WoW Down to 8.3 Million Subscribers
Activision Blizzard's press release states that World of Warcraft is down to 8.3 million subscribers. This is a loss of 1.3 million, down from 9.6 million last quarter. Most of the loss came from the East once again.

  • Blizzard expects to have less subscribers at the end of the year than they do today.
  • Most of the decline in subscribers came from China.
  • There has been less engagement by casual players.
  • Blizzard is going to work on improving the experience for returning players.
  • Blizzard All Stars and Titan will not be released in 2013 according to the slide below.
  • Heart of the Swarm was the #1 PC game of the quarter, selling 1.1 million copies in two days.
  • There has been increased competition with F2P games in Asia.
  • Players consume content faster and subscribe and unsubscribe as new content is added.

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  1. McNeil's Avatar
    I hope this huge drop means better content, not just boring scenario's and dailys.
  1. gcsmith's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Xe4ro View Post
    Not concerned really. I mean do you know how much that number is still? Enough for such a game
    Yeh I know right. I mean it's so funny, especially since 8.3 mill is more than any other similar mmo has ever had.

    Also.... People blaming it on MOP which is vastly superior to Cata or Wrath. Sadly the game is just old and people will quit.
  1. Sunnydee's Avatar
    can someone explain how these calculations works? i mean its 1.3m lost SUBSCRIBERS, lets say 1m of them started with gamecard instead of subbing with card, would that make it 2.3m or 1.3m ? im kinda confused what they count as "subscriber"
  1. The Ogdru Jahad's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mimee View Post
    Of course they are losing subs..

    1 hour long queues for LFR.
    1 hour wasted killing bosses and all you get is bag of gold. *rinse - repeat next week same results*
    Everything having a horrible drop rate... SPecially mounts.

    And to fix the subs.. Maybe create Vanilla/BC servers? That would bring people back.
    I don't understand people and their problem with this. We didn't have lfr or lfg until Cata/Wotlk. Before then people had to organize groups or be in a guild to raid, and even then it wasn't a guarantee you would get loot. So why is there any difference now? You're getting more now than you ever were, at least now if you don't get loot you get a bag with a chance at SOMETHING. Something is better than nothing which you normally got for killing a boss in prior expansions.

    So to anyone crying because they don't get at least one epic/upgrade for every lfr run, stfu.
  1. Zogarth's Avatar
    Hm, i thought it would go below 8.5 seems like i was right. And the expansion even had a pretty good start with a lot of players returning (like myself), but a lot of those seems to have quit again (like myself). But on a positive side, there is a lot of great MMO's out there to play, and i think it would be good if WoW lost even more and then stabelize around 3 million. Then we can have a nice market where several MMO's have a million or 2 subs/active accounts, which will breed more competition, and a better experience for the customers.
  1. McFrotton's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Thyrial View Post
    People are going to completely blow this out of proportion. I wish Blizz would release regional numbers so people would see that the US and EU servers haven't really fluctuated anywhere near as much as people think.
    what you set pretty much sums up what I think, really I havent played since december....but I will comeback because I always enjoy playing wow....i just dont have the time I had before.
  1. DarthMurdock's Avatar
    Tbh, i expected to be more. Mists wasnt as great as they told (and sold it to us). It's just dailies and dailies. LFR is just a braindead walk, heroics arent really hard, the lack of instances (5mans) and just the content in boring. I'm going back to it, when either something cool happens or when the next expansion comes. It just doesnt appeal to me these days, i had enough of dailies tbh. I went back to SWTOR and it feel so more rewarding to do quests, the stories are awesome and it's fun to play, the operations are fun and it's star wars. (even though people seem to be against it *gets a pitchfork* ) but coming back to wow; it's just "dailies hell"..
    The thing they need to improve is; remove lfr and make lfr and normal the same, make heroics harder; they are waaaay too easy now, and Blizz need to test raids themself, doing it on a ptr is cool, but whats the point if everyone and their grandma done it in the ptr and just steamroll through it on live..
  1. ThaNinja's Avatar
    Games too hard for people yo!
  1. willowe's Avatar
    Odd. I've actually seen more friends return than leave this Q. Actually, no friends have left, and 4 have returned.
  1. bendak's Avatar
    MoP brought back a lot of people that hadn't played in a while, but what I've noticed (anecdotal of course) is they aren't sticking around for very long. Some people, especially those who've been playing since the beginning, are just having trouble keeping themselves invested, even if the game is getting better in many ways. After all they've been playing the game for 8+ years...

    WoW is still absurdly profitable (and would be absurdly profitable with half these subs), but its sort of a sign that Titan needs to come sooner than later. They know that there is 12-13 million potential subs out there in the MMO market. If they want to rake in all of them, they need a new game. Period.
  1. Godavari's Avatar
    skylander doing better and better as i suspected.

    also im one of those currently unsubscribed, waiting for exam to finish. cant wait to play again.
  1. Nicola's Avatar

    World of Warcraft is Dead....

    Hopefully we'll see some nice changes because of this.
  1. Yowser's Avatar
    50-70% of that 8 million are non-subscribers in Asia though ? (that blizzard counts as subscribers)

    So what does that mean for the US and EU... about 1-1.5 millions each. 2-3 mill total ?

    Very close to other mmo's that are not in the Asia market.
  1. McFrotton's Avatar
    Oh and wow is dropping sub slowly but surely to openly welcome Titan
  1. McNeil's Avatar
    I don't get why people go all like ''WoW still has more subs then any other MMO!!!''

    ..... so what? That doesn't mean that its not a huge loss to Blizzard. They have hired so much more guys to bring content faster, yet they keep losing a lot of subs. Thats still a major loss for Blizzard, it doesn't matter if WoW still has a lot of subs...
  1. crakerjack's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sky High Shark View Post
    yes because what YOUR opinion is should mean anything to MY opinion. but go ahead keep tooting the WoW is dead horn and wishing for it's demise forgetting that there ARE people who still play and enjoy it. get over yourself.
    I'm sorry but Idc what your view on the game is... I really don't. I played at 2500~ mmr, i raided hardcore during TBC... I played the game when it was amazing... I played it when it offered a real challenge. What you claim to be good is what I'd consider crap. Raiding is nothing but recycled mechanics.... trust me, I've been watching streams on twitch of all the raids, they don't look hard at all. PvP is utter crap now... blizzards illogical idea of balancing classes was a prime example of retardation. "Oh hey guys, lets balance the game by removing every unique ability in the game that other classes don't have... bloodlust? Time warp w/ speed boost. Totem buffs? Every class has equivalent 30 min buffs. Windfury totem? Too diverse. Kick? Hell, give one to everyone and a silence too." Not to mention that certain comps are too overpowered and it doesn't matter how well you play, a slight slip up will give them the easy kill because it's effortless. You might like the game for some reason, but anyone who played hardcore can concur with me that the game is nothing but an exoskeleton of what it used to be. Just because you sprinkle glitter on a piece of poop, doesn't mean it's going to look any better than a piece of poop. WoW is poop if you didn't get what I was saying.
  1. Dasn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cryptarius View Post
    What is "Call"?
    Q1 Earnings Call c'mon bro
  1. Ins0mnia's Avatar
    Wow lacks a community.
  1. TheSerialSniper's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mimee View Post
    Of course they are losing subs..

    1 hour long queues for LFR.
    1 hour wasted killing bosses and all you get is bag of gold. *rinse - repeat next week same results*
    Everything having a horrible drop rate... SPecially mounts.

    And to fix the subs.. Maybe create Vanilla/BC servers? That would bring people back.
    There is more content then ever before. Pet battles, ability to solo old raids for fun and profit, Isle of Thunder, achievements and actual raiding. I am sure there are things I missed, but those are things to do thats not lfr.

    PS I hated this xpac when it dropped, and it slowly grew on me.
  1. isadorr's Avatar
    Titan is being marketed as a E-sport and if you do any google searching you will see the comments on Titan being like BC, no nerfs, high difficulty, and a game that can be taken seriously unlike nerfed for bads wow, wow will be left behind for the casuals/bad.

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