Hearthstone - WoW TCG Game Announced
Blizzard just announced Hearthstone, the online Free to Play WoW CCG Game! More details to come. You can start talking about it in our new Hearthstone forum!

  • Free to play online collectible card game.
  • Opt in to beta in your Battle.net account management!
  • Beta begins this summer, with release this year.
  • Playable on PC, Mac, and iPad.
  • The game will be easy to pick up, but have a good amount of depth and complexity.
  • The board is 3D, with lots of animations to make gameplay more exciting.
  • There will be over 300 cards with the initial launch
  • You can purchase more card packs for roughly $1 per five cards, or slowly earn them through gameplay.
  • There will be Basic and Expert cards, with Expert cards being broken down into categories like Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
  • You’re guaranteed to receive at least one card of rare or better quality per pack.
  • Each card in the pack also has a chance to upgrade to a “Golden” version of the same card.
  • Disenchant cards that you don't want to receive dust, which is used to craft new cards.
  • There is a deck builder, which can build decks for you, or you can build your own.
  • The game will be a 1v1 game using Battle.net matchmaking.
  • Playing will allow you to earn medals every week.
  • You can also play against AI at different levels of difficulty.
  • Any purchases you made during the beta will be credited back to you in the form of new, unopened card packs at launch.
  • Read more in the Hearthstone FAQ.
  • Check out some of the screenshots, videos, artwork, and a wallpaper on the official site!

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  1. Bluey111's Avatar
    I thought it wasn't related to any current IP... it seems good and I will probably play it because I love card games but seems like they built it up a bit too much.
  1. DysprosiumDy's Avatar
    This looks like a pretty sweet game! The graphics / sounds are extremely polished and it looks like it's gonna be a really fun mini-game. I'm pretty sure that it'll be a big success (despite all the negativity in these comments). People are mainly disappointed because they'd hoped for something big. Doesn't mean that this game is not gonna kick ass for its intended purpose.
  1. Rawklobster's Avatar
    Seems like the only people who were disappointed were the ones who let there own imaginations run away with them. I personally think this is going to be a lot of fun. It looks like a quick, simple and convenient little game you can kill some time with if your say, on a bus or having a break at work. Why does everyone want some all encompassing , life consuming game experience? This game looks quick, easy and fun. Anyone remember when the reason you played games in the first place was to actually relax and have fun?
  1. Pej's Avatar
    I'll certainly play it, ONLY for FREE, and for fun, not for any other ladder or money sink.
    And WoW TGC is not MTG.
  1. Adramalech's Avatar
    Indeed, today the MMO-Champion community has reached a new low, which is something I thought impossible. Truly, I have never seen such whiny and dumb people in my life. You guys make children look like gentlemen/ladies in comparison.
  1. flipflaps's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Angrybathtub View Post
    Big disappointment

    oh lol you expected to to see something big?? hahha man seeing you disappointed makes it more fun.
    always nice when people are expecting something great and it turns out something that they don't expect.

    yeah it's a big disappointment with you around, it would be much better without you.
    so we have a big disappointment less to worry about.

  1. Zelk's Avatar
    This is still great news for the people who aren't interested in the TCG Game. Blizzcon will probably be chock full of announcements and they couldn't find time for this. I think this game looks pretty freaking fun and a nice change of pace from Magic.
  1. flipflaps's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaneiac View Post
    I think the issue is that people hyped themselves out of their own fucking anuses over this. Blizzard said it would be "some little thing" and all of a sudden people are expecting some fucking grand AAA title that will revolutionize the industry.
    Finally someone gets it, i agree with you there...

    still funny to see the rest whining and being disappointed and such...it just makes it more fun for the others who aren't disappointed and just let it be what it is.

    feed us your tears and hopeless expectations, give us more of your interesting opinions *YAAWN.......yup.
  1. Flaks's Avatar
    Video just made me realize how much I miss Illidan's voice seranading my ear...ringing to my mind...I MISS ILLIDAN.
  1. SHT's Avatar
    Obviously no one here has ever run a business. For Blizzard to remain competitive they need to develop games that compete with their competitors. At the end of the day, this is something that will enable them to fund those bigger ventures and its using a business model that every other publishing giant is using. I commend them for holding on for this long without moving to a micro-transaction model.

    The reaction that this has received is precisely why they need to do this - they have an egotistical set of customers that are demanding and fickle; they need to expand their customer base so that they are able to generate income consistently and not just once every game release, supported by one game's subscriptions.

    P.S. I will play this shit out of this game.
  1. prwraith's Avatar
  1. Wiplazh's Avatar
    Sounds like a good idea, I want that too
  1. Kathranis's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hexme View Post
    Lets see we didn't get a D3 expansion, SC2 LotV announcement, Warcraft 4 announcement, new IP announcement,Starcraft Ghost being re made or Blizzard All-Stars announcement, but we got a crappy looking TCG looking game....

    Blizzard at a all time low
    You know that when it was announced that something was going to be announced at PAX, they specifically said it wasn't going to be a sequel to any of their existing games, and that it wouldn't be Titan, and that it would be something "little," right?

    So tell me, please, why you were expecting something big when they specifically said it would be something small?
  1. Wiplazh's Avatar
    This is going to be one of those "Just one more game" kind of games.
    Im psyched to play this. And I've never touched this kind of game before.

    Also, why non wowplayers would sit on a forum hating on a game just for the hell of it, is way beyond me.
  1. skitzin's Avatar
    Troll level: Blizzard.
  1. Eats Compost's Avatar
    My biggest fear is that this will end up being a heavily oversimplified game that ends up sapping away all the fun for the sake of being ridiculously accessible, like battle pets ended up doing. I'm a bit nervous about how simple the game will have to be to have a "automatically complete my deck" function.

    I don't expect it to be Magic, but at the very least it should be on the level of the YGO or Pokemon TCGs.
  1. Kathranis's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Eats Compost View Post
    My biggest fear is that this will end up being a heavily oversimplified game that ends up sapping away all the fun for the sake of being ridiculously accessible, like battle pets ended up doing. I'm a bit nervous about how simple the game will have to be to have a "automatically complete my deck" function.

    I don't expect it to be Magic, but at the very least it should be on the level of the YGO or Pokemon TCGs.
    They showed an entire match (Warlock versus Druid) at PAX.

    It's basically a simplified version of Cryptozoic's WoW TCG.

    The deck building works by analyzing the traits of your deck (types of cards, their cost, and overall balance) and making suggestions. For example if you have a lot of high-cost minions, it might suggest some low-cost minions to even things out, or cards that help you gain mana faster, or whatever.

    Other digital CCGs I've played have had similar features.
  1. Reirae's Avatar
    Only one woman in the trailer
  1. CastSeven's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dreary View Post
    WoW's client/server is written in Java
    While I agree that the guy you were responding to was a moron, you are incorrect sir. WoW is definitely not written in Java - that's why you don't need the JRE and a high end computer to play it.

    Since it is compiled to native code (it can run on PC / Mac without special software needed to interpret it), it's most likely C/C++, and given its complexity, I would wager vital organs of my body that it's primarily C++. A Google search of the internets seems to agree, but ultimately, no one outside of Blizzard can know for sure.

    (I swear, if anyone says, "I have a private server so I know what language WoW is written in"....)
  1. Thyranne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dreary View Post
    "Android is entirely Java, something they don't have tons of experience with. "

    WoW's client/server is written in Java.
    Nope. Java is an awful language for games. There are many reasons like:

    It's hard to use any low level instruction (games need good performance).
    It's not a native language so it has an extra layer which makes it slower (compared to C++).
    Oracle doesn't care about games.
    No control over the garbage collector.
    Lack of platforms (windows, android, what else?).
    It's really easy to decompile anything written in Java.
    Many companies already have a lot of stuffs written in C++.
    Java has a tiny game developer community when you compare it to C++.

    And many other reasons that I can't remember.

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