WoW Down to 8.3 Million Subscribers
Activision Blizzard's press release states that World of Warcraft is down to 8.3 million subscribers. This is a loss of 1.3 million, down from 9.6 million last quarter. Most of the loss came from the East once again.

  • Blizzard expects to have less subscribers at the end of the year than they do today.
  • Most of the decline in subscribers came from China.
  • There has been less engagement by casual players.
  • Blizzard is going to work on improving the experience for returning players.
  • Blizzard All Stars and Titan will not be released in 2013 according to the slide below.
  • Heart of the Swarm was the #1 PC game of the quarter, selling 1.1 million copies in two days.
  • There has been increased competition with F2P games in Asia.
  • Players consume content faster and subscribe and unsubscribe as new content is added.

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  1. Collected's Avatar
    8.3 is still very very healthy. I'm sure they'll take that any day of the week for a game this old.
  1. crakerjack's Avatar
    does anyone else want to admit that MoP was a good expansion or throw out their illogical opinion that we'll look back and say MoP was great... that person, whoever you are... you are wrong. WoW is nothing like it used to be and people are finally realizing that. I'm glad, I really am... no one deserves to make money off of a game when it was amazing and then turned to crap and made into a cash cow. Lets wait for Q2... maybe subs will be under 5 million.
  1. Pebrocks The Warlock's Avatar
    This was....disheartening.
  1. The Ogdru Jahad's Avatar
    I anticipated a 300k drop... 1.3 is much more steep than I would have ever guessed.
  1. Thyrial's Avatar
    People are going to completely blow this out of proportion. I wish Blizz would release regional numbers so people would see that the US and EU servers haven't really fluctuated anywhere near as much as people think.
  1. Chaosshadow's Avatar
    Here come all the doomsayers!... lol On an honest note, it might be because the way WoW works in the east is completely different. Being pay per hour gameplay and such. Also there has been a massive increase in quality mmos in Asia... sooo. It makes sense to me that subs would go down even with quality content.
  1. crakerjack's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Count Zero View Post
    Get over yourself. The MMO market in general is shrinking. What accounts for slumping numbers for newer games ? If your theories are so accurate.
    jeez, don't take your anger out on me... I'm sorry your game isn't as good as you like to believe it is... just because you're mad doesn't mean you have to show hostility towards me.
  1. ando1510's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sky High Shark View Post
    note how they say the east. which for some reason to me sounds like they are cracking down on those gold farmers.
    yeah and combained with the multiboxing change aswell
  1. Wishblade's Avatar
    Dayum... That's a bigger drop than I imagined... Somehow it being from the East makes me shrug a little about it, but still... Oh well, guess that's what happens, still a lot of subs around still.

    Though the Doomsayers are gonna go nuts...
  1. Higgit's Avatar
    surely not that much? That's much bigger than I expected.
  1. Prancing Minstrel's Avatar
    Wow, wasn't expecting anything that big. It's not like there's a lack of good content causing it.
  1. Snorri's Avatar
    I don't care. I'm still enjoying this game and expansion and will continue to play and enjoy for a long time.
  1. Gurushock's Avatar
    Wow is still strong! Even if it dropped to 4mil, it would still be holding on strong. So not much to say here.
  1. Djuntas's Avatar
    Time merge servers yes. Its redicously stupid Blizzard dosen't do it yet. Close down realms now...
  1. Elian's Avatar
    guess what it'll be for the 2nd quarter..
    7.5 million?
  1. mimee's Avatar
    Of course they are losing subs..

    1 hour long queues for LFR.
    1 hour wasted killing bosses and all you get is bag of gold. *rinse - repeat next week same results*
    Everything having a horrible drop rate... SPecially mounts.

    And to fix the subs.. Maybe create Vanilla/BC servers? That would bring people back.
  1. isadorr's Avatar
    What do you expect when raiding guilds have no talent pool to draw from. The bads are running rampant.
  1. papaz's Avatar
    Now perhaps they will get a move on with Titan!!!
  1. Matchu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by crakerjack View Post
    jeez, don't take your anger out on me... I'm sorry your game isn't as good as you like to believe it is... just because you're mad doesn't mean you have to show hostility towards me.
    'Good' is subjective.
  1. Gimlix's Avatar
    1,3M sub drop, This is alot.
    i'm worried about the end of WoW coming near :3

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