared players to rejoin the random BG system to earn offspec pvp gear.

I wrote that blog, so yes, I am aware. By the time that system goes in, the catch-up mechanic should be in place to make it easier for players joining PvP for the first time to get geared to a reasonable level. As others have noted, geared players do random battlegrounds for a variety of reasons even now, and that's not likely to stop. We wanted to provide those players with a reasonable way to experiment with different specs or stat loadouts. We are very interested in balancing the PvP system between easing new players in, while at the same time rewarding players for being invested.

I was wondering why the beyond was put into your "PvP Gear in 5.2 and Beyond" Draxxarri and now I see. Way to keep stringing us along with vague statements.
When writing that blog I tried to be as clear and specific as possible, by bulleting each upcoming feature and noting which patch that feature is expected to be a part of in parentheses. Might I ask what you found vague? The entire point of any blog we post is to illuminate, not obfuscate, so if something isn't clear I want to fix it.

As far as making the random Battleground experience better? That's something we're giving thought to, but I don't have anything specific to share for now. It is a challenge; even the best ideas can have significant potential pitfalls.

This. Right here is the issue. People who "dabble" in Random BG's for some honor or PvP, or new people trying to PvP without a dedicated group for rated BGs/Arena will walk into a random queue, and get smoked by an opposing team in full Glad. How do you think they feel? "Oh well, they're so skilled. I guess I should step up my game" or "Wow, they have such better gear than I do. I don't want to sit through loss after loss until I have the honor/cponquest to get close. I'll just quit now." It sounds defeatist, and it is, but that's what a lot of people think.
It is a situation that we'd like to address. It's just not as easy or straightforward as it seems, but like I said, we have stuff on the table.

If that were true then you wouldn't be artificially deflating the stats of PvP gear to prevent it from being used to gain entry level access to PvE content, as you plan to do in the next patch.
I'm not sure that's the case. You can potentially wear the PvP gear into the PvE content and still perform at a decent level (though meeting the required item level might be an issue without some supplementals). Regardless, it's still okay for that purpose, but not the best and most obvious choice--which is what we intended.

it's simple, fair, and balanced. and it CAN'T be that hard to design.
It's hard to believe how time intensive it is to design arenas and battlegrounds. You can't just make a box and slap new textures on it. You also have to make sure it's perfect in a multitude of tiny ways that don't apply to any other content in the game, and are largely invisible. Does this texture cause people to hang up for no reason? Is there a chance that someone could fall through the world if a perfect storm of x+y+z occurs? Are there weird line of sight things here? How does this decorative feature interact with everyone's class abilities? Is it even fun to play on? The list goes on and on, and battlegrounds are even "worse". For example, Warsong Gulch suffered from issues for years. We'd fix something, and new issues would appear. At one point we even took it out of the rotation so we could work on it. Even now, I'd hesitate to say that it's "perfect", despite all the hard work that's gone into it.

I do have a question for Arena competitors though: Do you really care what the arena looks like, outside of terrain features that supply an advantage or inflict a disadvantage on your team composition?

That's not to say that I think we should just be handed a set of gear once we decide to pvp. There should still be a set of gear you have to obtain, but I think one should be it. You have the crafted stuff if you want to have something just walking into bg's, and then you get your main set for the season from honor. After that, conquest points can be used to get aesthetic items that differentiate you such as transmog gear, titles, mounts, tabards, etc.
I believe I covered this in a prior post in this thread. While I personally think that they're cool for a lot of reasons, aesthetic only rewards aren't really the best option, because there are power increasing rewards being handed out in PvE that would quickly over-shadow PvP gear if there was no power progression. I'll quote what I wrote above, because I think it's still relevant to this point:

"There are logistical and design issues at work here. It's really not as simple as simply saying "Here's your PvP suit. Go to town." If there's no PvP gear progression, then Raid gear begins outshining PvP gear and becomes the obvious choice. If the default PvP gear outshines Raid gear right off of the bat, then it becomes the obvious choice for entry level PvP, rendering those item rewards instantly obsolete. Our current design direction dictates that we don't want major, artificial divisions to exist between PvP and PvE. Your character should always be your character, and your gear is part of that package. While your current gear might not be optimal for a specific purpose, we want you to be able to take whatever you're wearing wherever you want to go (within reason, hence item level restrictions). For now, we strongly believe that arranging systems so that PvP gear only works in PvP and PvE gear only works in PvE would not feel good, nor be good for the game."

Truthfully, I was applauding such a bold move on Blizzard's part to finally put a hypothetical end to the monumental grind to get gear, but seeing that it won't be here in 5.2 for the new season is just a huge letdown. Presumably, it will be here in 5.3, which, if it follows suit with MoP's patch release pace, will be in the middle of S13. It sounds awfully sloppy.
Just for clarity, catch-up hasn't been delayed, and was always planned for 5.3. We announced catch-up for 5.3 in this blog:

Short Story: The Trial of the Red Blossoms
Blizzard added a brand-new short story to the Destination: Pandaria section of the World of Warcraft community site. The story involves the Shado-pan and consequences for a young thief.

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  1. Ferrouswheel's Avatar
    Are you guys hiring? Seems your web admin can't after all these years fix the top of the page bug. I'm fixing it right now...BUMP.
  1. GrieverXIII's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Alayea View Post
    Sooo much this. It'd make things easier for my profession alts.
    Thats kinda the point of having them BoP no? Rarity add value to things, if everyone can have everything on their alts whats the point of having professions at all?

    Loved the short story btw ^^, Ten is totally my kind of characters.
  1. F-Minus's Avatar
    Still Blood Spirits are valued too high for what they are. 150-175 valor for one would be the better price, considering the gear you can craft from them isn't that stellar either, you mostly need 6 of them and for the valor they're asking for, you get better necks and rings for 1250 valor. But I guess they want you to spend around 2400 valor, like you would for a chest or something similar.
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zergal View Post
    Thats kinda the point of having them BoP no? Rarity add value to things, if everyone can have everything on their alts whats the point of having professions at all?
    I don't care about the "rarity" whatsoever. I don't have profession alts to play the AH; I have them so I can provide for my own needs without having to hand over gold to another player. It means I won't ever be wealthy, but neither will I become dirt poor like I had been for most of TBC.

    As for rarity itself: isn't that why there are raids, achievements, the TCG, removed content, PvP, etc.? Blizzard's concerns for sellers are overblown, in my opinion.
  1. Quilzar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Korru View Post
    Seriously who plays this game for other than raiding or PvPing?

    Let's say I just ding 90. What are my options:

    1250 for a 522 neck
    400 for a Blood Spirit each to craft a 498 (which you need at least 6)
    1250+ for 489 and 498 items after grinding some rep

    Obviously the neck is a winner here. That will be at least a week of VP grinding.

    Ok a week has passed, if I'm really lucky with LFR assuming that I can earn a lot more charms now and the drop has been raised and that I have the 522 neck that I just bought, I would probably be at 480 ilvl, if not I can grind more VP for a 498 ring and a 498 trinket which are cheaper and harder to replace. By then after a month, I'm very likely to have 480 ilvl to go to the new LFR and start earning rep for more 522 gear.

    Yes there are options, but there are stupid ones like this one here. The only way I see this option viable is that if you are fully decked out in 422+ gear and need to spend on something since you're at cap, then you could buy these to sell on the AH until the Item Upgrade returns.
    I know this seems something quite hard for you to crasp, but these people do exist.

    While I am not one of them (I am a "normal" mode casual raider), so I will be aiming for the 522 Valor Gear without a shadow of a doubt.

    But I can think of at least 3 people in my guild that like doing dailies, like doing the occasional 5 man, might do LFR once or twice to see it, but are not into grind out full BiS (even BiS lfr gear).

    These items are for them.

    I am sorry that in your narrow minded view you can't see a point of these but there is a point to them.

    ---------- Post added 2013-02-16 at 09:05 AM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrouswheel View Post
    If they hate to raid why do they want raid gear?
    You do know people like to see some form of gear progression right? It makes there character fell more powerful.

    Even doing dailies and 5 mans etc is more fun and easier with better gear right?

    You make it sound like they are getting 5.2 heroic thunderforged gear.

    Just because the items are not for you it does not mean they are not for some people.

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