"Ask the Devs" Round 2: Itemization - Answers (Part 1)

Isle of Thunder - Stage 3 Unlocked

Heroic Dark Animus 25 Video
We finally have some videos of the Heroic Dark Animus encounter! It took several days for guilds to defeat this encounter, making it the hardest fight so far. Icy Veins has a nice strategy guide if you don't understand what is going on.

Throne of Thunder Heroic Progression
Blood Legion and Method joined DREAM Paragon at 11/13 today! You can keep up with the kills on Manaflask, our forum thread, and WowProgress.

Zandalari Warbringers Hotfix Clarification
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Ok, here is clarification from Lead Encounter Designer Ion Hazzikostas (Watcher) regarding the change to Zandalari Warbringers.

Yes, it’s intentional. Zandalari Warscouts are supposed to be difficult solo encounters; you can use various control mechanics on them.
Zandalari Warbringers, however, are designed for groups of players. They’re immune to snares and other control effects for the same reason that most 5-player dungeon bosses are: those effects would make the encounter easier than intended. Grab some friends, or invite the people camping the spawn to join your group, and you should be just fine.

In summary, it is dangerous to go alone. Bringing friends should make taking down a Warbringer much more manageable.

Was making Horrific Visage uninterruptabale also intended?
Bring a friend with a dispel magic ability to counter Horrific Visage's fear effect.

Oondasta Spawn Rate Increased
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
I'd like to have an elite world boss not a rare world boss
Agreed, this is an amazing fight of epic proportions and really tiny arms. We definitely want players to have more chances to experience it. The epicness should be about fighting it, not about finding when it spawns, even though that can also be somewhat fun as long as the timer is not so long that it gets frustrating.

You should be able to find Mr. “Tiny Hands” Oondasta a bit more often now.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Secrets of the Empire Drops and Raid Difficulty
It seems like these are awarded randomly per person (LFR style) from normal mode raids. Is this intended? The previous tier had legendary items dropping randomly per person from LFR and to the raid as a whole in normal.

Has anyone gotten a secret from LFR and Normal/Heroic? It seems as if just like the rep you can only get a shot at a secret once per boss.

Everyone has a personal chance to receive a Secrets of the Empire drop on Normal/Heroic; the quest loot functions the same way that the Raid Finder version of the Legendary quest did prior to 5.2.

We wanted to have a single shared chance per boss per week because we'd prefer to avoid making raiders who are killing bosses on non-Raid Finder runs to feel obligated to do Raid Finder specifically for Legendary quest drops. If those players want to do it for Valor or off-spec gear, that’s great, but doing Raid Finder shouldn’t be necessary for optimal Legendary acquisition. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Mandatory Daily Quests
I think one of the issues is not the amount of dailies, but the feeling that they're mandatory. We don't have any VP items on the new 5.2 daily reps (not technically true there are a couple, but they're low enough ilvl as to not feel mandatory for raiders), and we'll see how that feels for everyone. There's also not a lot of clarity about what you should be doing to progress in the most efficient way. If you hit 90 today you'd be wise to run some Heroics and only do the 5.1 dailies until you have the ilvl to queue for 5.0 LFR's, and then progress to 5.2 LFR, and you can probably ignore pretty much everything else. That is, if getting to 5.2 raids is your goal.

But that's the important question, what is your goal? Why are you doing all of the dailies? What are you looking to accomplish? If it's to see the raid content then certainly working on all of the dailies every day is not going to help get you there, or at least not very quickly. And like you said trying to do all of them every day can really eat up a big chunk of time.

We have a lot of level-cap questing content because there are a lot of people that just like questing, and it's there and gives some reward for doing it, but if you don't like that kind of content we don't want for it to feel mandatory. 5.2 was one step in that direction and if it feels like a good compromise for everyone we can keep going that way. If you want a big shiny dragon, sure you'll have to spend time on dailies, but it won't keep you from being able to progress smoothly, or feeling like you're missing out on an avenue of progression.

The problem is dailies have become Blizz's go-to solo pve content for each new content patch.

5.1, what was the new pve solo content to do? Dailies. 5.2? Dailies. LFD/LFR que's are so long, you can either sit in town, or do the only new content - dailies. People look forward to the content patches for NEW stuff to do, and when the only option for pve solo content is dailies, of course they will be sick of it.

If we could produce unlimited amounts of content we would, of course, but the laws of physics unfortunately prevent it. Having repeatable questing content gives people who enjoy questing something to do. You're being unfair by glossing over LFR and dungeons because of queues. If you don't want to wait for queues you can build your own group and zone into the dungeon, like you did before (and dailies existed then too!), but the fact of the matter is that it's still more convenient despite the queue times. Or, you could play a tank or healer and spend no time in queues. That's always an option.

If you have other solutions I'd be happy to hear them. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
How likely is it you guys will soon take similar steps across classes? Mists offered simplfied talents; are abilities next?
Great question. We tried to prune abilities for MoP without much success. It's tough to simplify classes in a game this old. (Source)
Don't want to give everyone a very simple rotation. Would love less action bar bloat, but which stuff to cut is always tough. (Source)

If you're allowed to say...when you guys test out theroretical dps between specs, what average iLvLs do you use?
All of them. (Source)

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Hey GC do you have any comment regarding the future of DW frost? Seems the 2h specs are way ahead and aoe has taken a beating
DK DW is pretty good whenever you need to cleave. (Source)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Do you ever see the team overhauling hunter aspects to be more fun and compelling?
Overhaul would be unlikely. Cutting them more likely. Not enough design space to make them fun and equal. (Source)

before you discover/nerfed stampede bug, u nerfed stampede heals, lynx rush, and bestial wrath. Then silenc shot, powershot.
Yes, all of that is true. A lot of different reasons though. BW was more of a philosophical change not a means to "fix hunters." (Source)

Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Hey Greg, can you please give us some insight into why IB doesnt spread LB anymore? Don't understand it at all...
The synergy between Inferno Blast and Living Bomb was so strong that Fire wouldn't have taken the other bombs seriously. (Source)

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Changed my weapon yesterday but my little "sha" miss me. Any plan for a minor glyph of Sha for Priest ?
Probably. (Source)

Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
With Pummel & Disrupting shout being free to use as a Melee DPS what is the justification for the cost on Kick for rogues.
Kick no longer has a cost. (Source)

Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Thanks for the warlock nerfs, I really needed to do even less damage than everyone else. #error112 #occupygregstreet
If you're doing less damage than everyone, I'm not sure it's a warlock issue. Their DPS overall is pretty competitive. (Source)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
GC, has the 25% dmg buff to Prot Warrior SS been implemented? The tooltip damage and actual damage it inflicts don't match up!
Tooltips don't always update automatically when we change numbers on the server. Pretty sure that change is live though. (Source)

Hopefully not reposting. Interested in seeming lack of change to Fury warrior for 5.2. Not complaining, just curious.
Pretty happy with Fury overall. We did make slight changes to Bloodsurge. What are your concerns (if any)? (Source)

Oondasta in China
Dave Kosak shared a picture of wipes on Oondasta in China. They use gravestones rather than skeletons to represent corpses.

The Daily Blink - One for the Warriors
The Daily Blink has a better way to handle Void Storage.

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  1. TheJester210's Avatar
    Haha, I love the Iron Man mock up xD
  1. TrollShaman's Avatar
    Isle of gravestones :P
  1. Ogait's Avatar
    lol @ Oondasta on China!!

    By the way, they wanted to Oondasta to be less rare, but at this moment it's like Sha / Galleon -.-' Respawning every 30 minutes or so!
  1. mugutu's Avatar
    That mage comment...glad he thinks it's better to have Living Bomb be a waste for all three specs instead of mandatory for one.
  1. Count Zero's Avatar
    That sea of tombstones is way damn creepier than a bunch of bones on the ground.
  1. Smeller's Avatar
    awesome daily blink
  1. Nuvuk's Avatar
    Love the daily blink also I think I would prefer the gravestones than the skeletons. It looks cooler in mass. We should at least be given the ability to change what we view at the dead body location.
  1. gutnbrg's Avatar
    the answer to the question about living bomb is ridiculous....now no class uses living bomb, it is a complete waste of a spell. Also on mal'ganis we just had the world server go down while we were killing oondasta and now he hasnt spawned since...
  1. bufferunderrun's Avatar
    why no tombstones for eu/us? they are much cooler than skeletons.
  1. BHD's Avatar
    That sea of tombstones really looks wicked. Way more impact than lots of white stuff on the ground.

    Loving the daily blink too!
  1. deadfish's Avatar
    tombstones sure looks cool, but not good for raiders imo
  1. Dreadnor's Avatar
    tombstones > skeletons, and that was an epic video from blood legion!!!
  1. rowaasr13's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mugutu View Post
    That mage comment...glad he thinks it's better to have Living Bomb be a waste for all three specs instead of mandatory for one.
    So? It doesn't that mean exactly that it became less rare?
  1. Andaja's Avatar
    oondasta and iron mans pictures are both very nice
  1. Wayne25uk's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by gutnbrg View Post
    the answer to the question about living bomb is ridiculous....now no class uses living bomb, it is a complete waste of a spell. Also on mal'ganis we just had the world server go down while we were killing oondasta and now he hasnt spawned since...
    Dont try and speak for the community,lots of people use that spell.

    Blood Legion are really sad "im shaking dude" lol get a life honestly

    and that Oondasta pic from those crazy chinese reminds me of this game

  1. Aquarela's Avatar
    gravestones are AWESOME, now I'm jelly... that pic looks so cool

    ---------- Post added 2013-03-21 at 11:55 AM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Ogait View Post
    lol @ Oondasta on China!!

    By the way, they wanted to Oondasta to be less rare, but at this moment it's like Sha / Galleon -.-' Respawning every 30 minutes or so!
    I think they had no choice.
    Having a long respawn means that a LOT of people will be going to try and hit him whenever he's up, crashing the servers. (I play in High pop server and it happened everytime he spawned)
  1. eugenplay's Avatar
    Dark Animus video from Exorsus is better
  1. Freia's Avatar
    Oondasta is not fun. It is not an epic fight. On high pop servers, it is a laggy mess. You will die a ton of times because the tank will die due to lack of heals because of lag and then run around killing loads of people at a time with his frontal cone.

    He is a failure on the part of blizzard.
  1. komgcn's Avatar
    About the daily blink, why the man in the middle already wearing wrist and feet !?!?
    And where is my favourite T3 !!!?!?!?
  1. Synbaby's Avatar
    Oondasta pic is now my background wallpaper! Thanks MMOchampion

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