Hearthstone - WoW TCG Game Announced
Blizzard just announced Hearthstone, the online Free to Play WoW CCG Game! More details to come. You can start talking about it in our new Hearthstone forum!

  • Free to play online collectible card game.
  • Opt in to beta in your Battle.net account management!
  • Beta begins this summer, with release this year.
  • Playable on PC, Mac, and iPad.
  • The game will be easy to pick up, but have a good amount of depth and complexity.
  • The board is 3D, with lots of animations to make gameplay more exciting.
  • There will be over 300 cards with the initial launch
  • You can purchase more card packs for roughly $1 per five cards, or slowly earn them through gameplay.
  • There will be Basic and Expert cards, with Expert cards being broken down into categories like Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
  • You’re guaranteed to receive at least one card of rare or better quality per pack.
  • Each card in the pack also has a chance to upgrade to a “Golden” version of the same card.
  • Disenchant cards that you don't want to receive dust, which is used to craft new cards.
  • There is a deck builder, which can build decks for you, or you can build your own.
  • The game will be a 1v1 game using Battle.net matchmaking.
  • Playing will allow you to earn medals every week.
  • You can also play against AI at different levels of difficulty.
  • Any purchases you made during the beta will be credited back to you in the form of new, unopened card packs at launch.
  • Read more in the Hearthstone FAQ.
  • Check out some of the screenshots, videos, artwork, and a wallpaper on the official site!

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  1. Vulryth's Avatar
    They said it was something small, you all are dumb for thinking it was a new ip or something. im gonna play the shit out of this if its good, since i dont have time to raid anymore, i love tcg's.
  1. Greyvax's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Enjeh View Post
    Nice. going to try this out when it's released.
    so.... in about 4 years?
  1. Zeek Daniels's Avatar
    Not what i expected but good job blizz, not that i would play it.
  1. Solomodex's Avatar
    Booooooo Trailer made me think it was a moba. Sad day
    wish they used the regular TCG cards
  1. mmoc6758ac0f09's Avatar
    oh man, I hate trading card games >_>
  1. Hb's Avatar
    wat a fuckin bullshit game
  1. Sigmar's Avatar

    The Day Blizzard Died
  1. Maynards's Avatar
    10 people clapped.. there's 20 people in the room
  1. Velthy's Avatar
    Meh that sucks. Why not Dota...
  1. pawsz's Avatar
    ROFL blizzard is so bad
  1. Ulgrim's Avatar
    Hopefully this isn't indicative of the direction that blizzard is taking as a company. Some times it's better go out in a blaze of glory rather than to just fade away.
  1. Yossarian's Avatar
    i like it
  1. Frolk's Avatar
    Free to play ,WOOO

    But u gota buy the cards....

    Id rather have a Blizzard Kart Racing then this game ><
  1. tru's Avatar
    I said it few weeks ago that this announcement would be just as exciting as D3 going to ps3/ps4... Blizz is loosing it big time... The only "card game" i even enjoyed was magic the gathering battlegrounds and it wasnt formated as a tru card game. But that was epic.... another fail by blizz
  1. mmocd25bfcd059's Avatar
    You all expected a big announcement at Pax East? They have Blizzcon for major announcements. I think it looks like a fun game and I will be trying it, eventhough I'm not into card games at all usually.
  1. Byniri's Avatar
    Looking back, I don't know why I expected anything good; why would they unveil something good at PAX instead of Blizzcon?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sigmar View Post

    The Day Blizzard Died
    Oh boy, here we go.
  1. mmocbc4bb7c1a7's Avatar
    Many other online card games have used 4 developers with good quality, what the hell did they waste 15 on this for?
  1. Sigmar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by UnifiedDivide View Post
    This is why you don't get so hyped over knowing absolutely fuck all about something.

    And this IS new for Blizzard. It's nothing like the TCG and it's online.
    Yeah, and it's a piece of shit no one wanted. Stop trying to pull that "don't raise expectations" crap. This is objectively terrible. Even the audience is hating it.
  1. Adoxe's Avatar
    The game looks awesome, you guys are too quick at judging it just like you were with MoP before it released.

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