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Patch 5.4 Unannounced Feature
Ghostcrawler took the time to point out why he doesn't normally talk about at or even hint at features early.

This is why we can't have nice things

This Week Only - All US and EU Character Services 50% Off
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
If you’ve been thinking about switching realms or making other changes to your character, now’s the perfect time—because this week all character services are 50% off. To get started, simply log in to account management. For more information on how each service works, check out the links below.

Character Transfer - Move your character to a different realm

Faction Change - Change a character’s faction (from Horde to Alliance, or from Alliance to Horde)

Race Change - Change a character’s race (within the same faction)

Appearance Change - Change your character’s appearance (optional Name Change included)

Name Change - Change your character’s name

Sale ends June 10th 2013!

Patch 5.3 Hotfixes - June 4
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
  • Alliance players are now able to initiate duels in the exterior areas around the Shrine of Seven Stars.


  • Commandeer That Balloon!: Players should now be able to interact with the rope ladder.
  • Lighting the Way: Minimum level to start the quest has been reduced to level 88, down from 89.
  • Path of the Last Emperor: Fixed an issue where rope anchors were incorrectly despawning for players that moved too far away from Seer Hao Pham Roo.
  • Perfectly Pure: Pure Water should now be lootable by multiple players in the same party again.
  • The Fragrance of Money: Bear Musk should have a chance to drop again.
  • That's a Big Bug: Minimum level to start the quest has been reduced to level 88, down from 89.

Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
  • Throne of Thunder
    • Dark Animus
      • Massive Anima Golems will no longer target the same player with multiple Matter Swap debuffs.
      • Monk's Revival ability will no longer dispel the Matter Swap debuff.
  • Gate of the Setting Sun
    • The dungeon should now properly require characters to be at least level 88 before allowing them to enter on Normal difficulty.


Darkmoon Faire Cross-Realm Zone
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Honestly I kinda like the CRZ'd DMF. I think bustling and crowded is the expected state of any worthwhile carnival.
Yeah, and that's the intent behind CRZ as a whole. The Darkmoon Faire being CRZ'd is intentional, the problem is it's just allowing too many people into the same cross-realm instance right now and causing some overcrowding issues. Much of the intent of cross-realm zones is providing the experience of a lively massively-multiplayer environment, even for lower level zones where players don't tend to congregate as much any more. We certainly want the Darkmoon Faire to always feel like you're visiting a mystical carnival full of excited patrons.

We've developed a fix and that will be implemented with Tuesday morning's rolling restarts. Let us know what you think afterward, and we'll be closely monitoring the changes as well.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Patch 5.4 Legendary Item
The furthest anyone has gotten is to receive the 600 ilvl cloak that was implemented this patch (I believe?). The actually weapon, I'm assuming, won't come out until 5.4.
You're certain it's a weapon? ;) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Conquest Catch Up System
After looking into the reported issues with catch-up caps not being appropriate I wanted to clarify on a few points.

(Week of season x 1000) - Total Conquest Points earned this season = Conquest cap

This calculation is not actually 100% correct and does leave some room for interpretation. To clarify on the formula and to ensure that you are all aware of how your Conquest cap should be calculated:

(Week of season - 1) * 1000 – Conquest points earned this season + Cap received from your current rating = Weekly cap

As you can see, your cap from rating should be added on top of the catch-up cap and the first week of the season is not included in the calculation, I have corrected my previous posts to reflect this. The reason that the calculation is actually uses "Week of season - 1" is because if we included the first week then we’d basically be giving players an extra 1000 points in the first week. The goal of this system is to give players who haven’t been maxing their conquest a way to catch up, not to give everyone an additional boost in the first week.

In addition to this, some of you have stated that you noticed some of your catch up cap disappearing mysteriously, try doing the calculation again with the new formula provided above. If you are still missing some of your catch up cap, can you provide some additional information to help us with looking into this matter such as; your current Conquest point cap and the amount of points that you have earned so far this season. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blizzard Entertainment Is Going to San Diego Comic-Con 2013
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Blizzard Entertainment is excited to announce that our licensed products will be strutting their stuff on the show floor at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con!

Along with showcasing some of the new licensed products coming out this year, the booth will also be where the writers and artists behind some of our comics and books will be signing. We will also be selling exclusive SDCC products for the first time.

Yeah, we've been keeping busy.

Keep an eye out for more details coming soon, including schedules and the products we’ll have available.

We hope to see you there!

Dark Legacy Comics #392
DLC #392 takes a look at what happens when you try to be helpful and tank.

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  1. Spiralphoenix's Avatar
    It's a trick! They're just bringing the hype back down so it blows up again when it's announced! I will still be irrationally upset when I find out it really isn't that cool!
  1. Problim's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Briga View Post
    lol today's dark legacy is so true it hurts.
    This. I got 9 lvl 90's and 8 of them are fulltime dps specced because of the reasons mentioned in the comic.
  1. Nurlock's Avatar
    Where is the f**ing invocation fix for mages?
  1. Howard Moon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by madrox View Post
    Actually, straight from the off, they said that some players will think it's cool while others will be underwhelmed by it. The downplaying of expectations for this feature happened days after GC's original tweet where he mentioned it back in January. This doesn't stop people running away with their imaginations and expecting a feature that will do nothing less than return the game to it's glory days, walk the dog and PM winning lottery numbers so when they inevitably downplay expectations again we have people like yourself crying out "Mea culpa, it's Diablo 3 all over again".
    People like myslef? Lol, don't put words in my mouth, friend.

    I compared GC's tweet to the one Bashiok wrote about DIII that time. I in no way compared the "unannounced feature" to DIII, that would be silly.

    I had huge expectations for DIII, which indeed were not met. As for the "5.4 unannounced feature", I haven't been subbed since September, so I don't really care what it is.
  1. Frogged's Avatar
    Ghostcrawler took the time to point out why he doesn't normally talk about at or even hint at features early.
    God, I hate this line. If he didn't want it to be hyped, the route to take would be to talk about it openly not claim, "See?! This is why I don't tell you guys anything."
  1. earthwarden's Avatar
    That Dark Legacy plucked at the tender strings of my heart.

    Although one of the best feelings when tanking is when you get good enough reflexes/feeling for cooldowns that you manage to contain even disastrous mispulls, especially undergeared. Stratholme fears/spectres, crowded BRD or Scholomance while leveling, or just an oblivious ranged DPS standing in the way of a pat in a heroic - and a couple of charges/taunts/stuns later the whole area is littered with mob corpses, and mob corpses only... as long as at least the healer is awake, that is.

    "I will keep you alive whether you like it or not".
  1. CcFreAk's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nurlock View Post
    Where is the f**ing invocation fix for mages?
    Indeed.. I would like the fix to land soon ..

    Edit: Looks like it is fixed ,
  1. madrox's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Howard Moon View Post
    People like myslef? Lol, don't put words in my mouth, friend.

    I compared GC's tweet to the one Bashiok wrote about DIII that time. I in no way compared the "unannounced feature" to DIII, that would be silly.

    I had huge expectations for DIII, which indeed were not met. As for the "5.4 unannounced feature", I haven't been subbed since September, so I don't really care what it is.
    My apologies, my new-found friend . To be honest, I replied to your earlier post when I had my mind half on other things, but yeah the weight of unbridled anticipation is growing ever stronger over this feature. It's largely their own fault; GC let's out a hint months in advance, knowing the gaming community can whip themselves into a frenzy over such things, and now days before the relevant patch hits the PTR instead of just telling us what the damn thing is he decides to downplay it (again). It's like a known gossip tossing in a shit grenade of unfounded rumour and innuendo and watching the drama unfold.
  1. Geish's Avatar
    Crazy how Blizzard went from a place where everyone on the industry wanted to work to make great games, to a crap hole where suits order lead designers to lie/hype about features to mitigate downward spiral of their income from subscriptions, in about 5 years.

    As others have said, if they didn't want over hype they could have just said what the feature was. Now GC has to throw threats and temper tantrums ("we are not gonna tell you anything anymore") to try and save face.
  1. Offensive's Avatar
  1. Gulvak's Avatar
    Guess they should have called it a small lame feature!
  1. Deffry's Avatar
    Dark Legacy comics is so true.
  1. raz98's Avatar
    well I'm glad that hes atleast being upfront that its not going to be as cool as they made the feature sound
  1. UnifiedDivide's Avatar
    Players want communication from Blizzard
    Blizzard communicate they have a new feature coming that some will like and others won't
    Players hype the new feature to be the next coming of Jesus
    Blizzard reminds players that it isn't a big deal
    Players blame Blizzard for their and accuse them of lying.

    This is why I just love the WoW community...
  1. chorx's Avatar
    in after they internally pushed the feature to 6.0
  1. Kazlofski's Avatar
    Why does Bashiok try to deny that the legendary in 5.4 is a weapon? There was a Q&A: "Blizzard's Live WoW Developer Q&A took place on Thursday, April 25th, 5:30 pm PDT. Designers Dave Kosak, Ion Hazzikostas, Brian Holinka, Cory Stockton, and Greg Street answered player questions" and there this was said: "Even though earlier parts of the legendary questline are just overpowered ways to strengthen your character, the reward in 5.4 will be an actual legendary weapon." Forgot and tries to deny? Or plans changed and they won't update us which will lead to a disappointment?
  1. Sting's Avatar
    "5.4 has many exciting features"
    I can't wait to be disappointed by all of them.
  1. Emerald's Avatar
    And i race changed last week and now the 50 % discount -.-
  1. Nosferato's Avatar
    maybe it was the rogue remake that got scrappd for the next expansion, i wouldnt be supriced
  1. Bluesftw's Avatar
    inb4 there never was a "feature", they were just playing along and it got out of hand really fast ^^

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