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Isle of Thunder - Stage 3 Unlocked

Patch 5.2 and Raid Finder Satchels
Patch 5.2 added some occasional rewards to the failbags to make them more rewarding. Thanks to the helpful people running the WoWDB addon, we now have a rough idea of what the bags can contain. (Click here if you have Curse Client already installed to help us collect data!)

It looks like there is roughly a ~7% chance for a satchel to contain an item from the list below in addition to gold. Keep in mind not all of the below items appear at an equal rate. For a very rough idea of drop rates, see the pages for the Amber Encased Treasure Pouch, Cache of Mogu Riches, and Dividends of the Everlasting Spring.

Satchel Drop Rate
  • Patch 5.0 Raid Finder - Dropped ~84% of the time before Patch 5.2. Now only drops 67.8% of the time (Std. Dev. 3.2%)
  • Throne of Thunder Raid Finder - Drops ~81% of the time (Std. Dev. 1.7%)
  • Keep in mind that the sample sizes we have for drop rates after Patch 5.2 are fairly small, only a few hundred kills of each boss in LFR difficulty, and only the first three bosses in Throne of Thunder.
  • We can assume that when a satchel does not drop, you are winning loot, as we don't save drop rates for bonus roll items. This means the drop rate of loot in Patch 5.0 raids went from 16% to 32%.

Patch 5.0 Raid Finder / World Boss Satchels

Oondasta / Throne of Thunder Satchels
  • The same as the above, except item level 502 Raid Finder gear rather than item level 476 and 483.
  • [Primal Egg], which turns in to [Cracked Primal Egg] and drops a mount

Weekly Throne of Thunder Quests Satchel

Throne of Thunder LFR Opens More Bosses Today
The second set of three bosses of Throne of Thunder become available on Raid Finder difficulty today! You can find their encounter journal and loot tables on the pages linked in the menu, and boss guides over at Icy Veins.

Patch 5.2 Hotfixes - March 18
Some hotfixes went out this afternoon, but no official notes yet.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion


Tyrannical PvP Weapons Hotfix
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Season 13 Tyrannical gear has an item level of 493. This is TWO item levels higher than the 2/2 S12 Malevolent. The difference in stats are minimal. Weapons are even worse, as S12 2/2 T2 weapons have better stats than S13 T1.
You’re absolutely right, the difference in ilvl doesn’t make that much sense, and that’s why we’ve decided to change it.
We'll be increasing Tyrannical weapons ilvl from 493 to 498, matching the 2/2 upgraded S12 T2 weapons’ ilvl. This should probably go live after this week’s maintenance in most regions.

I understand that a new character will still only have immediate access to S13 Malevolent weapons, which are far behind ilvl 498, but S13 Tyrannical weapons will be available to anyone who goes at least for the minimum conquest cap (1800)+1 RBG in about 4 weeks (matching the required 7250 conquest earned this season to buy T1 Tyrannical weapons).

Again, thanks for keeping us on our toes and continuously helping us improve the game, we really do appreciate it.

Throne of Thunder Heroic Progression
Not much progress today, with DREAM Paragon moving up to 11/13 bosses down. Still no Dark Animus video, so we will take a look at the Durumu the Forgotten fight! You can keep up with the kills on Manaflask, our forum thread, and WowProgress.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
in an interview with MMORPG you said the new models will have new animations. "old" fitting the new skeleton or total "new"?
Pretty much a total redo, but we want them to be recognizable. Still needs to feel like your character. (Source)

the "fixing up" part after you get an item is the fun part. Whats the sense of just picking it up and going "DONE. Next"?
That's an interesting perspective, though to be fair, not the one we usually hear. (Source)

You leaning toward making customization easier or eliminating some of it?
We don't know yet. Have explored no hit/exp. Could also have fewer enchants and fewer gem sockets overall. (Source)

Doesn't it seem like Valor of the Ancients should trigger when you achieve 1000VP on a realm in a week? Not a specific toon?
Debated that, but it makes you e.g. want to do first dungeon with every alt before playing your main. (Source)
Current system makes you want to cap one char before touching another. IMO that's worse.
We've discussed whether Valor of the Ancients was a good idea (its intentions were certainly noble). (Source)

The point was that we can't offer mains 20% of the content so that folks with 5 characters would have 100% of the content. (Source)
Account-wide things reduce alt load without reducing main. Also, I find playing just one class too boring to endure
We like alts. We just want to be careful not to take away all the gameplay of leveling an alt. (Source)

Your game, your rules. For me, worst part of MoP was how I felt constrained on alts; & hostility to crafting alts
Crafting alts is an interesting topic. I have a concern some have them to get around 2 prof limit not because they enjoy alts. (Source)
I don't understand your concern. Why would it be a problem, if someone spends their time to level such alts?
If you like alts, it isn't a problem. If you just want all the professions and feel like you have to have alts, it might be. (Source)

Hey Greg, answer me please please please: Will priests be able to transmog staves into polearms someday? All staves suck ;/
Currently, our design is you have to be able to use the item. Priests can't use polearms. (Source)

what are your thoughts on progression trend of multiple alt runs to funnel gear to main group, BiS for first week of heroics?
It's hard behavior to stop in general. Heroics are proving hard enough that alt heroics shouldn't be much of a thing for awhile. (Source)

weren't "flavor" item supposed to be added to the lfr gold bags in 5.2? all i see is gold, gold, gold :s
They are. We couldn't add them in every bag given the frequency that players earn them. (Source)

Are there any discussions about how to improve wait times on Raid Finder? Depends on other variables, but seems like 1 hr/Que.
It's often caused by lack of healers and tanks and our suspicion is those players are more likely to queue with friends. (Source)

Hey Greg, why no new 5 mans until next expansion?
4.3 had 3 good 5-player dungeons, but the raid received its share of criticism. There is a connection. Always love to do more. (Source)
5.2 should have been around dugneons and IF YOU HAD TIME, some dailies and scenarios
Not the same team. We are hiring encounter designers though. (Source)

Any plans on allowing solo que for LFD/LFR? would love to do elite island with friends while waiting for que.
Yes, we would like to do that. (Source)

Is going into LFR as "tank" but choosing "DPS" gear still a consideration?
We hope to provide a better option next patch or two. (Source)

Hey has the Scarlet Crusade Tabard been removed by an oversight or purpose? The mobs dropping them aren't there.
We are going to add it back as a rare-ish drop in the next major patch. (Source)

will we hear about item squish anytime in the future again or is it scrapped
No, not scrapped but not a sure thing either. (Source)

Any chance for a BoA guild invite to help small/slow/solo guilds with guild invites for Alts?
Discussed that or similar solutions tied to guild permissions. (Source)

will the encounter journal ever be updated for old world raids or are you satisfied with the current setup?
No, we'd like to update it. It just isn't a high priority. (Source)

The Daily Blink - Which Raid Size is Harder?
The Daily Blink examines the difficulty of the two raid sizes.

Real answer: LFR. Reason? Because it's the answer that makes everyone reading this rage the hardest. [trollface.jpg]
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  1. Pasture's Avatar
    Zandalari Warbringer can no longer be taunted, interrupted, stunned, or snared. It isn't clear if all of these nerfs were intended.
    It is. There was a blue post on it. The changes were made to stop players griefing by forcing the mob to reset so they could tag it off other players.
  1. Exorchist's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rivermark View Post
    Lol, all Horde guilds on the top. OP racials are OP.
    No surprise there; all the main developers of WoW has made statements that they prefer the horde. Why is beyond me, as they should be the ones that should not have any preferance. Anyway, my point is that the game can never be balanced as long as the developers has their favourites (and we've seen through all expansions how horde has been the favourite. In the last expansion they got the new aspect, in this expansion they even have the final boss!! You will never see an alliance person as a boss for anything... Fuck me, Blizzard even made a whole world, retconned ALOT of lore, all so we could explore the past of the horde!)

    And what has the alliance gotten? A broken and useless theramore, several coastal cities put in ruins, horde taken over several other cities, the child of the king running around playing boy scout, death of major characters like Ronin, etc. Blizzard is to balancing as China is to innovation..

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