Patch 5.4 - Flexible Raid Preview
Patch 5.4 will add a a new raid difficulty:

  • Bring anywhere from 10 to 25 people to your raid and the difficulty will automatically scale.
  • Works with battletags, so you can bring friends from other realms.
  • Item level of loot is between Raid Finder and Normal and loot is awarded with the Raid Finder style loot system.
  • Separate lockout from Raid Finder and Normal, allowing you to do all three difficulties.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Raids in World of Warcraft have a long history of not just challenging players, but changing and evolving as the years and expansions go by. As with everything in the game, we’re always thinking about what more we can bring to raiding to improve the experience for an even wider range of players. While Normal and Heroic Raids are a great fit for many, we feel there’s another gap worth filling—and to that end, we’re currently working on the development of a new type of Raid for the next major content update: Flexible Raiding.

One Size Does Not Fit All
While it’s impossible to fit every player into a neat, tidy archetype, we recognize that we could be providing a better experience to one broad category of raider: social groups comprised predominantly of friends and family, and smaller guilds that do their best to include as many members in their Raid outings possible.

During the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, the 10-player Normal difficulty served these groups of players pretty well, but the unification of 10-player and 25-player into a single difficulty effectively eliminated that niche. While Raid Finder mode is extremely accessible, it doesn’t provide smaller groups with a tight-knit social experience while progressing through the content. In Patch 5.4, we’re planning to introduce a new mode of raiding that allows us to deliver the sort of experience that we think these players are looking for.

To fill this void, we’re in the process of developing a new Flexible Raid system, which includes a new difficulty that sits between Raid Finder and Normal difficulty, while still allowing friends, family, or pick-up groups to play together. This difficulty will be available for premade groups of 10–25 players, including any number in between. That means whether you have 11, 14, or 23 friends available for a Raid, they’ll all be able to participate.

The Flexible Raid system is designed so that the challenge level will scale depending on how many players you have in the Raid. So if you switch between 14 players one week and 22 the next, the difficulty will adjust automatically. Keep in mind that unlike Raid Finder, no matchmaking is available, so you’ll need to make sure you invite people to attend—but if some can’t make it, it’s not the end of the world (or the Raid). You’ll also still be able to invite Real ID or friends cross-realm. Who you choose to bring and what Item Level gear they’ll need to join your merry band is up to you, too—there’s no Item Level requirement for this Raid difficulty.

Dressed to Kill
A new Raid difficulty also means a new Item Level. Flexible mode will award loot with an Item Level that falls between Raid Finder and Normal quality, and will use the Raid Finder’s “per person” loot system, specialization choices, and bonus rolls, so you won’t need to worry about bringing the “wrong” person and having them win that piece of gear you’ve long been waiting for.

You Have the Keys
We plan to unlock the Flexible Raid difficulty in wings, similar to Raid Finder, but on an accelerated timetable. This new difficulty also has a separate Raid lockout from Raid Finder and Normal difficulty, allowing you to take part in all three if you so desire. You’ll also be able to complete portions of your “Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider” raid meta- achievement in Flexible mode as well as in Normal or Heroic to earn cosmetic rewards such as an epic mount. This will allow Raid groups the opportunity to switch off nights between raids to complete achievements. Finally, taking part in Flexible, Normal, or Heroic difficulty will provide access to additional rewards that won’t be available in Raid Finder.

Getting Down to Brass Tacks
As with any in-development feature, we’re continuing to refine how the Flexible Raid system will work, and we look forward to hearing your constructive feedback from your experiences on the Public Test Realm when the new system goes live.
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  1. MrPB's Avatar
    really noice
  1. mmoc19ee780deb's Avatar
    Flex raiding will have 534 loot, which is pretty decent for alts that u don't take to main alt raids :P
  1. mmocb2ea88a996's Avatar
    Quick browse through relevant threads didn't yield me an answer.

    Does individual loot means LFR-system lockout too?

    I mean getting loot locked to individual bosses but able to do multiple kills of the same boss (no loot for subsequent kills) in the same week?
    As opposed to N/H where once you kill a boss for the week you can't fight it again.

    Could be rather chaotic, if you "have to" drag your 10 guildies that were available on Wednesday (and now loot-locked) so the 5 that weren't can do the bosses on Thursday.

    ---------- Post added 2013-06-13 at 06:17 PM ----------

    And answering my own question here.
    From the horse's mouth:
    Originally Posted by Taepsilum (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Right now, the idea is to have FR lockouts work very similarly to lockouts in LFR.
    You will be able to repeat bosses, and that will actually still be somewhat rewarding, you’ll be able to use additional bonus rolls, earn Valor Points, and potentially loot some shinnies from trash...

    There’s something unique about FRs though, I’ll explain it with an example:
    Let's say you join a 12man and kill the first boss, leave the raid, and join a 20man, you might have to repeat the first boss.

    "Might", so how does that work?
    If everyone in the new 20man raid has already killed the first boss just like you did, then that boss will not spawn.
    But even if only 1 of the players in that 20man has not killed the first boss, he will spawn again and everyone else will have to repeat the encounter.
    90% same as LFR with one caveat.
    If everyone in the new 20man raid has already killed the first boss just like you did, then that boss will not spawn. (like normal)
    But even if only 1 of the players in that 20man has not killed the first boss, he will spawn again and everyone else will have to repeat the encounter. (like LFR)
  1. huldu's Avatar
    So... next year, we'll have 5 man raids with "slightly" better than raid finder gear? At least they're moving in the right direction in WoW... however it's a little late.
  1. mmoc6c30925f7e's Avatar
    This is awesome!
  1. mmoc4cbbce03d2's Avatar
    I like flexy raid being implemented as a seperate mode, since it is impossible to balance to offer any decent normal mode experience with today standards (effectively eliminating/trivializing normal mode).
    I don't like the inevitability of it being mandatory to progress into normal mode, if you re not in a raiding team with "some" heroic activity, or mandatory to "progress fast enough" if you re in a heroic raiding team.
    I wish it was implemented instead of LFR so we would NEVER see LGR in live realms!
    I LOVE to see the "fluffy one" being back posting these "news"!!!!
  1. mmocde93fb022d's Avatar
    we dont really know what to think about flexraid.
    offers a lot new possiblities thats for sure - yeah we will see...mixed feelings

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